509. The ABCs Revisited

A matriarchy has never arisen in more than seven millennia, but feminists keep trying. There’s gold in patriarchy for women who commit to mining it.

Background. Our foremothers before the Sixties made patriarchal men recognize and implement greater friendliness with female values, which also enabled children to play outside without fear of predators. The sexual revolution brought something different: Masculine disrespect of females and god-awful endangerments to children.

Hope. God and Nature energize men and women to compete to shape home and society. Male friendly customs regarding sex produce unfriendly values and conditions for women and children. Female friendly values regarding life require female dominance of sexual matters.

Females make male dominance tolerable by neutralizing the male’s conquering spirit and discouraging or suppressing his unmarried sex drive. For example, men do whatever women require in order to have frequent and convenient access to sex. If women require marriage, men marry. If married women are faithful and unmarried women are chaste, men stay married, and monogamy popularizes itself. Such conditions make trophies pretty things instead of play things.

When females exploit their uniqueness, it enables wives to dominate home and culture* and husbands to dominate workplace, and society*—a reasonable and fair balance that quiets more than offends men. (Unmarrieds of both sexes are much less effective at promoting female friendly values; their interests for doing so are weak.)

Values made and shaped in the home spread, interact, and coalesce into culture. Husbands follow cultural values to govern the workplace and shape society. Wives staff the back offices that ever so subtly govern how husbands do business in the front office.

Females determine how males respond to female uniqueness. Mothers and grandmothers plant and nurture values within young boys, girls tame pubescent boys, and women domesticate grown boys aka boyfriends, lovers, live ins, husbands, exes, wannabes, and discards. If women do well, male dominance weakens and patriarchy fades. (If women don’t conspire, they should. It’s how radical feminists tore down the greatest social structure in the world.)  

The power base created by dominating home and culture enables wives to condition the male mind and shape male behavior to honor and promote family, female, and child interests. Men and especially husbands take opposite-sex interests to work, shape society accordingly, and figure out how they can still exercise their dominance in a less patriarchal society. Our expert foremothers made our pragmatic forefathers look good yielding much of their dominant spirit.

Women come first in the ABCs, next.  

* Society is what people do. Culture is why they do it.


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4 responses to “509. The ABCs Revisited

  1. Miss Dawn

    “There’s gold in patriarchy for women who commit to mining it. ”

    Hi Guy,

    I am going to put this quote on my womens group website. Also, I started a womens Rules club and one of our tools is your blog! Last week was our first meeting. Expect the hits to your site to spike very soon!


    Your Highness Miss Dawn,
    Thanks. I love it when pretty women tell me such things.
    You’re right. Spikes arrived.

  2. theresa

    Dawn, you might already know this but you group should also use Helen Andelins website and he book Fascinating Womanhood” good luck

  3. boomer babe

    I’ve ALWAYS WONDERED what happened when kids stopped playing outside; every saturday, when there used to be kids playing, riding there bikes, etc. Now, they’re on skateboards with a ‘postage sized’ stamp of land. No more exploration of the neighborhood; its sad. Boys used to be able to make treeforts in the neighborhood trees to prove their masculinity. Now, they are getting OBESE when they used to be a little chunky or not fat at all. To me, thats a high price for the sex revolution. I wonder if real women couldtake the neighborhood back instead of shuttling their kids to soccer practice on sunday…do you think?

  4. boomer babe

    I want to add another comment: what do you think of tattoos on women? I think they are mistakes. I like body art as much as the next person BUT feminine women change styles a lot, like color of hair, clothes, etc. Henna is a great choice because its like a cosmetic, it can come off or fade after so many days and if she wants the look, she could get a touchup or a new picture..Why don’t they explore that?

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