520. Exes with Benefits? — III

After a breakup, if she wants him back, she lets him work on his own mind and heart. Chastity triggers it like nothing else can. Some additional thoughts:

·        What should be free no longer is. It drives little boys crazy. Men can be little boys grown tall.

·        He has trouble believing that she’s not a pushover. So, he makes mistakes that offend her. He hasn’t changed. His mistakes strengthen her resolve. No benefits unless he marries her will eventually sink in.

·        Her resolution strengthens her. Ever mindful of how to hit her hot buttons, he fails, and she earns new respect that grows to admiration after a while.

·        Newfound admiration reminds of former times and tends to rekindles his residual love.

·        Denied sex, ego motivates him to prove his charm and worth and win her once again. She can then decide on the merits of his earnestness and his newly developed worthiness.

·        If chastity pushes him away and he shows no interest, he demonstrates unwillingness to accept her standards and expectations. She wins, because he refuses to be different from whatever he was before breakup; she dodged another mistake with him.

·        She also wins if chastity keeps him returning to associate with her. He slips back into his natural hunter-conqueror role. This means that he once again tries to woo and win her. Perhaps only for sex, but that’s always the starter.

·        Greater respect for her and admiration for her chasteness will haunt him to conquer again. Not that he’ll come back to her, but the failure will haunt him. He can’t grasp that he can’t go where he’s been so many times before.

·        The longer she remains chaste with him, the greater his interest in teaming back up with her. Time works for her, because chastity inspires his curiosity, which fires up his imagination to conquer, which fires up his ego to try over and over until he’s victorious. (The past still haunts: From the instant they met, it was a mind game for dominance of her sexual assets.)

Let me close with this reminder. Einstein claimed “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” She has tremendous power to stir a man’s curiosity with other than sex. His imagination can’t leave her mystery alone, if he can’t conquer or re-conquer her.

So much for exes. This series ends here—at least for now.


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3 responses to “520. Exes with Benefits? — III

  1. Jessica

    I appreciate you SOOOOO very much for writing on this topic. I want my ex back…but I want him well behaved, Ive already begun using some of these tactics & have recognized a slight change already…THX!

  2. laura

    Wow, I know this post was written so long ago but I’m glad I came across it. By sheer luck I suppose, I have been doing all of these things with my ex so I’m glad to know I’m doing the right things!! We only broke up about 3 weeks ago – we were together for four years but it was obvious in the last three months that things were coming to an end. But we left on a great note, no hard feelings, we just really needed to grow up on our own. We’ve been together since high school.
    I do still love him, and he loves me, but we both acknowledged that we each need to grow up!!! (Him moreso than me lol)
    I would love to be with him again (but I don’t tell him this) but only if he changes a lot. We’ve hung out twice since we broke up, since it wasn’t a bad breakup, and he says he doesn’t want to be in any relationship for a while, but he still shows interest in me, especially sexual interest. I remain chaste :) I kissed him kind of like a last goodbye… he wanted to take it further but I said nope, sex is for relationships and commitment. He was in awe. Hehehe!
    I’d like to be with him but I’m not exactly waiting around, so I have other dates coming up anyway, which he doesnt know about.
    Guy, I love your wisdom and if you could write some more stuff on getting back with an ex boyfriend, I’d like to read it! If there are other posts on here on getting back with an ex, please direct me to them! Or, if you know any good outside sources on getting back with an ex, please share the links!! Thank you :D

    • A.GuyMaligned

      Your Highness Laura,
      There’s a special way to court an ex back into the fold. I’ve written about the tactics in many posts. Try these and keep reading until he returns: Posts 513, 516, and 1816 through 1819. Then branch out for new subjects listed in CONTENTS page: Virtual Virginity will help you remain chaste. Boob language will help you become more attractive in ways that increase your appeal to him (Make him see what he’s given up.)

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