537. Heart over Head — Redux A

♀ Promiscuity softens a woman’s natural hard-headedness and hardens her natural soft-heartedness.

♀ Masculine-style sexually active females act like guys. Men know how to treat guys.

♀ She acts like a lady, she’ll be treated that way. Also, it’s amazing how to her men appear more gentlemanly.

♀ She dresses like a hooker, guess how she’ll be treated.

♀ Wives customize their appearance for comfort. Sloppy and unkempt, they mock husband’s pride in his woman.

♀ Women that don’t know jack about Jack object to being ‘owned’ or ‘his woman’. Jack’s sense of possessiveness signals females that he values her above them and tells males to leave her alone.

♀ Feasting through their ears as women do, many fool themselves by accepting words of commitment in lieu of actions that display devotion.

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One response to “537. Heart over Head — Redux A

  1. theresa

    I like #6 Guy, my husband has acted that way.

    Princess Theresa,
    And I like it when pretty women appreciate their husband. We’d be a better nation, if more were like you. Men become as good as their woman appreciates them for being a man.

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