600. Open Letter to VIPs

I reserved this 600th post to recognize favorite ladies. 

I salute every smiling female including those that mistakenly think they have to fake it. I’ve aged enough to realize that the world’s greatest beauty lies within females, their prettiness, and their smiles.

Even when I can’t see you, you brighten my happy home life. Her Majesty Grace sends accolades for making me a better man too.

Long retired, I have not regretted one moment during 19 months of uninterrupted satisfaction with this blog. Your feedback adds paydays, as if I am still employed.

If you show as much gratitude for your man as you show me, you’ll have cleared a major hurdle to keeping him for life.

Thank you all for the loveable participation. You exhibit well the females’ natural strength—showing gratitude with joyous attitude. I’m fortunate to see so much of it.

Finally, I have this irresistible urge to add more beauty to the world: Three little words dominate each female’s life: I love you, com-mit-ment, and Let’s eat out. But, she’ll never hear three others from her man: “Tell me more.”

Your smiles are Internet infectious. When they spread at this end, our home brightens. Thanks and ditto from Her Majesty Grace.




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13 responses to “600. Open Letter to VIPs

  1. Oh, Guy! You’re such a charmer! Many thanks to you and Mrs Grace for giving me such happy hours of blogging pleasure.

  2. Princess Rita

    Congratulations on reaching number 600 Guy. You are such a blessing! Thank you to gracious Grace who allows you to share your Wisdom with us.

  3. thoko


    Greetings from South Africa!

    I absolutely love you, Her Majesty Grace and your blog. My self-esteem has developed by leaps and bounds since I started reading your blog. Of course I still get nervous and think “what if I’m wrong and the guy dumps me for being hard-headed?” But my attitude these days is, some guys will love me for who I am… some won’t. So what? Next?

    Blessings always,

  4. Laura M.

    I happened upon this blog just a few weeks ago and have been a regular reader ever since. Each post is full of wisdom, hard truths, and even a little bit of humor. I’ve learned so much about life and myself from this blog and am very thankful to have found it.

    Thank you for making this site!

    Best wishes.

  5. LB

    Oh Guy! That was so sweet of you! Her Majesty Grace has done magnificent job in civilizing you into a gentleman :) … and we get the benefit.

    I check in on your blog every morning as I enjoy my coffee as part of my daily femininity-affirming ritual. Thank you for your pearls of wisdom… I LOVE pearls. :)

  6. theresa

    Oh yes Sir Guy, We’re the lucky ones to have an gentleman confirm,affirmand spell things out for us. It’s part of my morning ritual as well.

  7. Kelsie

    This genuinely made me smile. And no all the thanks should be directed towards you. As an 18 year old headed off for college life I feel a whole lot more comfortable as a young woman being able to confront the treacherous road ahead. You have been an invaluable source of wisdom and I can’t wait to utilize your knowledge when I start to think about finding my prince. Your postings are a welcome sight in my mid-afternoon quiet time and I treasure each and every one of them.

    Thank you.

  8. Jessica

    I <3 you! Thank you for blessing me with another form of guidance.

    May the Lord enrich you an Grace with many more years together.

  9. Sharon

    Sir Guy, thank you for giving thought and time to writing here. You have helped me in far-reaching ways, more than you will ever know. Blessings on you and your family.

  10. Adrian

    We need more wise men speaking out such as yourself. Your blog blesses me so much. I have never heard a man talk like you do before. I’m headed into ten years of marriage to an absolutely wonderful man and there is so much truth to what you say.

  11. dogsandfitness

    600?!?!?!? :shock: I hope we see 600 more :cool:

  12. Stacy

    {back from an extended trip away}

    Aww Guy,

    Thanks! You’re a sweetie! :>

    Your Princessness Stacy,
    We missed your comments.

  13. lilyw


    Thank you for your blog and sharing. The blog is really very helpful. Hope you and your family’s life fill with joyfulness everyday.


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