635. She’s Interested, He’s Not—Part 1 of 3

Modern guys are infamous for dealing poorly with women that show an interest in a man. Passivity, reluctance, or disinterest dealing with a woman can originate with many emotions and preferences. The first half-dozen reasons follow.

♦       Men can’t love what they don’t respect. Lack of immediate respect caused by her appearance means that she has little or nothing to offer him. She’s probably okay for sex, he thinks, so let her make the first moves.

♦       Sex is so cheap elsewhere that he sees little need to show interest.  Anyway, men score better by playing vague and unavailable, because modern women don’t play the female counter-strategy their foremothers developed long ago: HardToGet.

♦       He’s picky, non-adventurous, or too uncomfortable away from his hi-tech toys.

♦       If her interest is obvious, it turns him off except for sex. If she’s that interested in his undeserving Self even before he ‘launches’ his full-self into romancing her, what will she do with other men who do nothing?

♦       More fear: Is she really interested in me? Can I trust what I think I perceive from her? Her appearance and actions don’t match. He presumes she has standards. He’s unsure how to discover what they are, so he fears offending her or showing his own lack of ‘smooth’.

♦       Commitment to another woman won’t prevent a show of interest but will come out if and when his conscience kicks in. This can take seconds, minutes, hours, or days, if he has a conscience about loyalty, devotion, personal responsibility.

Part 2 day after tomorrow.


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3 responses to “635. She’s Interested, He’s Not—Part 1 of 3

  1. easybreezy

    I feel that passivity and reluctance among men dealing with women is largely an American problem because I generally never had this problem with men from Europe and other cultures.

    Your Highness Easybreezy,
    Yes, you made that point months ago. Thanks.
    As I recall, you thought European men more easy to deal with on the social scene, but do they also rank as better men for women to capture and marry? Just curious.
    (Incidentally, you’ve been gone or silent for many weeks until this week. Good to have you back, and I hope nothing was wrong.)

  2. easybreezy

    Hey Guy-

    Yes I stepped out for a while—its been super busy for me but I’m always lurking. As for the Euros- no not all of them are marriage material but many of them (especially Scandianvians and Italians- observed through friends who married them) are especially family oriented. Finding a believer, however, is like a 1% chance, sadly.

  3. boomer babe

    It’s because the church is very weak in Europe and it’s ran mostly by women in high places in the church and most men think the church is for old men. St Paul said that ‘it isn’t good for women to teach men like men teach women’ true feminity teaches men though, if we allow it. American men have been hit by the feminists. Our male politicians have been ran by their wives. Thats why they’re soo wussy

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