647. QUIPS & TIPS — List 1

Big or testy problems can be made simpler. These don’t solve problems, but they provide a better perspective for attacking issues common to female interests:

♦       Love ain’t nearly enough to overcome all the little negatives that plague a relationship.

♦       Morality means living up to principles higher than Man. Secularism and Humanism promote living up to principles made of, by, and for Man. So, which better serves females?

♦       Happiness flows out of one’s gratitude and broader may be more beneficial than deeper.

♦       Depression comes from someone sensing they lack control of something, things, or life. It eases by gaining greater control.

♦       Commitment has little staying power; devotion has plenty.

♦       What her respect for him means to her man, his sweetness to her (aka attention, affection, intimacy) means to her. Without it respectively, they both lose self-respect.

♦       When people have nothing higher than themselves to live up to, they live down to human passions.

♦       Bitterness is anger turned inward against oneself.

♦       Severe unhappiness is ingratitude turned inward. It comes from unwillingness or inability to be grateful for someone else or others.

♦       Men love femininity, but the popularity of masculine-style sexual freedom among females makes femininity important only for the potential it holds for the long term.


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9 responses to “647. QUIPS & TIPS — List 1

  1. Michele

    Well, now, there’s an eye opener. “Severe unhappiness is ingratitude turned inward…”

  2. Linda L

    Dearest Sir,

    Wow, what wisdom. Such deep and intriguing points. I was wondering if you could elaborate on ‘broader’ being more beneficial concerning gratitude than ‘deeper’? Broader would be like…? And deeper… for example…? Sorry to be a bother but sometimes it takes a little extra explanation for me to ‘get’ the full idea.

    Gratefully, Linda L

    Your Superbness Linda L,

    By broader I mean grateful for more things, people, job, life, friends, family, parent, sibling, Self, past, future, church, God. Think well rounded as a grateful person. The broader the gratitude, the fuller the person.

    By deeper I mean being deeply grateful for someone or some thing and paying little attention elsewhere in one’s life. Think gratitude so narrow that other things don’t register fully. It can become faulty, and co-dependency may be an example.


  3. Linda L

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Thank you so much for that elaboration. Your explanation has made it clear in my little feminine mind.

    With much appreciation for your effort and time, Linda L.

  4. Princess Rita

    Hi Guy,

    When you said “Depression comes from someone sensing they lack control of something, things, or life. It eases by gaining greater control.”

    I’m having to take control of(or maybe change) my career that ground to a halt through no fault of mine. I’m afraid to move in another direction because the economy and political climate make me feel like any direction I move toward may be a waste of time and leave me with nothing. How does one move forward when the future of commerce in this country looks so bleak?

    Your Highness Princess Rita,

    I offer what follows as an idealized model and not as advice. Only you know how to use it for yourself.

    ACTION! You say, “I’m afraid to move in another direction….” and FEAR is the biggest problem. ACTION CURES FEAR! Specifically, actions such as praying, collecting new decision information, considering options, committing, and proceeding. And above that, improving your faith.

    FAITH! Faith that God will not give you more than you can handle. Faith that everyone will show you favor, because you have faith in yourself. Faith that your fellow Americans will preserve our political and economic systems, or you can adjust to whatever comes.

    DECISIONS! Collect information and build your thinking around it. When you have enough data, you will know it. Then, decide what your future will be, and commit to a series of steps or whatever will take you there.

    DON’T LOOK BACK! Don’t blame yourself for the weak or bad decisions. Instead, forgive yourself and forget them. You must learn NOT to focus on what you do wrong. Also, trusting your decisions keeps you aimed on target.

    DISCOURAGEMENTS: The pointers above keep you in control and prevent depression. Follow up every discouragement with some action that pleases you. Not as reward but to take your mind off the discouragements that weaken your sense of control.

    God bless you and all that you do.


    • Kaikou

      Thank you Sir Guy for this response about decision making. I currently find myself in another situation where there is pressure for me to change my decision. Not because it is ill-fitting, but rather the other person lacked responsibility and I had to make a decision. AND it’s the one that suits me! Usually I bend to others will, trying to accommodate when they won’t even meet me halfway. Have to move on and forward. I just hate to fill guilty (I am good at that). But I am holding my ground. I feel bad though because there is a girl (third party) who got caught in the crossfire. I expressed my apologies to her. Is there anymore I should do?

      Lady Kaikou

      Your Highness Lady Kaikou,
      Only you can tell that. You have everything else figured, so fire away with what you think is appropriate.

  5. Princess Rita

    Thank you dear-heart. What a blessing you are.

    • thoko

      hey Rita,

      you thought of me when i was sad. just a note to let you know that i’m thinking of you too. and and as Sir Guy said, “PRAY.”

      also meditate on Phillipians 4:6,7

      love always,

  6. Linda L

    Dearest Precious Guy,

    What gems! What wonderful advice for Princess Rita. (Guy Jnr is so blessed to have such wisdom available throughout his whole life.) You are very kind to share your thoughts. These points are a marvellous gift to many. Thank you.

    Linda L.

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