800. Gender Differences Revisited — Group Q

1. Women see flattery as opportunity and take advantage to make themselves feel good. Men don’t.

2. When they demonstrate love, men are different than women. (This aspect of chromosomal XX ≠ XY disappoints women for life.)

3. When wife is the main breadwinner, husband’s significance fades. (He may be gracious and act that way, but he misses filling that role and longs for something or someone to compensate his sense of importance.)

4. When husband outshines wife in her areas of responsibility, his self-image expands proportional to her gratitude (which often fades and he often misses it). More importantly, when wife outdoes her husband in manly domains, she poisons his sense of significance.

5. Women multi-task and multi-converse, because their processing nature enables it. Men dislike and usually avoid both, because their producing nature make multi-thinking inefficient.

6. Women cohabit because they are desperate to capture or live with a man, or they seek economic advantage. Men cohabit, because she’s unworthy of marriage, he wants to keep his options open, he seeks frequent and convenient sex at low cost, it’s a cheap and friendly arrangement, or all of the above.

7. Women can turn an inadequate man into an adequate mate and vice versa. Men can turn adequate wives inadequate but not the reverse.

8. Women assess people more by character than occupation. Men lean toward the opposite.


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3 responses to “800. Gender Differences Revisited — Group Q

  1. Denise

    Number 7 makes me nervous: “Women can turn an inadequate man into an adequate mate and vice versa.” Women already seem prone to “fix” men, or to get with men who are unworthy of them, but somehow think that they can change him…but ultimately they’re disappointed.

    The only think I can make of it is that the only thing that you can never change about someone is how much they love, care for, and are devoted to you. If that’s not there, there won’t be much to work with.

    Your Exceptionalness Denise,

    Your last paragraph and Easybreezy’s confusion above indicate a need to clarify.

    First, I leave out love and devotion to focus on differences in the male and female natures. They lurk beneath the surface and cause numerous disruptions in coupledom.

    Second, “Men can turn adequate wives inadequate but not the reverse” summarizes this:

    • Men don’t marry intending to change wife. So, wife starts out adequate.

    • If she changes, it’s for the worse for him; he neither expected nor wanted her to deviate from his expectations. However, her changing could be in response to his lack of appreciation or whatever else he denied or did. She then appears inadequate to him for having changed, but he caused it.

    • If she were inadequate to begin with, he chose wrongly. Since he’s not into changing her, departure can easily follow.

    Third, “Women can turn an inadequate man into an adequate mate and vice versa” summarizes this:

    • Men essentially don’t change but perceptions and women do.

    • Much more readily and easily than men, wives change as their perceptions change. This makes husbands more adequate or inadequate depending on wife’s perceptions of husband and his response or not to her initiatives to ‘improve’ him.

    God made and Nature endows men as the best option women have for long range happiness. Women are the best option for men too, and women are at their happiest when they make and keep it so.


  2. Easybreezy

    yeah that one get’s me confused too.

    Your Ladyship Easybreezy,
    Your confusion may be eased somewhat by my comment to Denise immediately below.

  3. Denise

    Sir Guy,

    Thank you for your patient explanations! :)

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