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Night before last my main blog partner, Her Majesty Grace, passed away. We had 59 glorious married years together and raised three sons. Our Heavenly Father showed immense mercy—totally undeserved—by prematurely ending her battle with Alzheimer’s.

I will be contributing unpredictably. For two weeks or so I expect to maintain the blog on some kind of life support. You can expect responses to your questions but delays will be lengthy.



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1935. The Year 2013 in Review

LADIES, the past year has been a happy one. The following comes from the friendly and friendlier WordPress authorities.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 460,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 20 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


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Dear Mr. Beck,

You seek ways that We the People can reboot America and restore our exceptionalism and greatness—and rightly so. You seek a Whitfield moment and recovery that begins in the pulpit—and rightly so. You seek a union of free men who stand up more responsibly to restore the constitutional American spirit—and rightly so. May I add another truth to your quest?

I have not heard you mention this. Through lack of certainty caused by politics and propaganda, men and women are unable to capitalize on how God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize the sexes to be different in hundreds of ways. Consequently, the traditional battle of the sexes has escalated into war with children in the crossfire. While feminism has wrought huge legal, political, and economic gains for women, the radioactive fallout generates conflict, demolishes harmony, and prevents compatibility in the social and domestic arenas.

We are created to be compatible as mates, but we destroy that inheritance by prioritizing unmarried sex over permanent mating. Endowed to do good, which enables us to be good people, we poison that primal urge with left-leaning politics. Energized for self-interest, we escalate to selfish and beyond.

Synthesized out of two male-dominated religions, American forebears developed our Judeo-Christian culture. Under persistent female domestic pressures, the culture gently evolved into wifely domination of values. Men need only a hut, but women turn huts into castles. Men conquered the West but women civilized it. Pillow- and breakfast-talk sent husbands into the fields, factories, streets, and courts to improve life for women and children. Men dominated workplace and society but women dominated home and culture.* By promoting and appreciating the effort of free individuals, relationships evolved such that respect for the opposite sex equaled or exceeded respect for one’s own gender.

As if a reciprocating engine, it worked this way. Fuel mixture: Women are predominantly motivated by the need of self-importance; men by the need of self-admiration. Combustion: Women respect men for who they are and admire them for what they do. Women guard their uniqueness and men find them important and respect them for what they do. Mutual respect generates mutual trust. Travel: Compatible relationships become easier, steadier, and lengthier. American cultural greatness and economic exceptionalism grow.

Progressives undermine truth in order to remake society in their image. They demean sex differences and propagandize that the sexes are alike except for reproductive differences. Because non-Progressives ignore God’s designs, Nature’s blessings, and hormonal urges, Progressives more easily divide us into two classes: rulers and dependents (aka regulatory tyrants and ambulatory subjects).

Thus, Mr. Beck, we lose our culture because we ignore the hundreds of sex differences caused by God, Nature, and hormones. Capitalize on those differences in spite of Progressive pressures and we can restore men and women to the roles in America that the founders expected, children appreciate, and grannies are proud of what they have done.

If you think more truth can aid your quest, the potential can be evaluated at What Women Never Hear:


Bill Clark Dean (aka A. Guy Maligned)

P.S. I have no interest in personal contact. I am too busy trying to help individual women around the world put their lives on a better track or back together.


*Many years ago Tocqueville spotted it in action, “[M]orals are the work of woman.”


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1927. Happy Thanksgiving

I like to make the holiday season personal in this way. Today we Americans give thanks for what we have and who we love and like. At Christmas we Christians give thanks for who we are in the eyes of God and family and friends. Recognizing and displaying our gratitude is the common theme. The holidays are thus made happy because happiness flows from gratefulness.

Gratefulness civilizes us and the more the better. The process of finding ways to express gratitude for others displays a unique respectfulness that makes women smile more and men work more responsibly on behalf of family. Their natures cause this; women are happier during the holidays because they more easily find and spread gratitude than do men.

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving Day to Americans everywhere. To others, I hope they can find ways to find and spotlight gratefulness for who they are and whom they love and like. We only uncover and release the good life together when we unconditionally respect and find gratitude for each other. Turkey comes second.


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1925. 6th Anniversary Celebration

Today begins the 7th year of What Women Never Hear. For me, it’s been an enjoyable day job full of personal accomplishments and interaction with pretty women. I hope they have found the blog as meaningful and beneficial as my enjoyment at producing it.

This season of thankfulness magnifies my gratefulness. enables me. Pretty women in at least 181 countries stimulate and encourage me. Mrs. Guy supports and puts up with me. And my sense of significance grows with the constantly increasing popularity of the blog.

Popularity has grown steadily but it burst out and began to soar in August:

  • Average of 746 views per day for 6 years—i.e., more than 1 every 2 minutes
  • Average of 1687 views per day for the past 4 months—i.e., more than 1 every minute
  • Over 1.6 million views from at least 181 countries
  • Over 100,000 visitors in the past 12 months.
  • Another 550 visitors linked through email, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Over 12,000 reader comments and many had questions to which I responded.

I’m enormously grateful for what I am able to do and with whom I’m able to do it. It looks like this holiday season will be another great, greater, and perhaps greatest one.

Best wishes to all,



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1921. Compatibility Axioms #151-160

151. Relationships without sex have an unrecognized benefit for girls and women, men learn to be romantic.
The most effective teachers withhold sex in order to hold manly attention long enough to change masculine habits toward more romance.[91]

152. Masculine-style sexual freedom for women nullifies the male’s conquering spirit and weakens womanly influence over male dominance and aggression. [91]

153. In addition to more freely yielding unmarried sex, feminist thinking prompts women to make more fundamental mistakes dealing with men. [92]

154. Girls and women lose out with ignorant rationalizations: Get pregnant to capture or hold a man. A married man is better than nothing. We’re great in bed, so he must love me. If we don’t shack up, I’ll lose him. [92]

155. When a woman initiates sex, it’s his luck more than her that stimulates his self-admiration. Men value a woman more highly when she confirms his self-admiration and makes him feel significant. Luck just confirms his hunting hopes and so he tries elsewhere. [93]

156. The male’s hunting nature makes easily captured sex targets also easy to release. Difficult-to-track-and-capture sex targets become manly trophies. [93]

157. Women ignore old school female virtue in favor of new school ‘anything goes’. Consequently, even the Marrying Man loses interest in marriage and focuses on easy-to-escape relationships. [93]

158. The excitement of a new boyfriend distorts a female’s thinking. She looks at today and forgets all the tomorrows. The future is the female’s arena and the present is the man’s. [93]

159. This poor strategy causes women to lose boyfriends. She thinks sex will capture a man, her romancing will convince him that she’s the one for him, and her love will hold him. [93]

160. Males live with and respect females for it: Playing hard to get thwarts a man’s conquering agenda and tames his masculine spirit, especially if she’s a mate-target rather than just a target for sex.[96]


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1920. Compatibility Axioms #141-150

141. Male conquest is predominately a psychological victory. Later encounters with the same woman are physical. This makes their first sex together monumentally different from a couple’s subsequent sexual events. [91]

142. This works. Females are born hard-headed and soft-hearted. Their mother teaches them to balance mind and heart. Their father builds and reinforces their confidence in head and heart with his unconditional approval which daughter translates as love and respect. [89]

143. Feminine mystique, female modesty, religious morality, unconditional sexual fidelity, female-defined manners, and holy matrimony enable women to indirectly dominate interaction and values that shape relationships. Men deeply respect a woman that proudly and defiantly upholds an exceptional persona that men would not develop on their own. [89]

144. Mothers create alpha males. If father is an alpha and mother admires him to a fault, sons will likely duplicate father. If father is alpha but mother doesn’t hold him up as exemplary for sons to envy and copy, boys will likely become less than alpha. If father is non-alpha, the same things happen; boys become the men that mothers expect.

145. If she talks a man into marriage, it won’t last. A man’s devotion to marriage is very different from devotion to a woman. [91]

146. In the game of Desperation, men are the best readers and biggest victors. [91]

147. It’s every man’s nature to want to lay with attractive women. It offends his present woman when he insensitively reminds her of that side of his nature. [91]

148. Lengthy sex-free courtships teach males to do whatever they have to do to conquer a woman. Along the way this includes men changing their habits to match female expectations that—hopefully for women—arise from female-friendly and moral standards. [91]

149. Male freedom from womanly influence promotes greater male dominance. Female independence also promotes it. [91]

150. Males are born hard-headed and hard-hearted. Mother softens their heart for dealing with women. Father tempers their hard-headedness for living with a woman. [91]


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1901. Compatibility Axioms #21-30

21. Flowers as gifts have one purpose, to please women. They are worthless and border on inappropriate for men even in sickness. Flower gifts indirectly inflict guilt that her money was wasted at his cause.

22. As to TV in the bedroom, mates have their imaginations stirred by dreamy-type people just before sleep. The imagination easily captures the thought that one’s mate comes in second and sleep comes after such nightly reminders. Outside entertainment ain’t all it’s cracked up to be at bedtime, but men won’t eagerly abandon eye candy opportunities.

23. Honey-do lists become intolerable when Honey schedules, supervises, or criticizes.

24. Husbands do not see the little nesting details of home life that irritate wives. Wife can forgive and forget or risk turning herself into nag, shrew, or perhaps even expendable mate.

25. Dominance among families comes in several colors: Dominant mate or the head, dominant nester or the heart, and most cherished family leader or dominant leaned-on shoulder. Marriage works best when that sequence matches this: him, her, and either.

26. Girls dream of a happy life with the right man. Men know they are the right man for any woman. Consequently, women inherit the task of making men prove they are right for her.

27. After conquest, a man’s pursuit of a female stops. He now “owns” their sexual agenda, conqueror’s right you know. The maximum influence she wielded before conquest fades to much less. Worse, he quits looking for her weaknesses, so he stops uncovering her strengths.

28. Women think love conquers all. Not so. The real glue of a lasting marriage is the absence of demeaning irritants and frequent hassles, and lack of gratefulness for him and affection for her. As one’s likeability dwindles in spouse’s heart, they become worth less and less as mate.

29. A female eager to accept a male as sex partner bypasses the process by which she earns his respect. This means that little within him grows to keep him committed to her after lust and infatuation fade in a year or two.

30. Femininity is the philosophy of attractiveness for men, the creed of devotedness with men, and the gospel of faithfulness to one man. Its inherent virtue civilizes men, balances male dominance, suppresses male aggressiveness, inspires men to prove their worth for one woman, and rewards men for acting responsibly as husband and father.


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