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802. Keepers for Keepers — Assortment 22

  • Women seek commitment before conquest and expect devotion afterward. They expect the reverse of what men do easiest. [13]
  • If she treats him as king before their wedding day, or fails to do so afterward, she weakens his potential as a forever husband. [10]
  • Separation is not far off, if a couple doesn’t develop an enduring kind of love to replace romantic love that fades before their third year together. [65]
  • The female nature seeks to live up to something bigger such as God, her man, her children. Men must learn to live that way, which puts teaching in the hands of females, and leadership by example works best. [18]
  • The less respect that women show the male gender, the more irresponsible individual men become for helping fulfill female hopes and dreams for home and family. [18]
  • Virtual virginity substitutes for the real thing. It can hold a man’s attention while feminine mystique, female modesty, admirable virtue, and moral standards capture his devotion.  [25]
  • A man leads two roles with every woman to whom he is attracted. He is one way before he conquers her and something else afterward. [27]


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768. Beware Red Flags — Part 4

Yesterday’s post was about in-laws and today it’s about the couple.

Take what follows as his potential as mate and not damnation of him as person. Perception is reality. If you see red flags waving, he may be Mr. Wrong. If not, however, it doesn’t make him Mr. Right.

The flavor of the list conveys all-out suspicion, but it’s not intended that way. It’s about you becoming more perceptive in the course of everyday life.

·        Are his promises of commitment confirmed by actions that show devotion? If not, it’s probably too early to commit yourself.

·        Do his actions match his words and vice versa? Major deviance can spell dishonesty, phoniness, lack of integrity, or all of the above. Minor differences indicate need for your greater analysis.

·        Does he have less education and earn less money than you? If yes, a super-beware is in order. It won’t bother you, but it will eat away at his dignity. Sooner or later he’ll hold it against you, especially the money bit. Moreover, it’s a set of pressures that push men toward someone else.

·        Does he seek to earn your devotion with his actions or with words? Trust his actions but verify his words.

·        Observe what he does when he thinks you’re not watching. You’ll learn much more than from his words.

·        Pay attention to what he does. Those things are important to him. If you complain, offenses against you that he doesn’t repeat can still return after conquest or marriage. So, you should find ways to assess his sincerity. (Again, just be more perceptive about everything without being suspicious of him.)

·        Watch for shady or unsteady character. His actions much more than words accurately reflect his role in your life. (Ideal roles look like this: You see much evidence of his devotion through his actions, and you devote to him in his working role, aka his missions in life. Mutual commitment and moral obligations work best as subsets that support mutual devotion.)

In the end you still have to decide. Love often overrides reason, but before it happens you should assess red flags that may forecast undesirable consequences. The final installment of this series flies tomorrow.


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655. Good News to Lift Female Blues — Part I

WWNH includes the benefits of the majority living the good Christian life. What’s in female hearts counts for most of the goodness in society.

  • The Christian’s heart is softer for both women, who are naturally soft-hearted, and men who are naturally hard-hearted. Christian beliefs make both sexes more considerate of others, especially females, children, and mates.
  • God loves us, when no one else does. By lifting him as the ultimate, we’re always loved regardless, and loved better than any mortal can love us. It’s our fallback position when others disappoint us.
  • Love, devotion, and commitment are always unequal between giver and receiver. But Jesus Christ receives less than he gives, and we receive more than we give.
  • Faith has no vacuum; it’s always full. Faith in Him replaces beliefs that are not always helpful for living with others or even oneself.
  • We Christians know ourselves to be better than we deserve, which breathes gratitude into whom we are, and happiness follows gratefulness.
  • Being saved by the grace of God, we’re as valuable to ourselves as we need to be. Sensing ourselves valuable in His eyes energizes our goodness, and we need little more than that to remain faithful.


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647. QUIPS & TIPS — List 1

Big or testy problems can be made simpler. These don’t solve problems, but they provide a better perspective for attacking issues common to female interests:

♦       Love ain’t nearly enough to overcome all the little negatives that plague a relationship.

♦       Morality means living up to principles higher than Man. Secularism and Humanism promote living up to principles made of, by, and for Man. So, which better serves females?

♦       Happiness flows out of one’s gratitude and broader may be more beneficial than deeper.

♦       Depression comes from someone sensing they lack control of something, things, or life. It eases by gaining greater control.

♦       Commitment has little staying power; devotion has plenty.

♦       What her respect for him means to her man, his sweetness to her (aka attention, affection, intimacy) means to her. Without it respectively, they both lose self-respect.

♦       When people have nothing higher than themselves to live up to, they live down to human passions.

♦       Bitterness is anger turned inward against oneself.

♦       Severe unhappiness is ingratitude turned inward. It comes from unwillingness or inability to be grateful for someone else or others.

♦       Men love femininity, but the popularity of masculine-style sexual freedom among females makes femininity important only for the potential it holds for the long term.


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600. Open Letter to VIPs

I reserved this 600th post to recognize favorite ladies. 

I salute every smiling female including those that mistakenly think they have to fake it. I’ve aged enough to realize that the world’s greatest beauty lies within females, their prettiness, and their smiles.

Even when I can’t see you, you brighten my happy home life. Her Majesty Grace sends accolades for making me a better man too.

Long retired, I have not regretted one moment during 19 months of uninterrupted satisfaction with this blog. Your feedback adds paydays, as if I am still employed.

If you show as much gratitude for your man as you show me, you’ll have cleared a major hurdle to keeping him for life.

Thank you all for the loveable participation. You exhibit well the females’ natural strength—showing gratitude with joyous attitude. I’m fortunate to see so much of it.

Finally, I have this irresistible urge to add more beauty to the world: Three little words dominate each female’s life: I love you, com-mit-ment, and Let’s eat out. But, she’ll never hear three others from her man: “Tell me more.”

Your smiles are Internet infectious. When they spread at this end, our home brightens. Thanks and ditto from Her Majesty Grace.




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558. Femmy Secrets for Harmony — #3

Certain behaviors help breed harmony in the home:

♫     She insists on higher morality and living up to something or somebody bigger than oneself.

♫     She indirectly and without hassles seeks more civilized behavior, enhanced domestic responsibility, and harnessing of male aggression into energy that brightens their family’s future.

♫     She knows her sloppy appearance, inattentive personal care, and careless grooming around the home point his eyeballs toward the outside.

♫     She promotes her self-confidence and self-worth by indirectly assisting her man through, around, or over whatever obstacles he encounters. (If she’s too direct or insistent, he too easily assumes that she thinks he’s incapable. She might call it his ego, but it’s more natural than personal. It violates his self-image as producer, provider, protector, and problem solver.)

♫     She realizes that submissiveness is more attitude than principle. It means to cooperate and not compete, and she gains his respectful attention when she adapts to it. She knows that it means to stay out of his face and get her way with other and indirect methods for which she has considerable talent. It also earns respect.

♫     She respects, charms, and captivates her man with multiple skills, talents, and attractiveness from which he concludes that he is most important in her life. It’s vital that he draw his own conclusions, and her actions sell more effectively than words.

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537. Heart over Head — Redux A

♀ Promiscuity softens a woman’s natural hard-headedness and hardens her natural soft-heartedness.

♀ Masculine-style sexually active females act like guys. Men know how to treat guys.

♀ She acts like a lady, she’ll be treated that way. Also, it’s amazing how to her men appear more gentlemanly.

♀ She dresses like a hooker, guess how she’ll be treated.

♀ Wives customize their appearance for comfort. Sloppy and unkempt, they mock husband’s pride in his woman.

♀ Women that don’t know jack about Jack object to being ‘owned’ or ‘his woman’. Jack’s sense of possessiveness signals females that he values her above them and tells males to leave her alone.

♀ Feasting through their ears as women do, many fool themselves by accepting words of commitment in lieu of actions that display devotion.

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476. Response to Viewer — Item 3

Easybreezy asked: What are marital benefits for women? Marriage:

J Adds backbone to the intentions and commitments of both partners.

J Adds cultural legitimacy and legality that reinforces husband’s mindset about personal responsibility.

J Brightens her future with a more deeply committed partner.

J Puts her on the right road for completing her life of meaning.

J Gives her a whole new set of priorities, options, and choices.

J Brightens her long range future and enables better planning to shape family life years ahead.

J Legitimizes her nesting rights.

J Shifts him more permanently into ‘us’ mode and out of ‘me first’ or ‘maybe us’ thinking.

J Encourages husband to prove himself to himself as personally responsible to produce, provide, protect, and problem solve for others. (But she has to enable it.) 

J Provides relationship platform from which to teach children all about life, family, togetherness, harmony, and personal responsibility for doing the same with their lives.

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