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2010. Dressed to Kill—His Imagination That Is

PREFACE. Feminists endorsed and encouraged it. Women dress down for female convenience rather than dress up for attracting male attention. Doing so minimizes and neutralizes the male urge for sex and is supposed to help promote the death of patriarchy. Feminists and advocates even used shame via sexist and harassment claims. Didn’t work, did it. Male dominance worsens, because men have been made desperate to defend themselves against politics. They try harder and even fight back; they take it out on women who act more like enemies than friendlies. The natural and unconquerable male urge for sex has morphed into disrespect for female-friendly interests.

REALITY. The real world produces unintended consequences. Using politics to alter human nature, Feminism’s fallout continues. 1) It neutralizes masculine interest in one woman and spreads manly interest to all females. 2) Makes conquest more relevant and respectable to men than family responsibility. 3) Weakens unconditional respect for the opposite sex, both ways too. 4) Makes girls better conquest targets and trophies. 5) Makes the marital marketplace less friendly for female aging. 6) Destroys interest in lifetime togetherness for couples. 7) Demolishes the girlhood hopes and dreams of women.

A woman’s appearance sends messages that women can read but men decode subliminally. For example, these are common. Sloppy attire symbolizes the lack of admirable qualities, aka virtues. Low-care grooming symbolizes low self-respect, which precludes fascination. Dressed below what the occasion calls for can be read as self-worth of lesser value, aka low self-image, than that of the others present. Overdressed for an occasion can signal pretention, phoniness, or fashion ignorance. An overly erotic appearance signals cheapness. None discourages the masculine urge for conquest, but all of the above discourage manly interest in anything beyond first-sex together.

To be more specific, how does a woman’s skin-tight clothing influence men? Flab and flaws discourage or offend male eyeballs, turn off masculine curiosity, and reduce the interest of men looking for more than sex. Lack of perfection dulls his eye-viewing except for conquest. The thought arises that she appears desperate and will yield easily. In exchange for conquest he accepts that she will look worse unwrapped. So does he want her?

Einstein said, “Imagination is greater than knowledge.” However, without curiosity a man’s imagination doesn’t energize to penetrate beyond her surface appearance. His eyes reveal all the knowledge he needs. Skin-tight wrappings reveal that beneath it she’s careless, not neat, and probably desperate. An acceptable conquest but little else, perhaps nothing beyond it. Whatever his interest becomes, he forms it without knowing or even caring what she really looks like undressed. That’s the wrong way to teach a man to devote himself to one woman.

Her careful and neat dressing in loose but attractive clothing has another and very opposite effect. It opens his curiosity, fires his imagination about how she will look unwrapped beyond his apparent knowledge, and sparks his interest to find out more about her. Her not appearing desperate, he judges her as challenging.

Subsequently searching for her weaknesses that may help get her into bed, he learns of her admirable qualities (aka virtues). Over time they accumulate and hopefully transform her into a fascinating woman by his standards.

Non-judgmental is a popular but misleading buzzword and even worse for women. People could not survive much less live successfully without judging others. Female clothing and appearance invite or discourage masculine interest. Women shape their future when they shape their appearance to make themselves feel good about pleasing manly eyeballs. Skin-tight clothing has the effect opposite of what men find attractive for more than sex. Thus, skin-tight clothing defeats a man’s interest in spending enough time to uncover a woman’s fascination.


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1981. Compatibility Axioms #421-430

421. Husband may forgive, but he can’t forget. Feminists claim that women need no forgiveness for previous love and sex interests. But, to men, it’s neither love nor forgiveness that counts. It’s her screwing other men, bending to the will of his competitors, and who knows when she may do it again? [145]
422. Her sexual history is best kept secret. In any event, she should never disclose any detail. The first detail will ignite his curiosity for more, followed by his imagining the worst about everything she does not disclose. He will likely pump her for more info, or resentment will accumulate within his ever-active imagination. (Resentment can kill the likeability that is so critical to compatibility.) [145]
423. Females learn the most and best lessons by insisting on retaining virginity, both real and virtual. Keepers don’t dump a woman over that. If he won’t honor her wishes before conquest, he’ll do worse afterward. [147]
424. He strives to get her to yield sex. She seeks his acceptance of something more important. The battle of the sexes revolves around the subsequent battle of wits and wills. It takes a lengthy, likeable, and complimentary courtship to convert him to her way of thinking. [147]
425. She’s of high interest to him. Her insistence on remaining virgin-like injects and stirs uneasiness and uncertainty into his manly desire. It pressures him into the passenger seat of their relationship. He tries harder to earn the driver’s seat by proving himself worthy and acceptable for sex. If he still can’t earn acceptance into the driver’s seat by conquering her, he either hops out of the car or accepts whatever greater ‘price’ she expects. [147]
426. If she doesn’t yield and he dumps her anywhere along the courtship trail, she escapes with a higher sense of self-worth. He was not a keeper, and she found it out without losing the battle of wills. [147]
427. Her refusals to yield earn a man’s maximum respect. Men respect will power and hers tops his best will and effort. [147]
428. If he dumps her for not yielding, she earns the maximum self-respect regardless of what he says to the contrary. It’s also good practice for her. [147]
429. Mr. Good Enough’s love will be based on respect for her. The greater her self-respect, the greater her ability to sustain his respect. [147]
430. Her gentle but firm refusals to yield indirectly tame his masculine ego and condition his dominant nature to accept her as a power to be reckoned with. It brightens her future, polishes her self-image, enhances her self-interest, and promises more worthiness as his potential mate. Thus, women move closer to their dreams and goals by protecting their real and virtual virginity. [147]



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1941. Compatibility Axioms #271-280

271. After conquest the infatuated but less-than-fascinated man focuses on life with her as sex partner at the cheapest cost to him—girlfriend, lover, booty, live in, or wife if necessary. [114]
272. Even before a man starts a relationship, she’s his target for conquest. His appreciation, respect, and her value go up as he tries to overcome difficulty achieving his goal. Also, how he handles her objections and obstacles discloses if he’s truly into her, if he has the potential to become devoted to her.  [114]
273. The feminist ideology wraps the female heart with meanness toward men. It breeds selfishness and self-centeredness and injects female ugliness into relationships. It makes women stand up inside and figuratively shake a fist at men. It pushes men to fight back with what often become abuse, abandonment, and violence. [115]
274. Instead of relying on the feminine side of their nature, modern women fish with exposed breasts and net a man with sex. But they can’t hold him. In that way, women pay the price of politicized and socialized elitism. (For specific differences, see the series Dark Side of Feminism) [115]
275. Acting feminine maximizes a woman’s value to herself and men. By doing so, she uplifts her self-worth, enlarges her self-image, and broadens her self-interest. She likes herself as girl, female, woman, mother, grandmother, and girlfriend. Masculine men react the same but in manlier roles. [116]
276. Men respond to feminine women by becoming more responsible, which encourages women to become more feminine. [116]
277. Feminine behavior attracts men to rise above themselves and accept domestic and fatherly responsibility. A woman’s feminine spirit makes her appear vulnerable and challenges good men. One will admire himself with thoughts of taking care of her. [116]
278. Femininity encourages girls to listen and duplicate mother’s and even grandmother’s experience. This enables each generation to improve on its ability to tame and harness male dominance into fulfilling female hopes and dreams. [116]
279. If she makes it easy for him to know her, she makes it hard for him to keep her. Mystery captivates. Candidness victimizes her with whatever strengths of dominance he chooses to use. [117]
280. The greatest male candidate for marriage has unconditional respect for the opposite sex that exceeds respect for his own sex. The same applies to women candidates, but it’s easier to observe in women than men. [117]


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833. Old School vs. New School #03

 Old School Feminine Wisdom

Women manage social and domestic power this way: Starting in girlhood, they require males to exhibit masculine potential for husbanding and fathering. They expect boys to practice and men to prove their worth for fulfilling female hopes and dreams.

New School Feminist Fallout

Women give away social and domestic power with cheap and easy sex; some even pursue masculine-style sexual freedom. They give up their natural and only counterbalance for male dominance.

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741. Where Has All the Glamour Gone? Part B

Women have turned to the opposite of glamour, such as comfort, masculine behaviors, and feminist thought. They lose, so why do it?

·         To make the sexes look more alike? Well, dropping glamour from everyday life makes women abandon female standards of dress and grooming, and men gain the advantage when female standards weaken.

·         To act more like men? Well, women now dress and groom carelessly and sloppily and take up masculine eating habits and weight-gain proneness. They do the same raising their daughters. Do females benefit?

·         In response to the political agenda of Feminism? Well, it worked, and men have become more self-centered against females, the feminist agenda, and feminists’ most offensive strategy, political correctness. Plus, men have been bought off by free and easy access to sex with numerous females, so men don’t complain.

·         To take women out of the role of competing with each other for men? Well, it doesn’t. Women now steal each others’ man much more than when glamorous trends inspired women to focus on their own attractiveness for holding onto her man.

·         To shed the sex object image? Well, it works the opposite of intentions. Women now routinely appear unattractive for anything but sex.

·         To make men look for internal attractiveness and discover her whole person? Well, Nature doesn’t work that way. Men look for internal qualities when they need more persuasive arguments to convince a woman into their first sex together. If she’s not attractive on the outside, it makes him look for another woman. If men are too quick to look elsewhere, women yield sex more easily. If women do that, men are released quicker to look elsewhere, which brings on more and quicker yielding.

From lack of glamour that markedly separates men and women, female relationship misery expands as men are kept focused on sex everywhere. Sex objectification doesn’t ever die, and failure to dress it up with glamour just makes women cheaper and easier for men.


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739. Next to the Last Straw

Great bonding brings couples together, but it doesn’t keep them glued as one. Instead, unresolved disagreements and small irritants pile up to dissolve the glue and cover a relationship with rubbish. It smothers from the accumulation of irritants of which these offend men:

  1. Embarrass him in public
  2. Make him appear insignificant or treat him that way
  3. Elevate kids over father or especially over him as husband
  4. Show disloyal spirit toward him
  5. Threaten, remind, or present him with sexual infidelity
  6. Nag him beyond what he calls nagging (A nagatha per Mrs. Guy)
  7. Challenge him as family CEO in front of others
  8. Fail to provide what he expects as normal routine
  9. Boss him around in what he considers his castle
  10. Belittle him especially before the kids or friends
  11. Withhold sex without health or physical reason
  12. Manipulate him
  13. Harp on his weaknesses
  14. Reproach him before others
  15. Groom carelessly such that his attention on her fades
  16. Favor masculine vs. feminine appearances
  17. Use feminist themes to get her way
  18. Show unexpected immodesty
  19. Show disrespect for him
  20. Show her lack of or reduced self-respect
  21. Overspend against his will
  22. Reflect indifference to his sexual performance
  23. Distance herself from close association with him
  24. Make her interests dictate his behavior
  25. Present him with her problems that defy his solutions

I’m not qualified to compile a list for women. If some deal-breaking irritants for women are sent to me, I’ll provide editorial treatment and publish them as if women need to be told.


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627. Generation Emasculation by Guy Jr.

Thanks to one of Laura’s comments at post 624.1 for this inspiration.

“Oh, you know, boys will be boys!”  Isn’t that an old saying many of us used to hear?  Heard it lately?  I sure haven’t.  It used to be a widely accepted “excuse” for much of the silliness, or brashness, or stupidity, or many other behaviors we would see boys exhibit.  No longer.

Nope.  It’s no longer politically correct or acceptable to just let “boys be boys”.  That’s because as a culture, we’re too busy trying to turn them into girls.

Yep.  Collectively, we just can’t keep the scissors in the drawer.   That’s because the PC feminist elite realized the best way to fight patriarchy, chauvinism, and the existence of cock-strong men is to socially neuter young boys – before they can ever defend themselves against it.  Yep, they need those scissors to figuratively snip, snip, snip the stones off of young boys.

No touch policies in public schools?  Snip.  Games of shadow tag on the playground?  Snip.  No dodge ball in the gymnasium?  Snip. Soccer practice with Mom instead of football practice with Coach?  Snip.

Unlike the emasculation of men in the ‘70’s (Woody Allen, Alan Alda, and many others come to mind) who were capable of defending themselves but chose not to, young boys don’t know they are being victimized.  And it’s not a fair fight.  Usually, when adults victimize boys, it’s called child abuse.

These days it’s called motherly emasculation.

More to come…

Guy Jr.


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