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659. Quips from Mrs. Guy — #2

  • Happy moments, praise God
    Difficult moments, seek God
    Quiet moments, worship God
    Painful moments, trust God
    Every moment, thank God  (source unknown)
  • Dorothy Parker had it wrong: Men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses.
  • Home is where you grumble the most and are treated the best.
  • A wife is a reflection of her husband.
  • We became ‘rich’ when I learned to live within a budget, but that’s another story.
  • Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Budgeting is planning that prevents having to say, “The check’s in the mail”.
  • Women take offense when referred to as a girl, but it implies she’s younger than reality.
  • Necessity may be the mother of invention, but frustration is the father.
  • Mature men respect ladies and girls more than just women. Ladylike actions induce masculine respect. Women perceived by men as ‘girls’ seem more dependent and in need of a man, which tends to generate masculine respect. Women seem less dependent and, therefore less in need of a man. Womyn earns no respect.


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557. HELP!!!

I’ve been asked for details about which I have no expertise and no hope for glory. I invite helpful viewers to respond.

A young lady asked for details about dress and grooming. My response is simply this: In general, if it takes time, effort, or money, she’ll be attractive. If not, she won’t. Setting sex aside for the moment, men find attractiveness in feminine mystique, female neatness, gender uniqueness. They find challenges in feminine independence, female modesty, virtual virginity, and moral uprightness.

Her email follows with only compliments edited out and one comment added internally:

My name is K. and I am a young college student. … My first question has to do with dress and grooming. I agree that women often dress sloppily or unbecomingly. However, many times I think women THINK they are dressing neatly and attractively but the result is sloppy. What does “neat” and pretty look like- could you give examples of what the visual signals of neatness and prettiness are? What clothes typically look neat and attractive to men? Also, what are the typical visual signs of sloppiness and slovenliness? What types of clothes, combinations, colors, etc. typically look sloppy or uncared-for?

Similarly, when it comes to hairstyles, what do men find to be sloppy? What are the hallmarks of poor grooming in a woman? Again, direct and visual examples would be very much appreciated.

Also, as I have a very full chest, the line between modest and sloppy seems rather tenuous when it comes to shirts. Do you have any hints on this particular point for other young women in the same position? Should we lean towards more formfitting shirts and sweaters that line our shape, or would this be too sexual? (Guy offers this: Two boobs beat one bust, one bosom, or one bundle.)

As young girls are often more clueless about this topic than you can even imagine, you cannot be specific or direct enough about what looks good and what looks bad :-)

Thank you so much for your time.

Most sincerely,


PS. Anticipatory thanks to all who respond. Guy


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555. Choices Program the Heart — Part I: Intro

As a man, I operate under these basic assumptions: A female’s sensibilities show the boundaries of her heart. When offended or threatened that way, she has gone too far and should reverse course wherever she is and whatever others are doing. To do otherwise is to program her heart against her self-interest and usually for the worse. Her internal sensitivities guide her better than anything else for remaining a strong, independent, and well-balanced female.

I learned this by observing generational trends among females. Over the past five decades girls converted their gender toward evermore masculine beliefs. They aborted female mystery, modesty, marriage, monogamy, and manners. They demeaned ladies and scorned gentlemanly behavior.

Each generation outdid the previous; they blew away well-established and female-protective sensitivities to open earlier and more expressive exposure to males. They freely gave away their uniqueness, attractiveness, and superior value as mates. They gave away the very influences that attract men and hold one man to one woman.

Girls led the way when they quit listening to mom and authority figures in the Sixties and took up listening to males. Adolescent values last for life, unless tempered with wisdom during formation. Consequently, women find themselves well into physical maturity but strapped with adolescent values about sex, dealing with men, and keeping a husband.


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516.1 — Female Dominance




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511. The ABCs when A stands for Women

Women come first, because they determine the rules of life and its social and domestic games. Unfortunately, through immaturity, ignorance, or stupidity, many disregard or misuse their female nature.

God designed and Nature genetically and hormonally endows females with expertise to build and sustain relationship compatibility:

©     Women are instinctively driven to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones. This instinctive drive holds society together in family units.

©     A woman instinctively needs a brighter future for her and her children. Her nature seeks security of life, dependable relationships, and family cohesiveness. She seeks family, economic, and social stability. She seeks safety of health, life, and family. To fulfill such need, she has two options. Give of herself to a helpmate, or do it alone, lonesome, and perhaps eventually lonely, isolated, or desperate.

©     A woman does not absolutely need a man, but she wants company or assistance at specific times in life. Her primal want is for a solid relationship with someone stronger and more influential in shaping events that impact her and her children. She wants help to brighten her future in a society dominated by powerful people, unexpected events, and catastrophes. She wants comfort in needy times and companionship for prevention of loneliness. (Doesn’t this qualify Mr. Good Enough as potential Mr. Right?) Intuitively she favors one man, because two will not knowingly share her except when one cuckolds the other.  

©     Women fear abandonment more than anything else. First by mother as little girl, then by father as bigger girl, and finally by her man.

©     Time focus—Women focus their doing on the present and their thinking on the future. Most of their present-day concerns and activities are handled as the result of earlier anticipation and planning.

Handling of sex issues other than coitus determine a woman’s success with her primal drive, need, want, fear, and time focus. This means men, next post.

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359. Sex and the fickle girl — Part 16

Mothers ignore Einstein’s claim that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Daughters suffer consequences, when mothers and daughters elevate popularity or anything else over virginity.

The male mind works like this regarding females:  Curiosity energizes his imagination. Knowledge about a particular thing stops curiosity, which stops his imagining about it.

Conquering a female goes step by step. For example, curious about boobs, imagine touching them. Feeling them up shifts his curiosity to exposing them. Seeing them makes curiosity shift to what’s next. But you know all that.

Imagination stirs hormones, knowledge calms them. Resurging curiosity keeps shifting a man’s imagination toward the next step for conquest.

  Male curiosity satisfied about any aspect of a girl becomes knowledge, which invites more curiosity and imagination about the next step toward sex, say boob exposure, which when satisfied invites more…. It doesn’t end until his conquest.

  As long as boys have to imagine about girls’ bodies, they stand in line to learn exactly what girls expect boys to do. This enables female dominance, which girls need to protect and promote their self-interest dealing with men.

  As long as boys have direct knowledge about a particular girl’s genitals, their imagination wanes, interest in her focuses only on the sexual, and male dominance explodes on a female countenance that will shortly reflect disappointment or worse.

When mothers and girls devalue virginity and virtual virginity, they empower boys to dominate girls. Once learned from the consequences, her lessons and his tricks imprint for life.

[Fifteen more posts about Sex and the fickle girl appear in the CONTENT page in the blog heading.]


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347. Abstinence Pays

Girlhood abstinence reduces male dominance.

As part of the sexual revolution, women abandon the lessons of their mothers and grandmothers. They exploit newly proclaimed sexual ‘rights’, and abandon the time-honored American female strategy of No Sex without Marriage.

But, they go too far. Feminism inspired greater sexual freedom for females, but women could not keep it from flowing to adolescent girls. The younger the females available to provide sex, the greater their sexual attraction to men committed to someone else. (Who says abstinence education for girls doesn’t pay off?)

If they choose, girls and younger women can easily disrupt tightly bonded marriages that appear unbreakable. Today they do choose. Many seek committed married men as already proven worthwhile for matrimony. Men separated and divorced remain unproven, and their value goes down relative to the still-married.

Girls and adolescent-minded women, such as college booty, lack maturity to undercut male domination. Mature females are fearful of losing their man. Consequently, females submit more easily to male domination in both the social and home arenas.


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