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1961. Compatibility Axioms #331-340

331. Women have to negotiate, trade off, and even ‘train’ men and their man to help pursue female interests. For example, she can rule the rooster, if she empowers him to rule the roost. [126]
332. Women for decades have proclaimed publicly that men are only after sex. For personal and political reasons, females rationalize that they deserve and can enjoy without penalty the benefits of the male nature. Those assumptions mislead women. They adopt masculine traits and habits and expect men to copy feminine traits, but the process breeds incompatibility. Men don’t change their nature. They fake what they have to in order to achieve frequent and convenient access to sex. [126]
333. When women don’t take advantage of their female nature, men respond unfavorably. When women don’t appreciate their femaleness to the fullest, men don’t either. For example, when women act like guys, men treat them like guys. If men marry guy-women, they don’t stay married very long. It’s very feminine females that make men take advantage of their male nature and shift responsibly into domestic compatibility. [126]
334. It happens after one-night stands or several dates. Women hook up only to wonder why his promised call never comes! The best odds for getting a call, for getting him to come back, is this: Refuse to hook up in the first place. [130]
335. Her mindset largely governs the ringing of her phone. It starts with the presence or absence of an attitude of gratitude about herself and her potential value for a man. If she doesn’t value herself highly, men won’t either.  [130]
336. If she’s ungrateful for herself and sees sex as her potential, she should expect booty calls. If she’s grateful for herself and sees denying sex as the tool for expanding her potential, she can expect calls to explore her other interests. [130]
337. Sex does not bond a man. It captures him until conquest and maybe a few more times. So, even when he does call after hook up, she may be viewed as potential duty slut. [130]
338. A woman holds a man by making him grateful for her in ways other than sex. This takes time and the delay of his conquest. [130]
339. To men after conquest, sex just happens, their relationship just is, and taking her for granted comes easily. Those are natural conqueror’s rights initiated by her yielding. So, her strategy and tactics before his conquest govern her life with each man. [130]
340. She may not know how or want to use it, but she holds the dominant position with a man until she yields. Use it or lose it. Lose it and she can’t use it. [130]


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1299. Coffee and Tea with Mrs. G. — #33

Ladies: I’ve been pondering these treasured nuggets and thought you might enjoy them too.

  • Happiness flows not from what she’s grateful for, but that she is grateful.
  • Female eagerness to hook up, couple up, or shack up severely weakens her influence for shaping her future with that man.
  • Lifetime love builds on her gratefulness for whatever and whoever stabilizes her future and emotional security.
  • Feminism produces among females an attitude of ingratitude for manly behavior. It turns men away from women except in pursuit of sex. Femininity produces an attitude of gratitude that attracts men. It compounds and uses each female’s personal assets and appealing attractions to both capture and hold a man.
  • This poor strategy causes women to lose the war of the sexes. She thinks sex will capture a man, her romancing will confirm him as the right man, and her love will hold him.
  • Don’t judge a man’s respect for a woman by the way he talks, teases, and jokingly complains about her. Judge his respect for her by the overall, large-picture way he treats her.
  • If he considers his ideas superior to hers, it’s not necessarily her but his nature. Feminine charm and anticipation can flush such bias from his head if he doesn’t know what’s happening.


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799. Adolescent Thinking Darkens Adult Life — I

A model of relationship building has become popular. Inexperience and ignorance of the male nature spreads its use.

Females hook up, link up, shack up, marry up, wake up, split up, and start up again. The pattern evolved over four decades, as adolescent thinking replaced adult maturity. Each generation of girls think they know more and better than previous ones about dealing with boys. They ignore the experience and reject the wisdom of older females and live their adult lives with little more than adolescent values.

A new generation emerges about every seven years. Newbies seek their own identity and uniqueness from siblings, and teens aim to avoid mom’s mistakes. (Incidentally, if they don’t know about mom’s mistakes, they have less reason to strike out independently or differently. Full disclosure damages child rearing in unimaginable ways.)

Cause: In the process of feminists convincing women to dislike male nature and patriarchy, females came to distrust and then dislike their own nature. If mothers didn’t teach it indirectly, daughters learned from mom’s complaints or experiences. As a result, each new generation takes a different view of males, which leads to different paths of life. (Is female prepubescent sex mom’s idea? Is mom teaching teen daughters to carry condoms mature or adolescent thinking?)

  • Each generation of young girls makes femininity more undesirable than their siblings and mothers. Role model grannies became obsolete several decades ago, as newer generations deserted family closeness to favor association with peer outsiders.
  • Females now use males as role models for attire, grooming, and behaviors that include exploiting sexual freedom. Consequently, male values sweep away female standards and override women’s expectations. Females twist in uncertainty, sense of unworthiness, and lack of self-appreciation. (The adolescent female mind works this way: If men don’t appreciate me for more than sex, why should I appreciate myself?)

Result: By abandoning femininity for feminist thought, females of every age and role drop interest and weaken their ability to civilize boys to female standards, tame adolescents and single males to live up to female expectations, and domesticate husbands for family responsibility.

  • Males are compensated with easy conquests, so they go along for the wonderful and unobligated ride that discourages family responsibility. Male values now dominate, and female values for stable home and family vaporize.
  • When females dislike being female and especially being very feminine, they are haunted with frustrations dealing with men. Even if successful at capturing or holding a man, they remain dissatisfied and unhappy. They blame men! It makes female frustration worse and pushes them toward over-eagerness, wishful thinking, hope instead of reality, and making themselves worthy of men instead of the reverse.

Consequently, adolescent thinking, values, and expectations shape the lives of everyone, weaken family influence, and cause further social decay. Such adolescent thinking promotes popularity as essential, fame/notoriety as great, and celebrities as role models. In these ways, adolescent values spread and further dominate self-interest and social life. 

Where does it end? When females keep their unmarried legs crossed, women can reestablish their control of cultural values, AKA why people do what they do in society. Following that, female relationship expertise can win men over to living up to family responsibility as the predominant and guiding institution for society.

Now, I’m not dumb enough to think that such things are forthcoming. But, I stress this point: The previous paragraph describes the macro, or society as a whole. In fact, the same principles work at the micro level, one couple as the whole.


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510. Virtual Virginity #22

Uncommitted single women float around in the social atmosphere ill prepared to succeed dealing with men:

¸ Some want a man so badly, they’ll do anything. They use sex as attraction and have no other game plan. They hook up with hope, only to later hear each guy’s “Nope.”

¸ Others want a man, but they’re uncertain, cautious, and either have no values and standards or don’t live by those they do have. Their game plan has holes in it. Men pounce on each weakness. The holes kill holding power and make easier his escape to the next trophy.

¸ Still others elevate their masculine-style sexual freedom above having one man. They have the wrong game plan, if they expect to hold a man for very long.

The same answer helps all three groups. Virtual virginity doesn’t foolproof the game, but it focuses a couple on themselves instead of sex and the future rather than the present. Both prospects interest a man, and that’s holding power.


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   Women discover the hard way that relationships don’t develop well or work smoothly. Most pass through something akin to the following sequence of major events. Entry, exit, pregnancy, and childbirth may come after any of several wayside stops:
















Women participate and rationalize trying again, but they don’t like it. They seek more faithful, reliable, and enduring love in order to remove uncertainties and stabilize marriage with emotional cement.

Permanently exiting this fast lane requires knowledge of who and what built it. Part II describes root causes in the next post, #378.


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350. College girls: Dateless??? — Posts 231-250

One Duke University senior claimed she never had a date in college and knew no one that had. So, coed now means guys and booty?

Hear the rest of the story. The following are themes or thoughts at the post numbers. (Search by the number and then scroll down if not at top.)

231.       Virtual virginity works.

232.       Getting to know Jack.

233.       Feminist propaganda: brash and captivating.

234.       Female Chauvinist Pigs

235.       Suggestive or erotic?

236.       Kiss a frog, then neuter him.

237.       When he’s uncomfortable, she’s in control.

238.       Separate but equal works best.

239.       Selfishness: natural to the human condition.

240.       Capturing a man for the long haul.

241.       The male nature values her virtuous past.

242.       The first bonding agent: his respect for her.

243.       Both have guilt.

244.       Femininity adds color to his B&W world.

245.       Two-year glitch, seven-year itch, twenty-year ditch.

246.       She loses marital sainthood prepped  for the ex lane.

247.       Out of money but not out of month.

248.       Friendship based on sex doesn’t last, and vice versa.

249.       The conqueror has rights.

250.       The next hook up restarts the dreary cycle.

Escape or dodge the booty label. See the CONTENT page in the blog header.

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260. Female Fortitude — 76 through 80

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide special themes or summaries. Numbers match the posts.

76.   She seeks to be friends with her kids and elevates them to adult status. This demotes husband to subordinate status, which he views as insignificance and, therefore, insufferable.

77.   A woman has to sell a man on fidelity, marriage, and her female worth as comfort partner. Otherwise, men focus on frequent and convenient sex as comfort from their daily ‘battles’.

78.   She welcomes kids with open arms but not him. She takes his arrival home for granted, because she wants relief with the kids.

79.   Hook up but no call? She lost her footing playing in a man’s territory.

80.   Trying to make a couple’s life fair or equal is self-defeating.  

[Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 255, 250, 245, 240, 234, 228, 213, 203, 199, 186, 182, and 176.

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250. Female Fortitude—66 through 70

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide special themes or summaries. Numbers match the posts.

66.            A woman easily kills her relationship when she exhibits female weaknesses that harden her heart against cooperation and soften her head in favor of competing with her man.

67.            She recycles to the dreaded ex side of life. Her lament: ♫Where oh when ♫is my next boyfriend? She sighs, cries, and sponges up the sympathy and encouragement of her girlfriends. But the next hook up restarts the cycle.   

68.            Women hook up only to ask, Why does he not call? Many possible reasons apply both after weeks of dating and one night stands.

69.            Feminism encourages women to value themselves individually, as men do. Femininity encourages women to value themselves as part of a couple, as Nature endows them.

70.            If her ex is going to be any different than he was in their first marriage, he needs to respect her more than before. Only that will make him favorably different, and virtual virginity earns such additional respect.

[Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 245, 240, 234, 228, 213, 203, 199, 186, 182, and 176.]

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