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1595. His Little Interest in Sex — Part II: Cheap and Easy Sex

We continue with husbands’ disinterest in having sex with their wives. Men don’t respect people who give away assets vital to their success in life. The operative term is ‘give away’, and cheap and easy sex exemplifies it.

Modern men and boys experience sexual events out of which respect for females dissipates and even disappears in some men.

  • Girls provide and often initiate cheap and easy sex. Males and young men are denied the glory of conquest, miss the thrill of reinforcing their sense of significance, and learn they don’t have to invest themselves to conquer females. Except for unconquered females of sexual interest, their spirit weakens to care for the weaker sex. Their interest in showing off their sexual prowess dies after the first few sexual events with each woman. They need new conquests to prove themselves to themselves. Such impressions last for life and lead to husbands cheating on wives.
  • Girls and young women are so desperate to have boyfriends that they fear trying to coach males through lovemaking as women prefer it. So, males are left with zero feedback or their imaginations about their sexual prowess. They become more and more self-centered about their sexual ability and what constitutes success with little or no consideration given to women already conquered.
  • Males learn there’s nothing new, challenging, and unforgettable about sex other than to conquer a new and hopefully younger female. Wives of such men seemingly age more rapidly in sexual attractiveness.
  • If females are so willing to part with their most important asset, which to men is conquest and not subsequent sex events, why should males pay more than is required? Why not move on to someone else?
  • Cheap and easy sex drives the competitive spirit of males toward conquests above all else, toward notching the bedpost as proof of their prowess. It relieves all pressure from finding out about females and finding ways to please a special one. Men don’t learn to please a woman as women expect to be pleased.
  • Female promiscuity leads to loss of a female’s self-respect later in life. Male promiscuity leads men to disrespect the female gender. Disrespect for a woman leads to disinterest but not necessarily avoidance of sex with her.
  • Boys experience fellatio by girls, even pre-pubescents, and even in public. In a natural masculine reaction, boys learn and spread the word in their most disrespectful vernacular that females make better c***s****** than anything else. What masculine respect surrounds that nickname? What happens to the girls’ self-respect when they learn the truth of how boys disrespect them? With diminished self-respect, girls don’t attract much respect from males, which too easily makes them desperate to have boyfriend or man.
  • When cheap and easy sex prevails, male respect for traditional lovemaking and procreation deteriorates.
  • And then there’s porn…which depletes the masculine image of integrity while satisfying hunger for orgasm. In effect, it destroys a man’s sense of lovemaking prowess. It suckers him into abusing himself mentally by enjoying himself physically. His love of wife declines as his respect of her dissipates and disappears in direct response to his loss of self-respect and diminishment of sexual significance with her.

Some or many of the factors above combine to cause husbands’ disinterest in lovemaking with their wives. But it’s not exclusive. The nature of males and females play a role. Husbands are next.


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1296. Think the Best, Don’t Doubt the Rest — #15

  • The nature of males works against what most women want most. Masculine curiosity stimulates and narrowly focuses a man’s imagination on a female. Imagining conquest energizes him to chase her. Conquering her ends his natural quest. After knowing her sexually, his curiosity shifts toward other sex targets and his imagination follows. A woman conquers when she defeats that natural process. Only the promise she holds for him above and beyond his nature energizes him to provide her emotional security through marital longevity.
  • Having the right to do it doesn’t make it right to do it. Girls jump on the feminist bandwagon of masculine-style sexual freedom. Acting out equal entitlement makes females no more respectable than guys. Faux guys are treated as guys, which most women don’t appreciate after they realize the dissatisfactions in promiscuity. Thus, women that copy men weaken the promise they hold for the men inclined to marry.
  • Feminists convince females that men should change to respect and appreciate women more. But the realities of Feminism-laden society produce contrary effects. Nowadays men are reluctant to follow women into building family and lasting relationships. The natural self-centeredness and personal independence of males intensify into boys’ toys and games instead of helping fulfill female hopes and dreams. The result: Women are much less influential within relationships. They try to compensate by making sex more readily available outside of marriage. But it exacerbates relationship stability and generates much emotional insecurity.


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1174. Boot Camp for Girls—Day 11: Sex

Tips continue for rebooting the psyche of girls regarding boys. 

  • Much earlier than boys, girls know what they want out of life. Female firmness of mind comes easily and naturally. Girls build strong-character femaleness around their personal hopes and dreams. Their advantages vaporize, however, when they yield sexual favors.
  • Adolescent boys pursue girls. They have a single mission in their multi-mission life, to gain sexual experience. Some pursue eagerly. Others are patient. Until taught better, however, all lack knowledge but to kiss and grope. They herd up and listen to other boys, but they have to respond to female pressures. They have to play whatever hand each female deals them. It puts girls in control but girls lose control far easier than they maintain it. 
  • Girls trust themselves as they learn to outwit boys. But right up to the altar and even beyond, pressure to provide sex never lets up whether females abstain or not, marry or not.
  • Once a girl yields sex in any form, many boys want some action. Sex bonds her but not boys. Lack of bonding that she figures she deserves pushes her toward promiscuity. As boys fail to bond, she bonds with sex itself. It’s her only way to get payback and build hope because boys keep dumping her.
  • She may give great fellatio. But to boys she’s still a c***s***er. It doesn’t take much to figure where that falls on the spectrum between great respect and none.

More tips follow tomorrow with final exam and graduation in a few days.

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744. Gender Differences Revisited — Group M

  1. Men tend to navigate by directions, maps, and intuition. Women tend to navigate by landmarks.
  2. Having to ask directions makes sense to a woman. Doing so confesses to a man’s insignificance.
  3. Men tend to remember the past by events. Women tend to remember the past by emotions felt at the time.
  4. Morality primarily serves women, because they need it much more than men.
  5. If a woman fails to live within and uphold a self-imposed strong moral code, she can expect mistreatment by men. It’s not so for men.
  6. Predominately men are takers and women givers. Marital strength lies with an imbalance accepted as fair but perceived as near enough to equal.
  7. Promiscuity softens a woman’s hard-headedness and hardens her soft-heartedness. Promiscuity deadens a man’s respect for females.
  8. Self-hatred in men causes rape and violence. In women it stimulates manipulation, self-destructive behavior, and loss of relationship expertise.


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542. Heart over Head — Redux B

♀ Women don’t insist that men prove themselves worthy of ‘her highness’. Instead, they act desperate to have a boyfriend and shift into compulsive mode trying to keep whatever they land.

♀ Women encourage or initiate first-time sexual relations. It squelches the man’s conquering spirit, which means no personal investment in her, which transmutes to little value for her—beyond booty, of course.

♀ Women seek a man that is sensitive, caring, and responsive to female wishes, but such men already have boyfriends. (Source: anonymous email)

♀ Depression flows from a sense of too little control over one’s life. Women yield premarital control to men, when they enable conquest.

♀ The soft-headed woman signs up with any male offer just to have a man.

♂Promiscuity dulls the male heart against respect for women. This reduces their ability to respect, and hence love, one woman.


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537. Heart over Head — Redux A

♀ Promiscuity softens a woman’s natural hard-headedness and hardens her natural soft-heartedness.

♀ Masculine-style sexually active females act like guys. Men know how to treat guys.

♀ She acts like a lady, she’ll be treated that way. Also, it’s amazing how to her men appear more gentlemanly.

♀ She dresses like a hooker, guess how she’ll be treated.

♀ Wives customize their appearance for comfort. Sloppy and unkempt, they mock husband’s pride in his woman.

♀ Women that don’t know jack about Jack object to being ‘owned’ or ‘his woman’. Jack’s sense of possessiveness signals females that he values her above them and tells males to leave her alone.

♀ Feasting through their ears as women do, many fool themselves by accepting words of commitment in lieu of actions that display devotion.

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450. VIRTUE—Magnet for Males—SECTION IV

To add depth to the subject, let’s look at how our mothers and grannies exploited virtue individually and collectively.

§  Priority-wise they used virtue first to earn respect, second to gain admiration, and third to garner popularity among females—but not men.

§  Females and especially girls didn’t seek popularity with the opposite sex, because it was linked to promiscuity.

§  Too popular, and she was assumed to be putting out, which weakened her competitive position among females for the best candidates for marriage.

§  Our foremothers knew that feelings follow actions, and that acting more virtuous made one more virtuous.

§  Mothers and grannies also exploited this truism: Virtue commands respect and admiration. Looking one’s best everyday reinforces one’s value as a virtuous person.

Consequently, our foremothers purposely and routinely appeared respectable at least and attractive at best even inside the home. Females competed among themselves for individual boys and men. But, in general, they stood up to males face to face intending to hold male respect and admiration for life—instead of yielding sex to confirm their own popularity as we see today.



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