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613. Roots: Politics vs. Females — 5. Big Gov’t

WWNH: In the last half of the 20th Century radical feminists and acolytes solicited and lobbied government in political, legal, and economic issues. Never did they or government concern themselves with the bias against men or the social and domestic unrest caused within relationships.

Some people believe in government of, by, and for the people, and this traditional spirit puts women and children in the front of the bus. Others have created government of the politicians, by the bureaucrats, and for the lobbyists. All arranged under the principle that power comes first. This takes power away from the people, which moves women to the back of the bus.

Some people depend upon constitutional restraints to prevent federal government from growing too big. Others believe ever-growing Big Government to be the solution to all of life’s problems. Women and adolescents easily fall victim to Big Government propaganda, because it touts promises they like to hear: equality, compassion, empathy, sympathy, tax the rich, help the poor, lift the downtrodden, protect the disadvantaged, and especially ‘I feel your pain’.  

Some people favor ideologies that promote better home life for women and children, e.g., free market capitalism, which rewards people according to what they put into the economy. Others favor ideologies that cost women and children more than they benefit, e.g., socialism interferes with economic growth and then has to ration goods and services. (If you think health care is expensive now, then wait until it’s free.) 

Some people measure society’s progress by how well their life improves along with that of others. Others measure progress by how their anti-American ideology makes their life better at the expense of everyone else.


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251. Dark Side of Feminism — Part 17

As women go, so goes society. They set cultural values, and society spirals downward when women and children feel less than great about themselves.

·        Feminists tear down the masculine and manly to seek equality. Women silently and subconsciously accept themselves as inferior. The results show up as low self-worth (aka self-esteem), less self-respect, less appealing self-image, and weaker self-confidence relative to men.

·        A sense or fear of inferiority—combined with libido energized by feminist propaganda—prompts women to provide sex with little or no obligation. Men always win and women ultimately lose in the free sex game. Promiscuous women even admit that sex becomes meaningless later in life.

·        Feminists promote masculine-style sexual freedom. It compensates the male gender but works against the interests of women and children. Compounded into younger generations, prepubescent girls now engage in public sex. School bus or boys’ restroom fellatio anyone? Early teen pregnancy okay with parents? Impregnators feel responsible?   

·        Women may capture a man, but even if they can hold him, threat of abandonment or theft-by-trophy haunts her for decades. 

·        The institution of family loses stability from feminist and other political pressures, and female hopes and dreams go unfulfilled.

·        What feminists for decades claimed men to be, they now are. Women fulfilled the feminists’ self-fulfilling prophecy.

Modern females believe male adoration will sooner or later flow from feminist behavior. Otherwise they would not buy into it. Nature insists and reminds daily that male adoration flows from the brand of extreme femaleness known as femininity.

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233 — Dark Side of Feminism — Part 16


As women go, so goes society. Feminist propaganda over the past four decades was brash and captivating. Women couldn’t resist elevating themselves relative to men.

However, it left huge piles of social and domestic debris. This major political movement now approaches implosion from fatal compressions, such as:

·        Feminists pay no attention to what men say about the subject. Men are unqualified, the culprits, the enemy.

·        Men never bought in to Feminism. Their behavior changed to ensure frequent and convenient access to sex, but their nature didn’t change. (See posts titled ‘Sex Differences Do Matter’ in the CONTENTS page.)

·        Trying to conquer natural male dominance with politics and propaganda, feminists destroyed unconditional respect between the genders.   

·        Modern men possess undependable character traits, make less than ideal mates, and lather the female gender with disrespect—no calls after his conquest, early dumping, surprise abandonment, skipping childcare payments, infidelity, weak commitment, insincere devotion, abuse, violence.

·        Men are more alien than native for helping fulfill the hopes and dreams of women for their children and future.

·        The male gender focuses on sex and conquest. Individuals take out feminist-inspired discouragements, frustrations, and rejections on dates, lovers, mates, spouses, and even children.

·        Women passed to men dominance of cultural values. Masculine values and interests dominate the pop culture, which more clearly dominates the social scene and culture as newer generations take over.

For these and other reasons, Feminism fades as obsolete. Women will soon rise up with a wiser set of cultural values to inspire men to help fulfill female hopes and dreams. Hopefully, it will be feminine and exploit sex differences instead of politically and fractiously trying to level those differences. 





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116. The essence of being feminine

Femininity maximizes a woman’s value to herself as a person. It uplifts her self-worth, enlarges her self-image, and broadens her self-interest. Acting feminine teaches her to like herself as girl, female, woman, mother, grandmother.

Being feminine makes a woman very unique, which maximizes her value to men.  

 Women gravitate naturally to being feminine. Individuals live and learn how to exploit their femaleness so as to deal successfully with men. They also learn by sharing experiences.

The feminine concept refreshes and reinforces itself, as mothers impart to daughters the blessings of having a man and pitfalls of not being able to capture and hold one.

Whereas Feminism encourages girls to ignore motherly teachings about boys, Femininity encourages girls to listen and duplicate mother’s and even grandmother’s experience. This enables each generation to improve on its ability to tame and harness male dominance for fulfilling female dreams.

In the end, being conditioned by Femininity in three phases of life as boy, single, and married, men respect the opposite sex more than they respect their own gender. So do women.

The resulting cultural institution of unconditional respect provides the deepest foundation for a man’s conditional respect for one woman. From his respect, his love arises.

One woman summarizes the essence of being feminine. She refreshingly claims that it adds color to a man’s black and white world.*

* Thanks for the color-B&W analogy to an unknown woman cited in Keys to the Kingdom by Alison A. Armstrong, PAX Programs, Inc. Sherman Oaks, CA , p.151.


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115. The Essence of Feminism

Feminism is an ideology. It tells other people how to live according to politically inspired values, but it generates social illnesses. (I applaud the legal, political, and economic gains wrought by Feminism. Instead, I focus on the damaging social consequences inflicted on couples.)

 The feminist ideology wraps the female heart with meanness toward men. It breeds selfishness and self-centeredness, which puts mental ugliness into the mainstream of life. It makes women stand up inside and shake a fist at men. It pushes men to fight back with what often becomes abuse and violence.

Early feminists buried as trash the female-friendly concepts of the Lady and the Gentleman. They spiked tenderness into the hardened turf of politics, which sacrificed the female desire to be cherished by a man. They uplifted sexual freedom as equality with men that women deserved.

How did it happen that Feminism prostitutes the female nature and turns men away from family responsibility? Simple. The roots lie in politics with people that wanted to change the world to their image. They wanted to make a difference and strategized without input from men. 

Two world views separate those that did it from those that would not have done it—the political Left from the Right, the political females from the natural females, the feminists from the feminine.

“One view, the Anglo-American, holds that human ability to comprehend, adjudicate, and arrange the world around us is limited; that the only attainable goal is continuously to improve the conditions which enable individuals to achieve their personal best.”*

Those who hold this world view occupy the right side of the political spectrum. Their beliefs foster leadership by example rather than using politics to tell others how to live.

“The other view, predominantly Franco-Germanic, places human reason at the center of our existence, claiming that certain people are capable of comprehending, adjudicating, and arranging the world around us; and that such people are called upon to guide all others toward an increasingly perfect and just world in which all desires will have been either eliminated or satisfied.”*

The early feminists, and those that helped propagate their ideology, hold the latter world view. They empower themselves with feminist theory, dogma, and propaganda and adjudicate and arrange the world for the rest of us.

They thought themselves elitist enough and capable of changing how men treat women by telling women how to mistreat men.

As a result, modern women fish with bare breasts and net a man with sex. But, they can’t hold him. Thus, women pay the price of feminist elitism that substituted Feminism for Femininity.

* My thanks to Balint Vazsonyi for the two quotes. They’re from his book America’s 30 Years War, Who is Winning? (p.106) 


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92. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 05

In addition to more freely yielding unmarried sex, feminist thinking prompts younger women to make more fundamental mistakes dealing with men.

Many women seem inept at winning the battle of the sexes, attracting the right man, avoiding hit-and-run relationships, identifying worthless men before yielding sex, dodging the Manipulating Man, avoiding the violent man, capturing the Marrying Man, avoiding accumulation of more ‘baggage’, inspiring faithfulness, avoiding the man’s game of shack up, living with a man for more than a few years, and growing into the right person to hold a man for life.

Some women adopt stupid rationalizations: Get pregnant to capture or hold a man. A married man is better than nothing. We’re great in bed, so he must love me. If we don’t cohabit, I’ll lose him.

Other women ignore their nature. A woman does not absolutely need a man, but she wants company or assistance at specific times in life. Primarily she wants a dependable relationship with someone stronger and perhaps more influential in shaping events that impact her and her children. She wants help to brighten her future in a society dominated by catastrophes, powerful people, and unexpected events. She wants comfort in needy times and seeks companionship to prevent loneliness. She particularly wants all these things late in life.

Feminist theory, dogma, and propaganda brought these conditions to women. Fortunately, women are now beginning to see the light. 



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32. Dear Daughter — second letter

♀ Two conquerors compete and struggle. He seeks sex, and she seeks marriage. The conqueror shapes their subsequent relationship.

♀ Dominance among couples comes in several colors: Dominant mate or the head, dominant nester or the heart, and dominant family leader or the most cherished. Marriage works best when that sequence matches this: him, her, and either.

♀ Girls dream of a happy life with the right man. Men know they are the right man for any woman. Each man expects one woman to energize and shower him with wedded bliss. Of course it’s not fair, but it is Nature in action.

♀ In the movie, The King and I, Yul Brynner sings that women are made for one man, but men are made to go blossom-to-blossom. Masculine-style sexual freedom practiced by females makes the king’s musical model bloom as cheap, unobligated reality for modern men.

♀ After conquest, a man’s pursuit of a female stops, because he owns their sexual agenda. The maximum influence she wielded before conquest fades to much less. Worse, he quits looking for her weaknesses, so he stops uncovering her strengths.

♀ The real glue of a lasting marriage is not love so much as the absence of demeaning irritants, frequent hassles, and widening ingratitude for him and lessening of affection for her.

♀ A female eager to accept a male as sex partner bypasses the process by which she earns his respect. This means that little within him grows to help commit him to her after lust and infatuation fade in a year or two.

♀ Both men and women rationalize that sex and even shack up should precede marriage so as to confirm compatibility. This male game emerges from feminist propaganda and dollars earned by TV and Hollywood. Of marriages following shack up, 80 percent fail.

♀ Female independence gained through masculine-style sexual freedom make marriage dwindle in importance, vitality, longevity, and appeal to men. Feminist politics and propaganda cannot make life fair.

♀ Feminism brought into the home changes the natural and cooperative battle of the sexes into an unnatural and competitive war of the sexes.

♀ Successful relationships depend upon the lessons girls learn while teaching boys to honor feminine values, standards, and expectations. Popularized and rampant teen sexual activity short-circuits this process. Men win, and women lose as relationships fail and click women into the recycle bin.

♀ Hollywood flicks, TV shows, and pop culture excitement convince women that premarital and first time sexual relations are an exciting way to capture a man. Or, it is the woman’s due, and yielding sex never has bad consequences. However, it’s both feminist and male propaganda.

♀ The more wives take feminist theory and dogma into the home, the more husbands decide the kind of husband or ex they will be.


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