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Dear Mr. Beck,

You seek ways that We the People can reboot America and restore our exceptionalism and greatness—and rightly so. You seek a Whitfield moment and recovery that begins in the pulpit—and rightly so. You seek a union of free men who stand up more responsibly to restore the constitutional American spirit—and rightly so. May I add another truth to your quest?

I have not heard you mention this. Through lack of certainty caused by politics and propaganda, men and women are unable to capitalize on how God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize the sexes to be different in hundreds of ways. Consequently, the traditional battle of the sexes has escalated into war with children in the crossfire. While feminism has wrought huge legal, political, and economic gains for women, the radioactive fallout generates conflict, demolishes harmony, and prevents compatibility in the social and domestic arenas.

We are created to be compatible as mates, but we destroy that inheritance by prioritizing unmarried sex over permanent mating. Endowed to do good, which enables us to be good people, we poison that primal urge with left-leaning politics. Energized for self-interest, we escalate to selfish and beyond.

Synthesized out of two male-dominated religions, American forebears developed our Judeo-Christian culture. Under persistent female domestic pressures, the culture gently evolved into wifely domination of values. Men need only a hut, but women turn huts into castles. Men conquered the West but women civilized it. Pillow- and breakfast-talk sent husbands into the fields, factories, streets, and courts to improve life for women and children. Men dominated workplace and society but women dominated home and culture.* By promoting and appreciating the effort of free individuals, relationships evolved such that respect for the opposite sex equaled or exceeded respect for one’s own gender.

As if a reciprocating engine, it worked this way. Fuel mixture: Women are predominantly motivated by the need of self-importance; men by the need of self-admiration. Combustion: Women respect men for who they are and admire them for what they do. Women guard their uniqueness and men find them important and respect them for what they do. Mutual respect generates mutual trust. Travel: Compatible relationships become easier, steadier, and lengthier. American cultural greatness and economic exceptionalism grow.

Progressives undermine truth in order to remake society in their image. They demean sex differences and propagandize that the sexes are alike except for reproductive differences. Because non-Progressives ignore God’s designs, Nature’s blessings, and hormonal urges, Progressives more easily divide us into two classes: rulers and dependents (aka regulatory tyrants and ambulatory subjects).

Thus, Mr. Beck, we lose our culture because we ignore the hundreds of sex differences caused by God, Nature, and hormones. Capitalize on those differences in spite of Progressive pressures and we can restore men and women to the roles in America that the founders expected, children appreciate, and grannies are proud of what they have done.

If you think more truth can aid your quest, the potential can be evaluated at What Women Never Hear: http://wwnh.wordpress.com.


Bill Clark Dean (aka A. Guy Maligned)

P.S. I have no interest in personal contact. I am too busy trying to help individual women around the world put their lives on a better track or back together.


*Many years ago Tocqueville spotted it in action, “[M]orals are the work of woman.”


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1856. Sex Difference Redux—Part 95: Where Love Begins—11

You have relationship expertise and interest in two-way love that endures. Your man lacks both. So, you inherit the process of developing enduring love before romantic love fails after a year or two of sex together.

101. You promote how one plays the game as more important than winning; it arises out of the cooperative spirit of the female nature. Your man promotes winning as the primary objective, which emanates from the competitive spirit of the male nature.

102. You tend to devote yourself to others and life and use spiritual pressures and influences to help. Your man tends to devote himself to achieving goals, uses responsibility as energy, and seeks to have sex for relief, rest, and recovery.

103. With regard to unmarried sexual activity, you are whatever you decide to be.  Your man is whatever he has to be to have frequent and convenient access to sex.

104. You and your man are two conquerors. He seeks sex without or before marriage, and you seek marriage with him. The first to conquer dominates your future together.

105. Very unlike your man, you change or try to change whatever and whomever you find as close to you but not quite complete. (Unless they’re astute and careful, wives easily parent their husbands.)

106. Your man draws a line between what is his business and what is not, between what he can or should change and what he should leave to others. You are not so constrained.

107. When you want comfort and understanding, you turn to a specific man. When your man wants those things, he turns to a friendly woman.

108. Your man eats and looks for taste bud satisfaction. You use food to fuel yourself in order to satisfy the necessities of life.

109. Both sexes are emotional creatures. However, your man is more objective and values the present more than past or future. He places higher value on what he sees when he sees it. You, on the other hand, are more subjective in decision making. You highly value past events that enable you to integrate the most relevant into the rest of your interests and future.

110. You more easily than your man endorse or find no fault in political correctness. Your man finds PC abominable or nearly so.

As with sex differences already cited, they help determine the outcome of your interactions with your man and incidentally other men. Ten more of ‘Where Love Begins’ follow soon.


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1855. Sex Difference Redux—Part 94: Where Love Begins—10

Sex differences continue here. They enable you as the relationship expert to morph temporary romantic love into permanent enduring love. The better each sex comparison is balanced to the mutual satisfaction of you and your man, the smoother both the development and quality of enduring love.

91. Your self-confidence emanates from your self-esteem as a person, self-image as a woman, and self-love as a loving partner of someone else. Your man’s self-confidence emanates from his self-respect as both person and man and his picture of who and what he is in his world, aka his self-image.

92. The feminine side of your female nature inspires you to eat to sustain life, i.e., brighten your future. Your man’s masculine side associates eating with his work or job, i.e., brighten his day.

93. The sexual pleasures for you as a woman are far outweighed by the other things you need for a contented and happy life. Your man easily lets sex substitute for whatever shortcomings appear in his search for a contented life which, if he follows his masculine nature, means a life with one woman (so he doesn’t have to hunt continually).

94. You as a woman mostly rely on time for healing while easing your anguish with sympathetic and empathetic friends. Your man’s therapeutic recovery comes primarily from associating with his work or doing something of unique interest to him, by doing something other than nothing.

95. Your sons are turned off by nurturing after they start school, by nagging after that, and by parental dominance after puberty. Your man went through some form of motherly turn-off and you live with the consequences that shape his adult persona with you.

96. Your daughters face boys who are tamed by girls doing what mothers can’t get away with. Girls nag at boys until they step up to high feminine expectations both for themselves and for boys. Girls can tame uncivilized early manliness as long as they don’t yield sex. The boys to whom girls ultimately yield sex refuse to respond favorably to subsequent nagging; they lose respect for such girls. Your man went through some version of that conditioning by girls.

97. As a woman nesting in her home, you favor décor and fashion over functionality. Your man thinks functionality comes first.

98. You view sex as a means to an end. Your man sees it as an end in itself.

99. You want to see justice served through equality, when equality is more theory than achievable. Your man wants to see justice served through fairness, which is both practical and achievable.

100. Although both sexes are emotional decision-makers, your man tends to weigh fact and truth with greater reality. You tend to more easily blend reality with your emotions.

More of ‘Where Love Begins’ follows in a day or two. Just as with the 100 sex differences already posted, new ones help determine the outcome of your interactions with your man and other men. Ten more should follow.


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963. Mrs. Guy’s Story #07: Hubby Earns Thanks

Ladies, here’s an illustration of how the male and female minds DON’T work together, but how differences can be overcome.

I asked Guy to take me shopping at a favorite store 65 miles away. On the way home I thanked him for taking me, and my words fell short of being appreciated. Well intentioned words didn’t register nearly as deep as I intended. He didn’t shrug his shoulders apathetically, but he might just as well have.

I’m still learning to put the male puzzle together. So, after a short pause I volunteered to use my mad money to treat him to one of his favorites. We stopped at an Outback Steakhouse. As we dined I told him the prime rib was my reward for his changing his daily plans to please me. (He was bigger than just a chauffeur.)

He nodded and smiled appreciatively. But it goes deeper, and I think Guy is working on a fuller description of how and why men respond differently than us.

Lesson re-learned: Females love to hear words of gratitude, but men are different. Specific actions as rewards impress men much more than just grateful words.


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831. Response to Viewer — Item 28

Her Highness Sarah asked at #829 why women need a man more than men need a woman? It’s simple. Their natures differ greatly as the result of God’s design and Nature’s genetics and hormone infusion. Here’s a short summary.**

Men are driven as competitors and hunter-conquerors. They compete with men; they neither want nor long tolerate a woman competing with them. As hunters, a woman is unneeded and may be a burden. Men need something to conquer; an unconquered woman fills the bill. After sex, with physiological need satisfied, she’s expendable. (Sex does not bond a man, as it does a woman.)

Men have one primal need: a place to flop, eat, and recover for tomorrow’s battles. It’s almost never a castle, because a shack will do just fine, thank you very much.

Men very strictly select long-term partners, associates, friends, and spouses. Respect for and trust of selectees overrides other appealing qualities, but women select differently.

Women select long-term partners, associates, friends, and spouses by another standard: bonding ‘stickiness’. Rather than selecting based on respect, they give respect out of bonding necessity. They sacrifice for relationship solidarity and stability.

Women are driven to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones. They need a brighter future for themselves plus children. A man can fill needs that her singleness cannot.

What women can produce, provide, or protect from, men can do for themselves or do without. Men are much more amenable and capable to survive alone. At the survival level, whether economic, physical, or mental, women are more needful for a man than the reverse.

** More sex differences are available in numerous articles titled Sex Differences Do Matter and Gender Differences Revisited. I suggest starting with #702-705. They’re all listed in the CONTENTS page at blog top.

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815. Virtue — Magnet for Males — Section V

This subject opened a year ago and a reminder is in order. Remember, female virtue is more than sexual purity and described in earlier articles #447-450.

Virtue among women and good character among men are the institutional foundations of respect one gender for the other. Mutual respect arrives when two people perceive each other to be respectable but by different measures.

He needs to respect her in order to love her. She needs to respect him in order for him to respect her. So, her respect MUST come first. Sorry, ladies, I know you object, but God designed it, and Nature implements it.

Actually, females benefit, so guess who God blessed first. The sex difference enables females to control both first and lasting impressions. But let’s stick here to first impressions and how females control them. Follow this mental exercise loop all the way around:

  1. She must show respect for him and that starts with showing respect for men. (He pays attention to what his competitors do and think, so their respect assists in forming his own impressions.)
  2. She shows respect for men by appearing virtuous, so she always grooms, attires, and acts as if endowed with glorious levels of virtue.
  3. Men recognize her as virtuous, because their competitors see her that way.
  4. A man’s imagination converts her attractiveness to include sexual virtue until proven or guessed otherwise.
  5. Her attractiveness enables her virtue to shine in his eyes. He responds by showing respect for her, because she showed respect for men, and he infers it for himself.
  6. The first impression ends with respect for her hidden within his thoughts but respect for him glowing in hers. (She can’t disrespect one man, when he obviously respects her so much. Right?)   
  7. Return to 1. above to close the loop and improve male-female interaction.

In a few days I’ll get to the subject of good character in men.

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793. Commitment and Devotion Revisited

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1817.


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699. Wife’s Dependency — Section 4

Continuing the descriptions of natural basics that surround a couple before love comes into play, this is wife:

♦       She expects to depend upon him for whatever she can’t or doesn’t want to provide for herself, and she provides sex and exudes gratitude that she thinks will keep him around. This gives her maximum independence, but it discourages him from staying with her. (She makes him appear less valuable than he expects to be. Perception is reality, so whatever appears to be, is.)

♦       Consequently, women often show greater dependence, so that he appears more valuable and accepts her needs and wants as part of his natural ‘duty’ of providing the 4P essentials of life.

♦       But, in reality, she seeks deference. She seeks to satisfy her psychological needs and wants as compensation for appearing to be more dependent and, therefore, the apparent but not really weaker and meeker vessel.

♦       She expects that he will rise to meet her standards of deference, if she but acts more dependent, more like a clinging vine. Then, if he fails to match her expectations, she judges him harshly and thinks of him as wrong for her.   

♦       She goes wrong by overdoing her dependence. He doesn’t show deference out of her demonstrating dependence. He shows deference out of respect for her self-respect, reciprocity for her gratefulness for him, and her personal likeability as wife, friend, and cheer leader.

The preceding ‘natural basics’ open more windows for exploration. The series continues tomorrow.

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