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1950. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 88

  • Girls should know better than to share certain information about female uniqueness with boys. Female mystery is far too influential and advantageous to females to disclose it to the immature. [75]
  • I’m a man. If you’re not interested in what I do, you’re not interested in me. If I’m not interested in you as a unique person, then I’m not truly interested in you for more than sex.
  • Givers are happier than takers and it starts here. Givers show trust and it earns the receiver’s respect, which adds to the giver’s trustworthiness and self-respect. Takers lack respect and it earns distrust, which adds to the lack of respect for the taker. However, the taker takes because it embellishes his self-respect to put something over on someone else.
  • Mothers nurture and teach right and wrong. Fathers teach obedience. If father doesn’t teach unconditional obedience to mother as his first objective, kids learn how to play mom against dad and vice versa. The more mom-authority that grows silently and uncontested out of father’s support, the more able she becomes for building respect for him as CEO of the home.
  • Men think they know everything and expect to do what they expect. When women explain themselves and disclose their inner thoughts, men gain immense advantage and conquest become piece-of-cake easy.


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807. RANDOM THOUGHTS — Group 12

  • I’ve read and seen much about body language, but not this one: He shakes hands with his palm facing down. It reflects a very strong drive to dominate.
  • If she can keep quiet with a pleasant smile (not a smirk), when all around lose their composure, she triggers their invitation to speak.
  • Opposites attract for good reason. People too much alike measure one another by their own failings, and this makes judgments more harsh, common, and threatening to their relationship.
  • Two great male scams rationalized and copied by women: We should live together to make sure we’re sexually compatible. Women also deserve masculine-style sexual freedom.
  • People with firm life missions and hard convictions tend to see things in terms of black and white and seldom gray.
  • Knowledge may be power, but his knowledge of her naked body weakens her power. If what he knows makes her more desirable, his male dominance stirs stronger. If what he knows makes her less desirable, her influence with him weakens. (Another reason why marriage needs more than romantic love and sex.)
  • THE RULES tell women to deal with men in certain ways. WhatWomenNeverHear tells women WHAT, WHERE, WHO, WHEN, HOW, and WHY to figure it all out and deal more successfully with men.


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804. Boyfriend as King? Never! — Part B

Her Highness Jessica at #802 also inquired about treating boyfriend as king. Article #803 described mistakes women make easily on the road of good intentions.

Jessica specifically asked: “How should she treat him BEFORE marriage?”

  • Don’t think of how he should be treated. Think about how he should treat you, and then avoid making the mistakes cited in #803 and below.

Women should also keep these things in mind:

  • Kingly treatment means he gets what he wants when he wants it. But worse, he learns to expect it and even expect more after marriage. After all, he’s due some special deference after the altar, right?
  • Whether he’s after her or just sex, he expects to compete with her. She should keep the competition alive until after the altar. He should have to work for every step of progress he makes with her, have to prove himself worthy of her rather than vice versa. Kings never do that, so treating him prematurely as king short-circuits their path to or after the altar.
  • It’s not what he gets as premarital king, it’s what he learns to expect. On the other hand, treating him as king after marriage meets his expectations, and he learns to appreciate what he gets rather than expect more.
  • He will jump at the chance of being treated as her king. If the opportunity is denied him, it makes him look for ways to win her favor, which leads precisely to devotion.
  • They both change after conquest and not for her good unless marriage came first.
  • Prior to conquest, she should compete strongly with him to protect her virtue, virtual virginity, or actual virginity. She treats him as mere prince with potential but never certainty for capturing her.
  • He marries expecting not to change and he doesn’t, so however she treats him before marriage is what he will expect afterward.
  • When she treats him as king before marriage, she endorses his male dominance far beyond what she will be happy with in married life.

The series ends with this thought: Marriage comes after courtship, and his kingliness does too.


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797. Foreplay III — Tips

NOTE: In case I’ve been misunderstood: Each woman engages in foreplay at her discretion, her limits, her enjoyment. I never intended to imply that women should not engage in it. I do mean, however, that the discretion and competitive hard-headedness a female exemplifies sets the stage upon which her character and value as potential wife can be elegantly portrayed to men. If a man fails to value her wifely potential, he’s looking for something less, so let him find it elsewhere. 

  • After his conquest, many shortcuts are possible. So foreplay after won’t be same as before, unless she reshapes his thinking starting with every encounter after conquest. Her easy arousal and yielding prematurely for second and later encounters sets the stage for inadequate foreplay later in life.
  • If she accepts suggestive words, ideas, or conversation about sex, she opens the door to foreplay.
  • Each time she refuses his advances, she impresses him to do things her way, if he wants to keep her.
  • His respect for her grows best, when she imposes and sticks to her standards about going no further. Especially when her firm decisions override heavy passions he has stirred in her.
  • Each time she wilts under his romantic pressures and allows further advances beyond her standards or expectations, she issues permission chits to press more aggressively onward toward conquest.
  • If she depends upon halting foreplay only with emotion, then he will win. If she controls it with previous hard-headed decisions, then she can win by either identifying the guy as not for her or enjoying intercourse under her terms about foreplay and preparation.

More tips tomorrow.


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795. Foreplay I — Before It Starts

Her Highness Anonymous asked: What about foreplay before marriage? How far is too far etc.? Answer: Too far is when a woman loses a man she hopes to keep. So, let’s examine foreplay in terms that tend to keep rather than chase off a man.

  • Foreplay delayed beats afterplay remorse.
  • Men see romance as necessary step to foreplay. Her first challenge is to distinguish romantic words that are acceptable from foreplay words, ideas, and conversations that should be unacceptable. If she can’t draw the line, confusion will haunt her attempts to govern her life while in foreplay mode.
  • By separating the romantic from foreplay, she decides what her standards are and lives up to them. We’re all more admirable, when we live up to something bigger and more worthwhile than ourselves. Chasteness qualifies in the male mind, but she has to convince herself first.
  • A man sees that she’s able to resist his greatest efforts, passions, promises, and commitment pledges. Consequently, he respects her fortitude in protecting what men imagine as her greatest asset. (He thinks: ‘She must be refusing other men too’. The more stringent her standards the more convincing they appear, and the more she stands out among other women.)
  • A lack of deep foreplay anchors a man alongside a woman with notions of romance in his head. The longer she keeps foreplay reasonably shallow and avoids the deepest, the more romantically inclined he becomes with her. He’s still after conquest, but she holds him in check with limits that challenge instead of turning him off. (Unless he’s only after sex and dropping her confirms that.)

Persistent sexual pressures in modern society confuse men about female values about sex. Women can help clear the air by discretely refusing to speak about sex and herself or him. She can escape the personal by saying something like this: ‘Talk about sex and the public is okay, if relevant to what’s of interest to us at a particular time; that is, it’s awkward if we don’t. However, talk about me and sex in any shade or color is never okay. I don’t want to hear it.’

Perhaps more tomorrow.


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792. Love Revisited

  • Women expect men to love and cherish them as females love others, but it’s another natural inequity.
  • When demonstrating their love, men are very different from women. This chromosomal XX ≠ XY frustrates women into expecting a balance that never comes.
  • If her man demonstrates his love as females show love, she loses respect for him.
  • For a woman love and sex tend to merge. For a man love and sex tend to remain disconnected.
  • Based on infatuation and lust, romantic love fades after a year or two. Enduring love can replace it, if courtship laid the foundation around his devotion of her rather than just his ‘commitment to them’ (more tomorrow at #793).
  • A man’s enduring love is based on his unconditional respect for women generally and conditional respect of one woman specifically. It emanates from his appreciation of female attributes and her virtuous character, self-respect, and likeability as a mate.
  • A woman’s enduring love is structured around her need for a brighter future for her and kids. It emanates from her emotional dependencies with her own life into which some responsible man enters.
  • Enduring love being founded on deep respect, too much familiarity too soon and too fast short-circuits his respect for her. Full disclosure, touchy-feely, and easy sex are culprits.


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790. Dumb Goes Beyond Blonde

We joke and credit blondes predominantly as eggheads. We miss this boat: Dumbness flows out of adolescent-minded females that carry the blight through adulthood. They fall behind growing up and can’t recover from restricted education, knowledge, and common sense.

Most women have been duped into playing male games. Belief in the use of sex for ennobling, capturing, and holding a man makes women restrict their education, knowledge, and common sense. With adolescent certainty, they ignore the important to favor the exciting.

Men seek knowledge of a woman’s body, but it’s a man’s imagination that keeps his interest focused on her:

  • The less he knows, the more he seeks. The more she’s covered, the more he wonders. The more mysterious she appears, the more interested he becomes. The more interested he becomes, the more he wants to be around her.
  • Exposed skin kills a man’s imagination, because it shifts his curiosity to those sexually suggestive or stimulating areas still unknown. Stripped down to a thong, for example, only one curiosity remains and his imagination intensifies only about copulation. And conquest kills her ultimate asset.
  • She discourages a man’s curiosity by not covering her flaws, and his interest rushes elsewhere—and not reliably to what else she can offer him.
  • Winning the heart of one man doesn’t strengthen her self-respect nearly as much as winning the hearts of several men. A man’s love is founded on his respect for a woman, and his respect floats on the foundation of her self-respect. So, the stronger her self-respect, the more intensely the man she ultimately chooses can love her.
  • Adolescent-mindedness pushes females into trying to win the heart of one man without keeping some others available for his competition.

A woman’s quality as potential mate stimulates a man’s imagination. However, it arises better from packaging than advertising, actions than words, and especially the promise he sees than the promises she makes. 


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788. Gender Differences Revisited — Group P

  1. Sex and responsibility help men achieve their goals. Devotion to others and life tending toward the spiritual help women achieve theirs.
  2. With regard to unmarried sexual activity, women are whatever they decide to be. Men are whatever they have to be to have access.
  3. Two conquerors compete and struggle. He seeks sex, and she seeks marriage. The first to conquer shapes their future relationship together.
  4. Unlike men, women tend to change whatever and whomever they find as inadequate—oftentimes parenting husbands as boys.
  5. Unlike women, men draw a line between what is their business and what is not, between what they should change, and what they should leave to others.
  6. When a man wants comfort and understanding, he turns to any woman. When a woman wants those things, she turns to a specific man.
  7. Men look for taste bud satisfaction when eating. Women use food to help satisfy the necessities for life.
  8. When women sour on their marriage, they turn against men. When men sour on their marriage, they turn against marriage.

Finally, may your blessings in the new year be so great they obscure the defeats and bad times of the year ending today.

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