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1241. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 38

  • Men appreciate female virtue and women appreciate masculine character as most promising for a good life together. Virginity ranks highest and near-virginity ranks next on the virtue scale. Personal responsibility ranks highest on the character scale.
  • Men are the bricks of society and women are the mortar. Bricks don’t weep, but mortar often does. Socially conditioning boys to cry weakens them as adult bricks. The mortar hardens automatically to compensate, and confusion follows when relationship strains and stresses arrive.
  • She does not love being a female, but she expects to keep one man around. Nature places heavy odds against it happening.
  • Managers tell people HOW to do their job. Leaders tell people WHAT to do. When leaders can’t distinguish between their two roles and act accordingly, they generate poor morale.
  • Women like men to open doors for them to enter first. A man’s good character shines brighter when he holds open doors and displays other courtesies for all females.
  • Don’t be so quick to want rules about flirting and other male-female interactions. Rules bypass individual natures and turn people toward phoniness. Not good for making relationships last.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention. Frustration is the father of both invention and all cuss words.


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747. RANDOM THOUGHTS — Group 10

  • When women don’t appreciate and highlight manly courtesies, men grow indifferent to qualities that females like to see in men.
  • If she doesn’t like herself very well, men over time have difficulty liking her.
  • Her neatness captures his attention as prelude for displays of affection. Female sloppiness short-circuits the connection. 
  • Raised without a father figure in their home, immodesty and immorality among girls should be excused out of ignorance. Mom’s lessons don’t impact clearly without girls seeing dad’s daily reactions, standards, and dictums.  
  • The ultimate power of virginity lies with unconditionally forgiving masculine attempts to conquer it. It keeps men trying and enables her to screen more discreetly. Once the virgin yields, the power to resist new conquerors wanes but can be effectively restored with virtual virginity, by prioritizing thoughts above emotions.
  • Modern day politics and feminist theory persuade females that males are undeserving of female respect. Consequently, men operate as if one woman will not maintain a home to his satisfaction, another will. Or, he can do it himself in the interim.
  • Attention mothers of teenagers: A new study is out about bingeing both sex and drink in college coed dorms. Some details are at:


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678. Respect Revisited — I

Ladies, watch this one closely: Relationships revolve around respect, and she’s in charge. She initiates and he responds. She has to show her respect and also earn his.

♦       Men don’t respect females as they respect men or as women hope to be respected.

♦       Men may take a liking to a woman on first encounter, but they don’t respect her automatically as she expects. He may acquiesce to her wishes, but it equates more to duty and hope than respect.

♦       Women have a huge advantage over men. As a respect-earner, nothing either gender has or does works better than females withholding unmarried sex.

♦       The longer she holds off for sex, the greater the respect she earns. The closer to virginity she appears, the more respectable she is to conqueror, serious suitor, and discouraged player.

♦       A man loves a woman, but she sees few signs that she’s respected. To his competitive nature, showing respect directly weakens his presentation of Self. He reacts more to his nature than to her expectations. It’s also why men must be taught to be gentlemanly, and why high quality females aka ladies must set the example.


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601. Response to Viewer — Item 13

Her Ladyship Princess Rita said: “… I’m trying to get a true understanding of what may have caused the feminist movement.”

I undertook to describe the roots of Feminism. It’s definitely WWNH. But it takes me off the main theme of the blog. So, I ask your opinion. Would you be interested in reading about matters such as these?

·        Feminism’s hidden agenda is the imposition of another culture on top of the American Judeo-Christian culture. The taproot extends a century back in American history, and it remains part of a larger political movement that rattles our culture today.

·        The radical feminist founders and acolyte ‘political correctioneers’ use females as instruments of political gain. They make what works for their hidden agenda sound like benefits for all females, or if necessary, vice versa. Incrementalism eventually overcomes obstructions, and it continues today.

·        Some female benefits are worthwhile, no doubt about that. But, radicals and activists hide the political goals that produced these cultural disturbances: Turmoil generated between the sexes. Moral relativism advanced. Religion mocked. Virginity mocked. Unmarried sex promoted. Family values watered down. Male dominance increased.  

·        Understanding certain terms is essential to grasping what “caused the feminist movement” as Princess Rita requests. Terms such as: democracy, republic, federalism, capitalism, fascism, socialism, progressivism. Also, constitutional principles chosen by the Founding Fathers to prevent the accumulation of too much power, which they saw as tyrannical by definition.

Care to see how politics helps or limits the fulfillment of female hopes and dreams? If yes, let me hear it.

Bona fides: My degrees are in political science. My experience includes the U.S. House of Representatives as a congressman’s chief of staff and four years in academia as professor or dean. Also, I spent two decades sworn to uphold the Constitution.


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584. Unmarried women shape society — Part 5

Female sexual freedom and stable marriages can’t co-exist.

♦       Unmarried women devalue virginity and abstaining on the premise that females are the same as or better than males, which entitles them to promiscuity, sexual adventurism, and even husband-stealing.

♦       Unmarried women promote female sexual freedom but still seek marriage. They contradict their own interests. Just one loose woman—whose freedom is non-judgmentally endorsed by the female subculture—can lure many husbands away from otherwise stable marriages.

♦       Unmarried women stress their independence visually instead of indirectly and thoughtfully. For example, they dress carelessly, sloppily, and even radically, when men feast with their eyes. Consequently, men focus on conquests and sex for the fun of it; little else holds masculine attention.

♦       Unmarried women—and they’re teaching girls by example—put their initial sexual encounter with a man high on their priority list. Thus, they use sex to make themselves worthy of him, which is the reverse of what works for permanent marriage.

♦       Unmarried women use casual sex to attract men, including husbands, even though this fails to earn a man’s devotion or obligate him for much beyond frequent and convenient sex.

♦       Unmarried women pursue and even initiate sexual relations with men for self-gratification. They shift men toward stud-service thinking and expanding their life away from what the majority of women seek. Elevating studliness devalues other female interests and teaches men they can disregard the hopes and dreams of females.


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518. Virtual Virginity #23

©     Men are hunter-conquerors, and boys are little men that learn from teen girls. Each generation of girls teaches boys to aim toward being civilized and domesticated men. Or else, boys grow up to be big time conquerors and dominators. A famine of teen sex teaches the former. Plentiful teen sex teaches the latter.

©     Men can’t stand criticism about sex, so they prefer virginity. Virtual virginity makes a man forget that he may be criticized. Continued refusals make it worth the risk, and so VV lathers her with value.

©     Virtual virginity doesn’t make her judgments foolproof. It does, however, enable her to distinguish the important things: long term devotion from short term commitment, the Marrying Man from the womanizer, the mature from the immature, the sincere from the phony, the temperate from the intolerable, the believer in something admirably greater than himself from the believer in the mundane or things that shock female sensibilities.


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504. Virtual Virginity #21

©     Repeatedly refused sex by one woman brings out both the best and worst in a man. This enables females to identify Mr. Good Enough and condition his thinking and shape his interests into potential Mr. Right.

©     As Emerson said: The world turns on hope. Her relationships always spin, plunge, and soar on hope. Virtual virginity shifts his life from hope for sex to hope for her.

©     Her personal policy of virtual virginity should not be disclosed to those that know her. It works better as private commitment to Self. “Not now” leaves a man with hope. “I’m saving myself for marriage” discourages and may destroy all hope before he gets to really know her.

©     Old school values promote maturity before sex, the feminine way. Moderns go for sex before maturity, the masculine way.

©     Modern dating, courtship, and marriage build on sex values and expectations developed as immature and sexually active teenagers. Being in charge matures a person, and virtual virginity puts her in charge of his conquering efforts.

©     A woman primarily committed to virtual virginity strengthens herself against the masculine strategy of ‘vague and unavailable’. If someone becomes a fool, let it be him.  


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470. He’s Wary to Marry — Section 1

Some women drop virginity and chastity on the premise that females have the same sexual rights as males. Other women believe that having the right does not make it right.

Some women tear down masculinity to get what women want. Other women uplift manliness to get what women want.

Some women teach young girls about sex without love, abandon them to experiment, and ignore their maturation. Other women teach young girls to mature first, love next, and leave sex to marriage.

Some women discourage manly devotion by providing cheap, uncommitted sex. Other women inspire manly devotion by delaying a man’s conquest until he wants her for much more than sex.

Some women popularize the feminist ideal, which makes men retreat from committing with one woman for much more than shack up. Other women persuade a man to commit for marry up by refusing to shack up.

Some women reject the concept or refuse on principle to fill the biblical role of wife submitting to husband. Other women realize that ‘submissiveness’ is more attitude than principle, more respect than honor, more cooperation than obedience, and that high power exists in softness.

Some women use casual sex to attract men, which fails to earn a man’s devotion or obligate him for much more than sex. Other women push hard for No Sex without Marriage, which creates time to deepen his interest, respect, and devotion for one woman.

Some women make themselves worthy of a man just to have one. Other women insist a man make himself worthy of her before marriage, and then she makes herself worthy of him after they marry.

Some women seek words of commitment before yielding. Other women seek a man’s devoted actions before allowing his conquest.

Some women convince themselves that the right combination of passion, love, religious beliefs, common interests, and kids will keep their relationship together. Other women know there’s no such insurance and that special stroking of her man as king to her queen is essential.


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