21. Three little words

Women are temporarily satisfied with the right three little words depending on their stage of life and level of maturity. Early on, she expects to hear, “I love you.” Next, it is ‘Com-mit-ment.’ Later on, she wants to hear, “Let’s eat out.” Thus, she grows over time to always expect more from her man.

 Men are not simple, but they are direct and less prone to change. He sticks with “What’s for dinner?” Men accommodate women with the ‘three little words’ model of life, but modern women don’t reciprocate. They even fault their man for expecting dinner.

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One response to “21. Three little words

  1. Kaikou

    I like this post. Can you explain what “Let’s eat out.” is a metaphor for?

    Is it the retraction of wifely duties? or A wife wanting to be appreciated publicly (nights on the town etc.)? Maybe both?

    Lady Kaikou

    Your Highness Kaikou,
    Sure. Once economic progress has been made after marriage, getting husband’s proper response to her “let’s eat out” dominates her wishes. From her mouth to her ears, it’s music signifying that she’s ready for, deserves, and expects a special treat.

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