30. Unstable love

Love stimulates male-female togetherness. Its positive and affirming emotions, however, lack strength to hold a couple together. Three major threats rooted in human nature trump love.

First, romantic love—based primarily around lust and infatuation—fades in a year or two. Recent research narrows the average to about 18 months. If some kind of enduring love for one another has not ‘evolved’ by that time, then split up inevitably follows.

(A man’s enduring love arises from a foundation of his respect for an exceptional woman and her likeability as a supportive mate. A woman’s enduring love arises from a foundation of her gratefulness for who and what her man means to both her present and her future.)

Second, negative influences too easily compound to kill love. Infidelity, disrespect, nagging, mental or physical abuse, lack of affection of her, and ungratefulness for him come quickly to mind. The continual repeating of one or a few negative influences shatters the foundations of love—respect, likeability, and gratitude—and love bleeds out through the cracks.

Third, mothers often elevate their children over their father. Such women lower father’s status and stature as bossman, hero, and one up to whom the kids should look. When a man has to play second fiddle in his mate’s home orchestra, he’s prompted to cancel his union membership and look for a ‘job’ elsewhere.

Women have pretty much convinced everyone that men are the primary culprits for mucking up relationships. Relative to men, women are the relationship experts, so even equal blame may not be appropriate.


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3 responses to “30. Unstable love

  1. staticity

    I totally agree with the elevating kids thing http://www.staticity.wordpress.com

  2. kaizen4life

    Can you give an example of the mom putting the kids above the dad? I can’t wrap my mind around it.

  3. GuyMaligned

    AGM responds: Sure. It’s coming soon to post #78 plus another later.

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