65. The 2-year glitch, 7-year itch, 20-year switch

NOTE: This article re-published without change as #2251.


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2 responses to “65. The 2-year glitch, 7-year itch, 20-year switch

  1. Dear Sir Guy,
    if enduring love trumps the glitch, and devotion the itch, how to avoid the switch?

    Your Highness Eatacactus,

    Good question, darling. It’s simple to describe but difficult to live to avoid the switch.

    Even after two decades she’s still the gal he married. She looks, acts, and feels just as she did then, he remains satisfied for having chosen and provided/protected her satisfactorily all those years. IOW, his investment of self paid off. She continues to be worth his effort and to provide satisfaction for his presence.

    Aging doesn’t drive the bus. They can peaceably accommodate minor and even disastrous changes when she finds highly significant gratefulness in their life together and he finds significant satisfaction in seeing and feeling her the same as when she stirred his curiosity and fired up his imagination before they met at the altar.

    To be a good woman over the years, she morphs into the character she envisions will fulfill her hopes and dreams. To be a good wife, she morphs into the character she envisions will satisfy him and his life with her. How she accomplishes both is the story of their marriage together subliminally dominated by her relationship management expertise.

    Even after years of marriage, it’s the little things—irritants, negatives, criticisms, and put downs of him specifically—that push him back from her table with frowns and ambitions to change his life. To switch to something or someone else, to a body that looks, acts, and feels today like she felt when they married. If that isn’t possible, then looks, acts, and feels differently than she does today.


    • What a great writeup. I am relieved that it relates to relationship happiness and that I have a chance to manage it. These are goals a wife would have anyway 🙂

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