67. Exes, dumpees, and left behinds—Section I

Girls and women repeatedly spend time as ex-girlfriend, ex-lover, ex-live in, ex-wife. Whether searching, shacking up, or married, women repeatedly bounce from one misery to another interrupted frequently with love that doesn’t last and often with a new child. First with a guy and then without, and then with a guy and then without, and then….

Males are just males. Mothers, girls, and wives turn them into promising boys and mature men that please or displease females.

Every man expects he will be great as a mate—by masculine standards, that is. They must be taught otherwise, if female expectations are met.

Sexual encounters do not improve men, because sex neither bonds nor changes them for female advantage. The actions and reactions of women withholding intercourse teach men to adopt female-friendly behaviors and try harder to please females.

When there’s a shortage of unmarried sex all across society, it shapes masculine thinking toward goodness and what women appreciate. Trying to qualify for sex by searching for a female’s weaknesses, a man coincidentally learns about her non-sexual strengths and qualities of value to him. His love needs that base, if it’s to endure beyond the fading of lust, infatuation, and romantic love.

The presence of unmarried sex all across modern society shapes masculine thinking against what women appreciate. The ease of bouncing blossom to blossom lures men away from spending very much effort on females and especially the baggage-laden interests of one. Also, male dominance intensifies.

Modern women don’t rise to the challenge of relationship management required to succeed as a couple. Instead, they act less feminine, more masculine, and objectify themselves for trading in the sexual marketplace.

When relationship mistakes and failures become evident, she dumps him before he dumps her.

She recycles to the dreaded ex side of life. Her lament: ♫Where oh when ♫is my next boyfriend? She sighs and sponges up the sympathy and encouragement of her girlfriends. But the next hook up restarts the cycle.   

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One response to “67. Exes, dumpees, and left behinds—Section I

  1. Carolina Dogwood

    I thank you for this post! I am a celibate (going on 3yrs) mid twenties woman, and I am glad to have read this! I’ve made so many mistakes but know that they can be corrected and I still can marry.

    Easy sex is a horror story and I can attest to that. I still beat myself up over guys I haven’t seen in years! Feminism is a lie and you’re exposing it in a subtle way…by appealing to the feminine/chaste women (and women who want to change).

    Not only is this site lovely, but it comes from a man’s point of view. I’ve tried the “gaming” sites and I’ve learned a lot about female behavior but I’ve also learned that many men hate women. I haven’t jumped back into the dating market yet because I am scared but hopefully, with the knowledge I’ve acquired, that will change in the near future.

    You’re amazing and I thank you for expressing your insights concerning dating and feminism. This site is wonderful and I will definitely read every post.

    Your Highness Carolina Dogwood,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I’m bettin’ that you’re beauty matches that of the flower in your screen name. Well chosen!


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