69. Bright side of Femininity—Part 1

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1831.



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5 responses to “69. Bright side of Femininity—Part 1

  1. theresa

    Guy, I would like to recommend two books to you’re readers if I could, the first on is Fascinating womanhood and Fascinating Girl by Helen Andelin, these books do a good job of explaining a man’s nature and what men need, and how to inspire “celestial” love and how men need to put women on a pedestal to truly love them. Oh, and by the way this site is addicting. keep up the good work, you’re helping alot of people.

    Princess Theresa,
    I love it when pretty women help me.

  2. ladylike

    Here is a link to the original Fascinating Womanhood upon which Helen Andelin based her books. The original was written in 1922 and has some fascinating advice for women.


    Your Prettiness Ladylike,

    Thanks for the lead. I found the following still relevant to how women think today.

    “…the first thing you must do, if you would get the man’s viewpoint, is to banish all preconceived notions you have about what makes a woman attractive to men. … Women…haven’t the slightest conception of what a man considers beautiful.” [p. 10]


    • ladylike

      It’s a pleasure. I found this book very insightful even though it was written so long ago. I guess male and female nature doesn’t change – even though times change 🙂

  3. BuckarooGirl

    Love those books!

  4. boomer babe

    Times change, but they change back if women allow them to. If we just stop sleeping with the guys, they’ll change tomorrow.–I believe guys will get more ambitious and go for higher education like the girls are doing.

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