71. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 04

♣ The four most effective tactics that women have to pique a man’s curiosity and hold his interest die on the vine of modern values that arose with or dribbled down from Feminism.

     ·         Feminism aborts ladylike behavior.

     ·         Unmarried sex smothers feminine mystique.

     ·         Masculine grossness dishonors female modesty.

     ·         Masculine-style sexual freedom turns loving intercourse into coarse primal urges.

♣ Feminism promotes ‘get in his face’ as the way to protect a woman’s interests. This nullifies her natural strengths for shaping a man’s behavior.

♣ Feminist thinking discourages women from using their natural flexibility, that which flows from female soft-heartedness, mothering instincts, and nurturing spirit. Men have much less natural flexibility to smooth out the wrinkles of life.

♣ Feminists promote legal constraints to elevate women over men in order to discourage and suppress natural male dominance. It improves the political, legal, and economic status of females, but it backfires with a couple.

♣ Feminists use anger, blame, and ridicule to upstage men, which only serves to make females less attractive for much more than sex.

♣ Feminist efforts to weaken male domination energize men to spread their seed instead of keeping it at home.

♣ Feminism makes women think more like men, especially ‘me before you’ and ‘me before us’. Such women lose much of their natural expertise for holding a man.


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2 responses to “71. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 04

  1. Feminism at its root can be about self esteem. It’s also been used for blaming. It has both sides.

    Loving Awareness: A Journey to Wholeness

  2. Carolina Dogwood

    This is wonderful! I, as woman, have to combat the negative effects of feminism. It’s ugly and it’s destroying lives on a grand scale. What happens when feminists are presented with the effects of feminism on the family? What do they do?

    I have a lot to learn about femininity but you’re helping me do that.

    Your Highness Carolina Dogwood,
    You ask: “What happens when feminists are presented with the effects of feminism on the family? What do they do?” Frankly, I doubt they believe it and so they don’t think about it, unless they have learned to reject feminist beliefs. If and when they ever reject the ideas of Feminism, they have no replacement beliefs unless they learn about the power of femininity here or elsewhere.

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