104. Love 101

Men usually keep their love under wraps. When they express love, they do so through actions designed to please her. He shows his love in spurts.

Women express love through closeness, nurturing, and intimacy. She shows her love continually, using words when necessary to keep the spirit moving. Also, she wants her ears filled with his words of affection and appreciation.

Today, women measure his love by her standards, and so he repeatedly falls short. If men were born for closeness, nurturing, intimacy, and continuous dialogue, they would have been born female. 

The foundations of their love differ. His love builds on respect, and nothing affects his deepest respect more than how she handled and still handles her sexual assets. After that, his respect grows from her self-respect, character strength, and feminine nature. His love for her dwindles, if his respect tapers off.

Her love resides in her dreams. It springs alive when she realizes that he can and will adjust himself to accommodate her aspirations for their life together. Only the most egregious actions by him shatter her dreams and, consequently, love.




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3 responses to “104. Love 101

  1. Kaikou

    Great series to read, ladies!

    Lady Kaikou

  2. SouthernBelle

    I see that it’s apparent when a man respects a woman ( not a wife or girlfriend) evident by the way he talks and acts around her. However I’ve never translated this to mean he loves her in any romantic or relationship sense. Even if he compliments her character and prettiness, if a man doesn’t show some sort of affection or “romantic” gestures he may respect her but not love her. At least that’s what I think. I’m so confused on how to read men. Sir guy please help me understand.

    Your Highness SouthernBelle,

    How to read men? Quit expecting them to think like a woman. If what they do makes sense to you, you’re probably reading them wrongly.

    They are hugely different. Different values about morality, standards about sex, expectations about relationships, and especially the opposite of full disclosure as women expect to disclose. They are not risk takers amongst women. They feel vulnerable to being rejected until they know it won’t happen except at their instigation. However, they may disclose as a show off for several gals at a time. Never anything personal though, just acting up.


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