105. LOVE 102


His love is one-sided. It depends more on what he does than what she does or says. He even separates love from appreciation. She does not. His heart dispenses actions that he determines will or ought to please her. Such actions rather than words reinforce his feelings and enlarge his love.

One husband told by wife to do the spring cleaning while she worked, turned the leaf blower on the house with front and back doors open. (I know the wife.) Another, told to show more affection for his wife by a counselor, went home and washed her car. That’s how men show affection, although these examples may be unusual.

Our forefathers showed affection with actions that endorsed his masculinity. They honored her wishes for social stature, such as opening her car door, seating her at the table, repairing broken things, and especially bringing home the bacon.

Today, women discourage displays of affection. They expect their man to do things that demean his masculinity by appearing to follow female orders, such as doing the dishes and changing diapers. It is not the doing that offends, it is the squeeze on his manliness from having to do it because she demands it.

She can be more respectful, and he expects it. When not shown, he responds with less affection. 





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