116. The essence of being feminine

Femininity maximizes a woman’s value to herself as a person. It uplifts her self-worth, enlarges her self-image, and broadens her self-interest. Acting feminine teaches her to like herself as girl, female, woman, mother, grandmother.

Being feminine makes a woman very unique, which maximizes her value to men.  

 Women gravitate naturally to being feminine. Individuals live and learn how to exploit their femaleness so as to deal successfully with men. They also learn by sharing experiences.

The feminine concept refreshes and reinforces itself, as mothers impart to daughters the blessings of having a man and pitfalls of not being able to capture and hold one.

Whereas Feminism encourages girls to ignore motherly teachings about boys, Femininity encourages girls to listen and duplicate mother’s and even grandmother’s experience. This enables each generation to improve on its ability to tame and harness male dominance for fulfilling female dreams.

In the end, being conditioned by Femininity in three phases of life as boy, single, and married, men respect the opposite sex more than they respect their own gender. So do women.

The resulting cultural institution of unconditional respect provides the deepest foundation for a man’s conditional respect for one woman. From his respect, his love arises.

One woman summarizes the essence of being feminine. She refreshingly claims that it adds color to a man’s black and white world.*

* Thanks for the color-B&W analogy to an unknown woman cited in Keys to the Kingdom by Alison A. Armstrong, PAX Programs, Inc. Sherman Oaks, CA , p.151.


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3 responses to “116. The essence of being feminine

  1. Tina Martlage

    Love it! It’s been a while, but I had some time tonight. See you all soon1

  2. So being feminine is just about getting a man. What about yourself?
    Being feminine for yourself, and in turn the good of others. 😀
    Can you please send me more info..
    Thanks! :cD

    Your Highness Simi,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    However, I can’t imagine what you’re getting at. Nothing in my article should have made you draw that conclusion. Or, have I missed something? Can you make yourself more clear?


  3. Kaikou

    Sir Guy, is this a version of man’s “vague & unavailable”? I’ll be having a conversation with a mutual friend of man. Man will interrupt conversation to talk to mutual friend making no reference to me or interference. I wait patiently as the two have their conversation. I say nothing (I’ve never been introduce to man even if I’ve seen him around). Man leaves looking at me throughout conversations. This happens to me all the time! Do men ever introduce themselves anymore? Let alone the rudeness of interrupting an ongoing conversation. How should a lady handle situation?
    On another note, if you have any new tips on smiling, please help. I just can’t seem to cultivate a constant smile. It’s like I freeze and my default is my only answer.


    Lady Kaikou

    Your Highness Kaikou,

    It appears to be vague and unavailable, yes.

    What to do? Walk away. Without comment or show of emotion, simply depart the scene. Later, if asked by either guy, do the following. It the interrupter inquires about your walking away, flash a smile and walk away again. Be more vague and unavailable than he ever thought of being.

    If the first man inquires, tell him you don’t approve of his associates. Then, say nothing more and change the subject and don’t allow him to reopen the case as to why you disapprove. He wants you to describe what the interrupter did wrong and intends to pass your answer to him. Deny the first one and you succeed in denying the interrupter.


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