NOTE: This post is dedicated to Tina, the extraordinary woman that inspired it.  

Courtship cool: If she makes it easy for him to know her, she makes it hard for him to keep her. Mystery captivates. Candidness victimizes her for whatever strengths of his dominance he chooses to use.  

Hunting season: A woman’s openness with a man does not serve her until after years of marriage and maybe not even then. Men as hunter-conquerors like tough targets, difficult game, hard-to-get prizes that first challenge and later provide frequent reminders of their manliness. The woman that makes it easy for him to understand her—or to take up residence with her—trains him against her best interests.

Long-range forecast: The greatest male candidate for marriage has unconditional respect for the opposite sex that exceeds respect for his own sex. The same applies to women candidates, but it’s easier to observe in women than men.

Stormy weather: The only window of opportunity to change a man opens before and closes after his sexual conquest of her. What she marries is what she gets, until his natural hard-heart mellows and hard-head softens with age.

Lousy forecast: Some women are not true to themselves. They act phony to capture a man. Men marry expecting wife NOT to change, but she does. If she’s phony before marriage, she turns into a woman he did not marry. 

Unseasonably warm front: Women marry and expect husband to change, but he doesn’t. Change is unmanly, but men relent when necessary to convince, court, and conquer a woman they view as extraordinary.

Occluded front: They are different. A man takes his relationship for granted. She reads it as his taking her for granted. Both follow their nature.



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3 responses to “118. MARRY WEATHER

  1. Cocoa

    Hello sir Guy, when I selected this post to read I thought it would address something different. Very attractively written and can easily be used to share with younger people.
    I Always wanted to ask, how can one identify the unconditional respect a man holds for women in general? See I am ok and been trained well by my parents to know when I am respected and how to BE respectable, but how do we know if a man respects the opposite gender unconditionally? I did note that you said it it’s easier to observe in women, and I agrree. I hope you (or other men) can enlighten us on this.
    Uh, I guess wiser ladies can assist too 😄.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Steady and ever-present gentlemanly behavior to females of every age and every degree of sexual attractiveness and without exception.

  2. Jasmine

    Sir Guy,
    During the courtship cool when is the right time to introduce the bf to your friends??? parents?? Even maybe taking him to a friends/family member wedding?? How soon is too soon?? I think introducing them right away is not ideal for me …I believe he has to earn me to be able to even get the chance of meeting important people in my life and not just any guy that comes into my life deserves that…just a Mr Good enough who I see has potential, good character, shows integrity and see myself marrying.
    I had a BF who wasn’t a Mr good enough…the way he treated, expressed him about me wasn’t very nice. So I figured if he doesn’t care about me…why should I introduce him to the most important people in life my parents if I knew it wasn’t going to work. He doesn’t deserve that and he never met them. I see so many ladies dating guys and introducing them to friends, family, and even co workers right away during the relationship and even spending time at their home with their family and at the end they break up and do it all over again. I don’t know maybe my way of thinking is really old fashion 😂.

    Your Highness Jasmine,
    Wow! What wisdom you gained from one experience. Your ‘old fashion’ way is right on target to win a b/f good enough to keep. Make him work for all that you give, or he invests too little in you to value you highly.

    • Jasmine

      Sir Guy
      Yes it only took one experience he was my first BF, but I was screening him during the relationship if he was a Mr good enough. I was not showing too much excitement right away just bit by bit. Also I learned based on my observations of other couples I know of some are still married, some divorced. Also I love observing couples in shopping malls or restaurant while I’m eating and see if the guy is treating his gf/date/wife well and vice versa. Omg I have seen arguments, I have seen the men sitting down while his gf/date/wife orders for them and brings the food over to him. I have seen men being a gentleman but the lady they are with is so disrespectful yelling at him…I felt bad for the guy.

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