121. Her sexual history?—Part 03

Her sexual history disclosed to a man earns or lowers his respect. In general, closeness to virginity earns respect. Promiscuity detracts.  

A man wants to know what men preceded him sexually in his woman’s life—if he’s going to devote himself to her. Several reasons prompt his curiosity. Several outcomes hinge on the revelations.

It’s not the ‘used’ and unused issue. That’s how he hides his agenda. It’s those other guys. When? How recent? Who? Do I know them? Will I meet them? Will they return to her? Were my family or friends involved? Will she turn back to them? What emotional attachments remain?

Why’d she do it? Marriage? Lover? Love? Shack up? Just sex? One-night stand? Raped? Or, perhaps, just to seal a friendship? (See post #55, Raunch, about that latest trend.)

What other baggage does she bring to their relationship in terms of men he will be facing with her? Will a former sexual partnership continue if he commits to her? Of course feminists think it shouldn’t matter, but it does.  

Just knowing his woman’s sexual history lowers her value to him. If he follows well-respected men, she gets no credit. If he follows disrespected or disreputable exes, her worth plummets. Of course it’s not fair, but men judge their woman by the men who have had her..


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