132. Do women know jack about Jack? —Part 5

Men delight in easy conquest. It adds temporary value to her, but devalues her as keeper.

♂ Few things expose a man’s character more readily than being repeatedly denied sex by a woman on whom he has set his sights for conquest.

♂ Boys raised with little affection before puberty neither provide nor respond well to affection later in life. [More about displays of affection at post 3.]

♂ Conquerors can be grateful and possess good intentions, but their drive to conquer another woman never completely dies. It’s the male nature, and only devotion earned by one woman holds it in check.

♂ A woman’s refusal for unmarried sex builds virtue that earns a man’s respect and signifies that she will probably be faithful to him.

♂ Courtship without sexual relations teaches boys and men to suppress their aggression and honor a female’s standards and expectations. The process also exposes males to the female’s non-sexual qualities.

♂ Easily available, unobligated, and unmarried sex aids the conquerors’ pursuit. On the other hand, men must work harder to impress and ‘sell’ themselves as guardians of female interests when women abstain outside marriage.

♂ Enduring love for men is based on respect earned earlier about her virtue, self-respect, likeability as mate, but overwhelmingly about her gratitude for who he is and what he does.

♂ Fathers may acquiesce, but they don’t take kindly to mothers accepting and supporting the inevitability of a daughter’s unmarried sexual activity.  

♂ Failure of a man to honor a woman’s standards and expectations means more of the same will follow after conquest regardless of what he says before that monumental event.

[More jack about Jack appear at posts 114, 97, 91, and 7.]



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2 responses to “132. Do women know jack about Jack? —Part 5

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  2. Miss Dawn

    The answer is simple. Have one guy that I don’t “give it up to.” (even though I don’t feel like I’m “giving up” anything) But to play the psycological game in which I can have my cake and eat it too- I will have another hot guy as a lover who will satisfy me sexually while “The marrying man” will see me as pure and chaste and will never know a thing! Duh….

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