152. When women act like men—Part 2

♀ Women discard lovely and attractive feminine behavior. They replace old school intense femaleness with new school faux masculinity.

Women compete against their man, when men expect only cooperation from their woman.

Women play the masculine game of unmarried sex. This empowers men to dodge personal commitments, cultural obligations, and responsible habits for frequent and convenient sex.

♀ By absorbing feminist politics, women condemn the masculine nature while turning off or tuning out their female nature.

♀ Unisex doesn’t play the man’s game, it is the man’s game. Men consequently enjoy frequent and convenient access to sex without obligations for family, kids, or a woman.

♀ If she can depend on herself, she doesn’t need him. If that happens, she’s not grateful for him. If that happens, he’s not too interested in staying with her.

Women discard feminine mystique. They give up old school ‘vague and unavailable’ that fine tunes manliness for new school candidness and extreme familiarity that exposes her vulnerabilities.

Women think everything should be more equal, so they upstage men by initiating sex. Men welcome it, but it short-circuits a man’s respect so essential for enduring love to develop.

 ♀ Experience with many sex partners hardens a woman’s heart. It makes her cynical, suspicious, and unable to like herself enough to hold a man.


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16 responses to “152. When women act like men—Part 2

  1. Skeptical_guy

    and this is why men go to Asia to look for wives…

    Hey, Skep,

    You’re right. They escape custom and culture built around strict male dominance. They are glad to enter female friendly America, where men enable women to dominate home and culture, if women encourage and support men dominating workplace and society. Unfortunately, such female friendliness disappears methodically. Feminism has seen to that.

    Appreciate you stopping by to see what women never hear.


  2. menaresolame

    What is acting like a man… cursing swearing.. being promiscuous …these are not attractive traits on a man… now if a woman is a little aggressive and likes to have a career…deal with it!

    Hi, Menaresolame,
    So is your comment. Your point is not clear. Is it about double standards? Please try again.

  3. Princess Rita

    Menaresolame-I think I’ve read all of the threads on this blog and I don’t recall the author ever insisting women stop having careers.

    Of course, what passes for a “career” in this country, for women, is usually some mind numbing paper push with a bunch of uber-competitive office psychos but hey if that’s what you’re into…it’s not for me to judge. I’d take being a homemaker ANY day over being in an office environment 40+ hours a week.

    • erin scott

      Interesting, but I disagree. Women have many meaningful careers. Where would our world be without the teachers that made a difference?

      • Princess Rita

        Teachers that made a difference? Laughable! Even the most dedicated teachers are pushed into the above mentioned mind numbing paper pushing I mentioned above. Look at our education system and tell me these women have meaningful careers. Meaningful pension plans perhaps….

        • BrainDeadChicken

          Princess Rita (Your laughable highness),

          You’re observant, but not very bright. Teaching isn’t paper pushing. However, It is for those who refuse to do their job correctly or submit themselves to what I affectionately refer to as “the rut.” There are “Paper pushers” in every career. There are just as many “paper pushing” lawyers and doctors as there are teachers (perhaps even more so).They just want the paycheck for booze on the weekends or that excessively priced gadget. It’s the “paper pushers” who don’t have meaningful careers, not teachers.

          Please my dear, the next time your fingers have a hankering to express your bias ignorance online, think twice. (On second thought, that might be a bit hard for you…but hey! What am I saying? You can always learn!) Maybe you can find a good teacher!

          Your Highness BrainDeadChicken,

          I’m on vacation and can’t access Princess Rita’s comment to which you refer. However, she’s a remarkably intelligent woman who has added significant value to this blog. Therefore, I suggest your comment may be off-target and you may find more enjoyable commentary at another blog.


          • A.GuyMaligned

            To BrainDeadChicken,

            You say about Princess Rita: “You’re observant, but not very bright. Teaching isn’t paper pushing.”

            And I say, You’re observant, but not very bright. She said teachers are pushed into paper pushing and NOT that teaching is paper pushing. It’s not the same and methinks you took offense merely to disclose your own laziness or reluctance to read the full intent of another’s writing.

            Incidentally, I suspect that you’re a man, so other biases may have triggered your unjustified demeaning of Princess Rita.

            You’re welcome to continue to comment here, but you must be more respectful of readers. I’d rather that you not live up to your screen name on this blog.


  4. erin scott

    The author writes, “If she can depend on herself, she doesn’t need him. If that happens, she’s not grateful for him. If that happens, he’s not too interested in staying with her.” Hmmm I think an interdependence and trust bonds couples. But females do not have to fully rely on the man – they rely on each other and equally.

    Your Highness Erin,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Your last sentence helps drive husbands away. It’s feminist-think and offensive to the male nature.


  5. Raebies

    Wow, you’ve got it all wrong, bud. You’re basically telling women that they shouldn’t have any dignity at all, and that their entire point in life is to be servile to their husbands and otherwise bend to the will of everyone around them. As long as people like you exist, so will feminists.

    Who would want someone who never argues and always does what they’re told? How boring! Also, what if the husband suddenly leaves the woman and she is completely dependent on him just for survival? What is she to do then? Independence is a likable trait for anyone to have, and a necessary one at that.

    Your Highness Raebies,

    Welcome aboard. Its a great day when someone else joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Back at you. Wow, you’ve got it all wrong, bud.

    Nobody else interprets this blog as you do. If it bothers you, I suggest you spend time at the WWNH University.


    • Girl

      Once the blinders start coming off, one finds it hard to believe that they were ever so thinking-incapacitated as Raebies here is.

      Sir Guy, it is understandable, given the deliberate absolute saturation of feminist-think in society, that many people like Raebies are unable to see that, in contrast to promoting female “servility,” you are promoting true female empowerment.

      Raebies, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCpjmvaIgNA

      Your Highness Girl,
      Raebies posted back in OCT 2011, so he won’t likely see your suggestion. But I did, and it expresses what I have suspected for many years. Both the gov’t and new world order advocates helped pay for and pave the feminists’ road.

  6. bhunter839

    This is a very good post. Thank you.

    Your Highness Bhunter839,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  7. *enchante*

    I actually see a ‘bright spot’ on college campuses, there is a WEBSITE called love&fidelity.org that FIGHTS against the ‘hook up’ culture. Don’t forget: many young girls/women are having a harder time finding a simple date, and many guys are having a ‘banquet’ of pretty girls—-(sigh). they FOUND it

  8. *enchante*

    oops i mean many guys who are into this are finding marriage being acceptable again but ONLY if they want to–since too many young people are from BROKEN or never formed HOMES

  9. L.B

    Who is the greastest woman of all time? I would say the Mother of Christ. Go from there if you want to immolate

    Your Highness LB,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  10. Testikleez

    Nothing turns me off more than a woman who acts like a man. My wife can’t accept my kindness or compassion for others so she railroads me by acting like an old fat stinky ass angry dude. Bitching and being all cold hearted and shallow just like an old fat greasy dirty ass bitter old man.. It angers me so bad and make me want to go into gorilla mode and tear things up and drag the damn couch around the house with one hand while beating my chest with the other just to remind her that I am the man. Not her. But when I do that she freaks the hell out and goes into wounded bird/helpless female mode which only make it worse. Women need to just assume their role and not try and play head games with real men or they might just get smacked in the teeth with some hefty sized testicles. Where is that petite little flower with the moist creases and soft pedals? I want her back not this mutant x-men creature thing!

    Sir Testikleez,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another man joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Your theme is appropriate for this blog. However, sir, after the first sentence, it’s all adolescent chatter and inappropriate to invite feminine readers to learn or comment. Could and would you be more specific with reason, logic, and gentle if not pleasant attitude? IOW, let’s talk, not balk.


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