157. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 11

The politically inspired Feminism movement persuaded women to change their behavior relative to men. Unintended consequences inevitably arose:

1.      Men do whatever females require in order to have frequent and convenient access to sex. Before the Dark Side, men expected to marry for life and responsibly provide for family. Women admired and respected the male gender even more than their own. Men reciprocated. Women rewarded men for responsible husbanding and fathering, and men got what they wanted for giving up their freedom.

2.      Starting four decades ago, it all changed. Women’s Liberation advocates and the feminazis* called men relationship misfits, inadequate as mates, and unnecessary for the fulfillment of females. They mocked men as insensitive and overbearing. They sought to change the males’ natural dominance with legal, political, and economic initiatives.

3.      Full-fledged feminists and  their advocates and admirers took up the finger-pointing, male bashing, and condemnation of most things masculine.

4.      Men fulfilled the prophecy. They became what they were accused of and called. The Pygmalion Effect took effect; the self-fulfilling prophecy fulfilled.  

5.      Men now act as relationship misfits, inadequate mates, and unnecessary for the fulfillment of female interests. Feminist politics overwhelms the good common sense of the female nature. 

6.      Mutual respect dies. Neither gender respects the other more than their own, as they once did. Men don’t respect the female gender, largely because women show insufficient respect for the male gender. Feminists tried to alter the male Nature, but they failed. Hormones eventually trump intentions, whether good or bad. 

7.      Women provide unmarried sex more freely than ever before. Their need for a boyfriend, lover, or husband drives them to reward a man before he earns her by proving his worth for her. Feminists call it Sexual Freedom. Men call it GREAT! 

8.      Husbands abandon wives. They escape the woman that demeaned his importance by decades of trying to change him. Even older husbands capitalize by pursuing trophies. They long for the excitement they missed as teens. They seek a chance to start over; they’ve learned how to restore their significance as husband and father. 

9.      Thus, modern women compensate men for doing what women don’t want. Gentlemanly behavior is dead. Male sexual freedom shows few restraints. Erotic attire spreads the urge to merge. Male character strengths weaken as less family responsibility provides less reinforcement. Strong sense of family responsibility melts alongside another women without a man.  

10.  Men continue as their nature commands: They do whatever women require for frequent and convenient access to sex. It’s so much cheaper for males, now that females absorb the high cost of cheap sex. [More about the high cost can be found in posts 149, 138, 99, 84, 39, and 2.]

Unfortunately, the feminist-darkened social culture forces the majority of women to pay the full price after split up. Lessened respect for men and social values about sexual freedom push women where they don’t want their relationships to go. They turned men into insensitive clods and fuzzy-headed mates. Having bought into a political ideology, Feminism, what more should women expect?  

* Rush Limbaugh coined the feminazi term to describe the dozen or so radicals that birthed Feminism out of the Women’s Liberation political movement. Nothing more is intended here.



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6 responses to “157. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 11

  1. Very nice post.

    In public schools, feminized churches, and our popular culture, a uniform standard of good behavior has emerged: just be nice. This is not enough. It ignores te unique excellence and distinct roles to be played by men and women in a healthy social life. But this is no matter to advocates; for them, sex differences are merely a social construct designed to subordinate women. Differences must be hammered out.

    Boys who show energy and initiative are labeled as sufferers from attention deficit disorder and quickly put on Ritalin. Worse, older masculine ideals are put down as archaic, oppressive, “sexist,” and barbaric. This has led to a degradation of both sexes. Men are increasingly predatory or useless, fathering kids they quickly abandon, leaving their older wives with children, and retreating from responsibility with a cynical demand for equal treatment. If they are less anti-social, they are wimpy, insecure, and superfluous figures. Women, in the name of equal rights, find themselves barren and unattractive after investing their prime years in a career that does not live up to billing in terms of fulfillment. Even if they manage to settle down, masculine virtues like emotional self control and bearing are in short supply among their mates.

  2. GuyMaligned

    AGM sends: Very well stated, Mr. Roach.

  3. Igor Alexander

    I’m not sure I agree with your basic assumptions.

    1. I like pussy as much as the next guy, but I don’t like your characterization of men as being motivated primarily by the pursuit of it. A lot of feminists like to say this to demean men, and a lot of women would like this to be true because receiving that kind of attention from men makes them feel powerful, but is it actually true? Where do men find the time to build successful businesses, write books, design electronic gadgets, draw up architectural plans, build airplanes, run for office, and all those other wonderful things they do, if their lives revolve around pussy? I can understand that a young man would spend a disproportionate amount of time chasing skirts, but a guy that spends his whole life doing this must not have a whole lot going on in other departments. The belief that men spend all their time thinking about women (the way women do about men) is a female conceit.

    2. It’s clear to me that a lot of women enjoy sex as much as men do; if they’re behaving like sluts, it’s not just because men and the popular culture have encouraged them to do so. I once heard the clitoris described as a ‘vestigial penis,’ and I have no reason to doubt that.

    3. I believe the availability of effective contraceptive technology has a lot to do with why so many women today are behaving like sluts. Another reason is feminism, and feminist domination of the mass media.

    4. Considering that most divorces in the U.S. (and no doubt other Western nations) are initiated by the woman, often with no legitimate grievance, and that men almost always end up getting screwed in divorce proceedings, I can’t help but be offended when you and Mr. Roach bring up these stereotypes pushed by feminists of “deadbeat dads,” men abandoning their wives for younger women, etc. The problem is not that men are abdicating their responsibilities (at least not white men; blacks are a different story altogether), the problem is that many women are behaving like spoiled bitches who want to have their cake and it eat it too. No man in his right mind would get married today, at least not without a good prenuptual agreement.

  4. GuyMaligned

    AGM responds:
    You are 100 percent correct. My assumption is not that men only pursue sex. It’s that women make themselves uninteresting and disruptive in their relationships. They refuse to reward a man for husbanding, fathering, and giving up his freedom. Consequently, men focus on their own life and chase women for unobligated, uncommitted, and even irresponsible sexual activity.

    Feminism has taught women to disrespect men and blame them for the ills of Womanhood. So much blame, so few men willing to absorb the garbage. To men, women have thus lost their attractiveness for mating longevity. As you so clearly point out, “…women are behaving like spoiled bitches…. No man in his right mind would get married today….”

    What Women Never Hear is who, what, when, where, why, and how women defeat themselves trying to capture and hold onto a man.

  5. Evelyn

    As a single, attractive, intelligent 25-year-old black woman who believes that there truly is a dark side to feminism, I’d like to address Igor Alexander’s comments, if I may.

    I agree with your 2nd and 3rd points, and think that Guy Maligned explained the intent behind the statement “Men do whatever females require in order to have frequent and convenient access to sex” clearly enough for me to leave the 1st point alone. But I take offense to your 4th point made, or at least part of it – “The problem is not that men are abdicating their responsibilities (at least not white men; blacks are a different story altogether), the problem is that many women are behaving like spoiled bitches who want to have their cake and it eat it too.”

    Are you insinuating that there are no white men out there becoming deadbeat dads, or dropping their wives for younger women or even other men, etc.? To say “blacks are a different story altogether” is bordering on racist. There are many problems within the North American black community, and I’m not going to excuse or argue for any of them here. But just like we have our “hoods” and “children of the ghetto” or whatever is the label, whites have their “trailer trash” doing the exact same shit in another state. I think before you decide to make blanket statements like this, just remember that it’s the new millenium, and that most of us are evolving regardless of skin color? Thank you.

    AGM says: You’re welcome. Clear and concise. I’m glad your aim was at someone other than me.

  6. Jenifer

    To Igor’s point, and I agree that birth control does help sluts… but I don’t think it creates sluts. I believe it creates a vicious circle: does the woman play victim or victor in selfish enjoyment? AGM is always writing about how feminist sexual freedom backfires. This is a quote from the mid sixties:
    ‘It is also to be feared that the man, growing used to the employment of anti-conceptive practices, may finally lose respect for the woman and, no longer caring for her physical and psychological equilibrium, may come to the point of considering her as a mere instrument of selfish enjoyment, and no longer his respected and beloved companion.’ -Pope Paul VI, Humanae Vitae, July 25, 1965

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