168. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 12

Feminism has conditioned modern women to reject the traditional model of successful marriage as unfair, unacceptable, discouraging, demeaning, and more. This model worked for centuries:

She controls a lengthy sex-free courtship by insisting that he prove himself worthy of her. He has to ‘earn her hand’. In the process she learns his strengths and weaknesses, how to appreciate and deal with his character, and how to swivel his dominant nature into helping fulfill her hopes and dreams.  

They marry when she’s sure of his devotion and willing to accept him ‘as is’.

After marriage she makes and keeps herself worthy of him as reward for his husbanding and fathering and as compensation for his giving up his freedom.

Feminism-inspired women find fault and reject all three phases.  

First, they feel equally capable of chasing and earning the man they want when they want him. They won’t sit around and wait for him to call. They hunt, prowl, and upstage men for sexual conquest. They pay little attention to his character but whine about his inadequacies. Their hopes and dreams straddle the fault line between male and anti-male.    

Second, they can’t accept a man for anything ‘as is’. All men need the feminists’ womanly corrections and especially the squashing of male dominance.

Third, they reverse the marital arrangement. They expect their man to serve as husband and father and freely give up his freedom because that’s what women would do if they were men. They measure their man’s worth by female standards, by his willingness to duplicate female behaviors.

Other women follow suit as they swim toward the norm. But they lack the ideological, overbearing, feminist attitude that succeeds with some men. They also fail to know, accept, and respect that the nature of men differs from women. So, these women repeatedly join the ex crowd. Some never find success with a man.

The Dark Side of Feminism has changed major league marriage into bush league amateurism.


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