173. Female dominance: Gone! — Part 3

Men dominate society and the workplace. Women dominate the family and culture; they dominate the values that govern how men dominate society and workplace. Having this power provides women with two options.

1. They can make sex available for little or no price of commitment. Sexual freedom and feminist endorsement of sex for the sake of sex rationalize this alternative into reality.

Free and easy sex in the social marketplace energizes the masculine drive for conquest, which translates into more scores for the sake of sex and belt or bedpost notches. Energized conquerors energize females to provide easy, frequent, and convenient sex.

The effect is this: It opens the conquering door wider for males and makes females compete with each other for boyfriends instead of competing with men for husbands.

2. Females can make sex available at a commitment price they determine will be enough to fulfill female hopes and dreams. Chasteness, chastity, abstinence, celibacy, and whatever else one chooses to call sex-free courtship works best. Our foremothers proved this system works.

Sex-free courtship forces males to rethink their pursuit of sex. It conditions their thinking to measuring each female’s price against his masculine agenda. It adjusts their thinking toward more domestic responsibility than sex for its own sake. This creates the female advantage of energizing women to compete for permanent husbands instead of temporary boyfriends. Raising the stakes for all men makes better husbands.

After marriage, women relinquish dominance to their man in order to keep him. They live with whatever influence they won earlier by delaying conquest until his devotion arose.

The first option makes women unhappy and miserable trying to live with a man. The second option our foremothers proved workable and compatible: It enables men to dominate directly through their nature. It also empowers women to dominate indirectly through cultural values.


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