199. Female Fortitude—26 through 35

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide themes or summarize posts. The paragraph numbers match the posts.

26.      Male virginity has no value to females. Unmarried boys have little future use for the girl who taps it.

27.      A man changes dramatically after conquering a woman.

29.      Females are born hard-headed and soft-hearted. Males are born hard-headed and hard-hearted.

30.      Three major roles rooted in human nature trump love.      Dominance for a couple comes in three colors: Dominant mate or the head, dominant nester or the heart, and dominant family leader or the most cherished. Marriage works best when that sequence matches this: him, her, and either.

33.      Romance to males means foreplay or prelude to it. As women define romance, it’s what precedes foreplay.

34.      Women can enjoy masculine-style sexual freedom, but they eventually lose playing this man’s game.

35.      Her hard-headedness captures a man. Her soft-heartedness holds him.

[Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 186, 182, and 176.]


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2 responses to “199. Female Fortitude—26 through 35

  1. theresa

    #32 you rock on with you’re bad self guy

  2. theresa

    I got a little carried away.

    Your Highness Theresa,
    I love it when pretty women get “a little carried away.” A slight case of guilt sets in, they appear vulnerable, and this makes them shine in an innocent way. Highly attractive.

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