205. Boob language — Part 8

Modern women market themselves poorly. They put all their eggs in the advertising basket, use cheap packaging, and ignore product quality.

·        Women advertise sex, dress cheaply, groom carelessly, and think and hope that sex will both capture and hold a man. One-night stand, yes! Hold, no!

·        Sexy apparel and exposed skin precisely focuses a man’s interest on conquest. After conquest, he may or may not focus on her other interests.

·        By fishing with sex as bait, she yields dominance and sex to him. This minimizes her negotiating power and puts their future in his hands.

·        Sex needs no advertising. It sells itself, and advertising it cheapens a woman for everything but sex.

·        Women need high quality packaging to project the appearance and confirm the fact of an extraordinary female—the kind to whom men stay married.

·        Regarding her appearance, if she doesn’t protect her self-respect, display self-confidence, and reflect self-esteem, she lacks quality for much more than temporary gigs with men.  

·        Modest attire, attractive grooming, and high-standard feminine behavior create a mysterious quality that intrigues men. This elevates a woman toward keeperhood.

As women go, so goes society, and feminine mystique, modesty, and morality drive the best bus for females. Advertising sex makes a woman miss the bus. She’s left behind to get run over by men.

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2 responses to “205. Boob language — Part 8

  1. Kubra

    Sir Guy,
    A question regarding grooming. Would a man appreciate a woman wearing makeup? Assuming it’s not a ridiculous amount of course. But I guess I’m just wondering if wearing makeup can still draw men in along with modest attire. Makeup wont make you look phony, would it?

    Your Highness Kubra,

    Makeup might appear phony if your behavior doesn’t match it. For example, deeply darkened eyes with artificial long lashes don’t fit in church. The more ladylike you act, the more appropriate ‘assisted grooming’ is, and the less phony it appears.

    The question of makeup depends on you and men and so consider these factors. Better grooming and makeup make you look prettier. Right? Otherwise, why would you even consider it? So, spend a lot of time before the mirror both before and after you put it on. Study your appearance deeply until you know the effect you want and how to get it. If using a cosmetician, do the same until you’re VERY happy with what you see.

    As to men, when you prettify yourself with makeup, they default into these categories:

    1. When you appear at your prettiest, all men appreciate it. Their world appears more pleasant because of one woman’s contribution. If that doesn’t make you happy just thinking about it, grooming may not improve your chances of capturing a good man.

    2. Those men only after sex tend to smother you with attentions, apparent affection, and pleasant words they know you like to hear.

    3. Those men after sex first—but who plan to figure out what you mean to them afterward—become more eager to know you. They just move slower than those only after sex.

    4. Those men already attracted to you become more so.

    5. Those men previously uninterested may find you worth their attention when they see you with better grooming. It shifts them into conquest mode and either 2 or 3 above.

    6. Those men that haven’t turned against marriage, but who find you especially attractive compared to other women, ignite their curiosity about what promise you could possibly hold for their life. Curiosity fires their imagination about meeting and eating with you, about dating and adventuring, about holding and caressing, about bonding and depending.

    I suggest this as your ‘new grooming’ mission. You are in competition with other women for men. You are NOT in competition with men to win anything except conquer them for marriage before they conquer you for sex and balance the struggle so you don’t turn them off about you. In matters between the sexes, cooperation attracts and competition detracts except for the sole issue of first time sex together.

    Good luck. I admire you for making yourself more competitive with women and more attractive for us guys.


  2. krysie869

    “Those men only after sex tend to smother you with attentions, apparent affection, and pleasant words they know you like to hear.”

    “Those men after sex first—but who plan to figure out what you mean to them afterward—become more eager to know you. They just move slower than those only after sex.”

    How does a man put a woman in one of those categories? I assume it is how he perceives her? I hear men saying things like, “She is attractive, but not relationship material”. I assume that if a man believes a woman is not relationship worthy-enough for him she will be in the first category above.

    Your Highness Krysie869,
    She is categorized by both her attractiveness to him and his willingness to work on conquering her. He may be too lazy given whatever attractiveness he perceives. Or, he’s turned off because she just looks too difficult to handle, such as too modest, etc. Or, he becomes intent on pursuing her just to show off to buds. Who knows how many other reasons a guy has for whatever it is that he decides finally to do about an attractive female. But not all of them are chased by every guy.

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