211. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 15

     Feminism conflicts with two natural principles of American behavior. First, the male sex does whatever the female sex requires for men to have frequent and convenient access to sex.

Second, men react to how women treat them. Men treated as they wish to be treated rise to help fulfill female hopes and dreams. Men treated otherwise become what individual females can’t appreciate; they fulfill unmanly but masculine hopes and dreams—toys, parties, girls.  

Feminism inspired women to treat men disrespectfully, because men refuse to step up to the feminist model of what men should be as developed by radical political activists.

It worsens. Feminist-inspired lower standards for men to have access to sex frees up men to conquer more women. Women expect a man’s commitment to be error-proof, but female sisters bait and tease his natural urge to merge.

To compensate themselves but reward men, women declare and practice masculine-style sexual freedom. Women keep lowering the bar for access to frequent and convenient sex, and then blame men for easier jumping. Blame delivers mistreatment.

Looser customs free up men to hunt and conquer. Lowering standards for sex causes women to mistreat men, because men don’t live up to female expectations. Mistreatment causes men to easily tire of or become discouraged by one woman.  

Feminists lowered the drawbridge to sexual freedom, first for men and then for women. So, men have to do little to access the good life of many conquests.

Women buy into feminist theory and dogma. They disrespect the male gender but expect to be respected as females, wives, lovers, shack ups, link ups, hook ups with call ups, and even friends offering benefits. Men continue to mostly respect feminine mystique, female modesty, self-protective standards of morality, female-centeredness, feminine uniqueness, family cohesion, and niceties and gentleness. Men don’t possess such qualities, but they like to associate with experts that specialize.

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