222. Female dominance: Gone! —Part 6

Females succumb to male expectations and standards, which lower their value as mates. They accept commitment instead of taking time to generate a man’s devotion.

⌂ Commitment promises togetherness with her. ♥ Devotion delivers his dedication to her.

⌂ Commitment only promises to rule out other women. ♥ Devotion delivers it, because she’s worth not losing.

⌂ Commitment signals she’s worthy enough for him. ♥ Devotion signals she’s more than worthy for him.

⌂ Commitment’s promise of togetherness may last or not, because only time and future tell. ♥ Devotion to her lasts even though living together may not happen.

⌂ Commitment dies easily under daily pressures that eat away at promises and togetherness. ♥ Devotion of self to one person triggers a man’s nature to provide and protect against life’s pressures.  

⌂ Promises require no work at the present. ♥ Devotion exhibits personal sacrifices today.

⌂ Commitment is a two-way, negotiated exchange of obligations. ♥ Devotion is one-way verbal and physical communication aimed at inspiring two-way dedication.

⌂ Commitment leaves room to blame her for togetherness problems. ♥ Devotion bonds him more tightly and inspires him to blame everything else before her.

⌂ Commitment has no obligation to excuse a mate’s mistakes. ♥ Devotion finds excuses to protect one’s mate.

⌂ Promises make only vague and risky commitment, as females see it. ♥ Women crave someone’s devotion.

Commitment is infatuation, lust, love, or maybe empty words. The only proof lies in the absence of breaking up.

Devotion is observable. He courts her delicately and doesn’t push too hard for conquest, because he’s afraid of losing her.

NOTE: She did it again. The nice lady that inspired post 219 also inspired this one.

[More on the shattering of female dominance appears at posts 209, 194, 173, 159, and 151.]


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10 responses to “222. Female dominance: Gone! —Part 6

  1. Miss Dawn

    Men are biologically inclined to be morally inferior to women!? Who woulda thought.

  2. theresa

    Guy, you back up everything Helen Andelin teaches in her book, and boy do the feminists hate her

    Your Highness Theresa,
    Thanks for the tip. I found her site.

  3. Reina

    Oh my goodness, Theresa- I didn’t even know she was that well known. I stumbled on one of her series in Fascinating Womanhood when I was researching the novelist Taylor Caldwell, for whom one of her most well know quotes was this one:

    “There is no solid satisfaction in any career for a woman like myself. There is no home, no true freedom, no hope, no joy, no expectation for tomorrow, no contentment. I would rather cook a meal for a man and bring him his slippers and feel myself in the protection of his arms than have all the citations and awards and honors I have received worldwide, including the Ribbon of Legion of Honor and my property and my bank accounts. They mean nothing to me. And I am only one among the millions of sad women like myself. [15]”Ask Them Yourself”

    There was a hyperlink to a pdf of part of Fascinating Womanhood.

    I think that quote must still scandalize feministas to this day, to come from someone so seemingly successful, yet so unhappy.

  4. theresa

    Reina, My Mom but the book “The Fascinating Girl” for my older sister a long time ago. of course I read it, I knew when I read it at age 14 (am noow 48) that is was truth. She has another one for married women, which you now probably already found out. As I said, it’s an exact replica of what Guy is saying.

  5. theresa

    reina, here’s a good site “fascinating womanhood and female friendship” also you can get her books on amazon

  6. Reina


    Thank you! I did indeed find it. I was just telling someone that I wish I could teach a class on all of what I have been reading lately on this type of material- there are several other books and sources that I have also seen replicate these ideas, though sadly not enough.

    I am wondering if I could teach a modified Fascinating Womanhood class and add some other information from those sources as well.

  7. theresa

    reina, there are people you can conact if you want to teach it. Go on Helen Andelin’s site, Marraige the fascinating way”I think there’s something at the bottom about this. Good Luck

  8. Cocoa

    You know what sir Guy! I think this is the most romantic article.
    See, I feel this one in my heart “♥ Devotion to her lasts even though living together may not happen.” but in my little mind I don’t get it. How? Does that mean a man can be devoted to a woman without touching her? Without conquest? That would be the highest level of love then. Almost aghapy love… If you can elaborate more on this point, that would be appreciated.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    See if post 1760 answers adequately.

    • Cocoa

      Thanks sir Guy, I read 1760 and it does explain love at first sight, but it doesn’t really explain devotion to her without living together.

      Can a man love (aka devoted) a woman without wanting to live with her? Can he be that devoted without looking forward to the day that he conquers her? Is he that much in love (first sight or not) the conquest is not in his mind, not on his agenda? What motivates him to be devoted like that?

      Your Highness Cocoa,

      Can a man love (aka devoted) a woman without wanting to live with her? Not likely.

      Can he be that devoted without looking forward to the day that he conquers her? Never. The urge to conquer is hardwired in his psyche and remains until conquest.

      Is he that much in love (first sight or not) the conquest is not in his mind, not on his agenda? Nope.

      What motivates him to be devoted like that? Love at first sight. He seeks to make himself totally dedicated to her, enjoy her likeable company, and all the other things that come with that package.


  9. Cocoa

    I see sir Guy now I understand better.
    Thank you 😀

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