228. Female Fortitude—46 through 50

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide special themes or summaries. Numbers match the posts.

46. Some women dress erotically to capture a man and follow up with sloppy dress and grooming that turns his head toward other neat and erotically attired females. Other women know that sloppy appearance and inattentive personal grooming at home and in public spawns other women as potential trophies in their man’s eyes.

47. Dark Side Truth #3—Feminist thinking in the home inspires women to favor ingratitude for their man’s imperfections rather than gratefulness for his manliness and strengths. Eventually, a man tires of it, his respect wanes, alienation sets in, and disruption or departure follows.

49. First impressions motivate a man. Modest boobery signals she’s relatively unavailable but may be worth a chase. The man that finds her sufficiently attractive preps himself to spend a lot of time and effort with her. He figures it’s needed just to penetrate her resistance that’s reflected by her apparent modesty. Her modesty energizes his perceptiveness and imagination to her advantage. It also pressures him to learn to honor her expectations for him.

50.  Old school. When women denied sex without marriage, men didn’t take rejection personally. They blamed her hang ups, moral,  religious, or whatever. New school. As modern females provide sex with little or no commitment, males take rejection personally. Some males can’t recover one much less repeated refusals. It can spin boy or man toward awful revenge—think stalkers, school massacres, date rapists, serial rapists.

[Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 213, 203, 199, 186, 182, and 176.]



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2 responses to “228. Female Fortitude—46 through 50

  1. Miss Dawn

    um i think Jack the ripper exsisted in the OLD SCHOOL time…

    So did the black dahlia……

    women are NOT in any way responsible for mens reprehensible actions of violence.

    if they take it personally, it is because they have micro-penises, are ugly, fat, ill-mannered, or unnatractive. these men would not have stood a chance in the old school or new school and the rape, and killing of women had exsisted all through time.

    “whatever”.. on this one.

    when do men get to be responsible for thier actions? and why did you remove my post from the other day?

    • Miss Gina

      This is a really old post. Just wanted to note, though, that Sir Guy’s principle is true, and I don’t see that he is blaming women for male sins here. I do get the whole point of not blaming the victim, but as I see it, Sir Guy is just pointing out a dynamic of nature. Newer “values” tend to allow some men to “justify” crimes or simply hurtful actions against women in their minds because they can only take the rejection personally. She offends his manhood by acting rudely, or let’s face it–sometimes the man falls head over heels for the woman and she treats him like dirt. (In former times, women who treated potential suitors disrespectfully were scorned by society–men too–but now anything goes.) Let that happen a time or three and even a good man can go in a bad direction pretty quickly. I know of several examples in husband’s friends, etc., where a decent man was deeply hurt and began to secretly take it out on women (by using them as they thought they were used, etc.). Does not make it right, but it is an aspect of the nature of a male toward those who do not respect him. Previously, if rejected when sex outside marriage was not the norm, societal values allowed men to save face. Yes, the worse ones are probably men who would have trouble with women anyway. Of course there are and were exceptions in every time and place, too. But I suggest there are more men who once sincerely loved a woman or two who became embittered against all women than we women realize. And I would also suggest that many of these can be tamed with a little skill and a lot of backbone.

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