267. Make him a keeper

         Human nature can and often does overrule love, fairness, compassion, equality, politics, religion, logic, reason, common sense, and ‘what oughta be’. One option encourages it. Another option discourages it.

Competition within a couple’s decision making generates incompatibile emotions. It worsens like an untreated infection and stirs his dominant nature. Competition stimulates thoughts about her as dispensable.

Cooperation breeds compatibility and demonstrates to him that he’s indispensable. As men become more indispensable, they grow in steadfastness and devotion to whatever they are doing. Cooperation works more like exercise than apathy.

She determines whether competition or cooperation prevails in their home. By competing less and cooperating more, she capitalizes on their opposing natures.  This improves her chances of moving him toward indispensability and keeperhood.

It sounds lop-sided. One option works against her. The other favors him. It may be why God designed her and Nature endowed her with so much expertise for managing her relationships.


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2 responses to “267. Make him a keeper

  1. Annie

    Yet another awesome post that rings true into my life – my fiance said a couple months ago that he could feel himself changing and becoming more traditional (and happier because of it) becuase in his previous relationships there had been that faux equality (hook up shack up competition break up etc) but that he realises that this does not work. He brought all this up on his own!! I was amazed it – it was like straight out of your blog 🙂

    I must say though in the beginning of dating him I was not convinced things would work out like this as he tested my boundaries (e.g. pushed for early sex). I said no to that alot (very nicely) and even refused to even be his girlfriend (e.g. stop seeing other men) until he proposed.

    It so true that women have so much power in their femininity but its so hard when society (I am in the UK) doesn’t support it.

    • Kaikou


      Sir Guy- is there a post that documents how to date/handle multiple suitors? Do you tell them of the other? If you made plans with one and another asks for your time do meantion that you have plans with another? Does that help or hinder courtship? What if the two know of each other? How should women handle their dating affairs in public and private?
      I am keen to disclosing nothing even to friends. Thoughts?

      Your Highness Kaikou,

      Trust you instinct, which is good because you are “keen to disclosing nothing even to friends.”
      I know of no articles aimed at what you seek. However, feminine mystique is so vital to dealing with men, no mention of other suitors ought to work best.

      Don’t mention that you have plans with another guy. Don’t explain yourself. And don’t try to use it to make one guy jealous of another. You’ll lose in the long run.


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