277. The Fun Syndrome

Updated and republished as 2230 Sex for Fun Ruins Women for Marriage. Original comments below can’t be relocated to new posting.


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2 responses to “277. The Fun Syndrome

  1. Miss Dawn

    Hi AGM! You wrote: “Accepting sex as fun matches his nature perfectly, but it violates her own. She adopts masculine as more important than female values and learns to act more like a guy. Her identity becomes embedded in masculine fun, fun, fun…
    …Fun trumps strictly female interests. Mothering, nurturing, nesting, and family responsibility lose appeal. The female strengths of ladyhood, female modesty, and feminine dignity disappear…”

    WOW. Wow… You put into words what I could not as far as what I experinced as a girl.

    Amazing. Absolutlely true and well written and eloquent. Again, I applaud your literary efforts to enlighten us. Have you considered writing for a publication? I wish to see your blogs to reach a greater audience.

  2. kaikou

    Great Post!

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