302. Her sexual history — Part 09

♂?♀  Her faulty reasoning: She seeks a man’s empathy or sympathy about her ex. Whatever she gains will be lost as he ponders about or imagines her sex with ex.

♂?♀  Uncovering her sexual history is masculine due diligence. Men want to know, but least is best.

♂?♀  Knowledge is vital to his future interests. What should arouse his suspicions? How can he estimate her potential and confirm her faithfulness? How should he react when encountering men who have laid with her?

♂?♀  Feminine intuition tops full-disclosure. While not easy, women have the skills and expertise to hide who, what, when, where, why, and how of what he doesn’t already know.

♂?♀  Former relationships may be known to her man, but no mention should be made or details disclosed. It’s taboo.

♂?♀  Women should plan and develop non-disclosure tactics long before a relationship begins.


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2 responses to “302. Her sexual history — Part 09

  1. anonymous

    “Whatever she gains will be lost as he ponders about or envisions her sex with ex.”

    What if he knows she never had sex with the ex? In that case, wouldn’t disclosure of past exes work well because he would think she was virtuous enough to refuse sex with them?

    Your Pristineness Anonymous,
    I am delayed responding but will do so with postscript.

    P.S. As explained in post 935, mystery works better for her than actual knowledge about her sexual purity. So, disclosing past exes works better if disclosure about sexual activity with them is left hanging in the air. Her virtue comes more from his imaginings than her claims. So, having refused sex to one guy could mean the same for others, which is the way he leans if he’s after her more than just sex.

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