398. Keepers for Keepers — Assortment 4

Important themes deserve repeating. These keeper soundbites may help keepers.

♦ Intercourse stimulates a man’s conquering urge for the next score more than it obligates him to brighten a conquered woman’s future. [15]

♦ Men stopped complimenting women when feminists started calling it sexual harassment. [8]

♦ Not pathologically but sociologically, women act manic depressive seeking a man and obsessive compulsive trying to live with one. [18]

♦ She offers her honor. He honors her offer. Men appreciate such honor and offer. [7]

♦ The more women provide unmarried sex, the easier for each individual woman to miss out as a keeper. [18]

♦ Unlike men, women like to change whatever and whomever they find as inadequate—oftentimes parenting husbands as boys. [18]

♦ Virginity is under-valued by modern women. Virtual virginity can prove it. [7]

♦ Wives often resort to comfortable attire—even to sloppiness—without realizing the impact on husband. He expects to see the woman he married, which her attire too often and too long hides from him. [12]

♦ A woman craves to associate closely with at least one strong, highly masculine figure. A man craves freedom.  [4]

♦ It’s unwise to tell a man he’s got too much on his plate. His natural reaction is to prove otherwise, which expands and spreads his commitments. [8]


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4 responses to “398. Keepers for Keepers — Assortment 4

  1. Hey – I stumbled on your site by mistake. I was looking in Yahoo for Antivirus software that I had already purchased when I found your site, I have to say your website is pretty cool I just love the theme, its amazing!. I don’t have the time today to totally read your site but I have bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back in a day or two. Thanks again for a great site.

    Your Highness Alva,
    Welcome aboard and thank you. I love it when pretty women tell me they’ll be back to see me.

  2. Cocoa

    So sir Guy, from point #6 I understand that men do NOT seek to change their mate? If so, why do people say if a man marries a woman much younger than him that is to enable him to shape her the way he wants. I.e. Change her?!
    I do agree and see it in myself that I do try to change things (people) that I think they need to change. Not really my husband but my children even though they are much older now. I also see how annoyed and resisting they become when they Sense that I want to change them. I am taking it easy now 😀

    Also, point #8, last sentence, is that a complete Sentence?

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Yes, I think so. Is it confusing? Not clear?

  3. Cocoa

    Hello sir Guy. After the full stop you say “He expects the woman he married.” I understand it is in reference to the sentence before, but I think it seems incomplete, but that could be me. You know, English is not my first language and I often do get confused.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Ah, ha! Now I see your point. Yes, it can confuse. It now reads like this: “He expects to see the woman he married, which her attire too often and too long hides from him.”

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