453. Men Won’t Admit — I

Females expect wrongly when they expect female-style openness from males. The male persona is full of private agendas.

A man will seldom volunteer or admit:

1.           What he’s incapable of doing, when his woman challenges him. (Trying provides other options to avoid admitting incapability.)

2.           That he’s emotionally unfaithful. (He’s not unfaithful until he cheats physically—aka the male standard.)

3.           His dreams, drive, or intentions about conquering other women (if he lacks devotion for his present mate).

4.           His mistakes, especially admitting to his mate about mistakes at his job.

5.           That his midlife crisis appears somewhat irrational.

6.           Why he won’t ask directions when she’s present. (But he does, when she’s not present.)

7.           The real reasons he abandoned her or the kids’ mother.

My lengthy list of male private agendas applies to married, unmarried, young, and old. The remainder will be published soon under the same title.


NOTE: I offer this series in tribute to Her Highness Courtney. Commenting on post 308, she said she’d like to see a top ten list of things to which men won’t admit. I couldn’t narrow it to ten, so I leave it to viewers of this four-part series. 




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4 responses to “453. Men Won’t Admit — I

  1. Courtney

    The phrase “private agendas” always makes me laugh. It’s so true! Thanks for the series 🙂

  2. gonemaverick

    Sir Guy,

    i wasn’t sure where else to ask this question. do alphas ever get jealous? and if they do, would they show it?

    here’s what is happening. there’s a guy that’s in the same church group as the new guy i like. he has the same level of achievement in church business as the one i like and he is also among the most eligible bachelors at church. he’s been here 5 years and has never dated anyone here coz he’s quite choosy i am told. i happen to be friends with a married couple he is friends with and they told me last August that he has always been very interested in me, but being the type that he is, he stood on his “alpha perch” and never said a word. i’ve never paid him any attention coz i’ve always thought he is arrogant and i don’t really have feelings for him.

    i think the couple tipped him off that if he wants me he better start showing it and since September last year, he has gone out of his way (even in front of guy i like) to show me that he is interested. he KNOWS that the new guy (that i like) is interested in me but he is at a point where he doesn’t care who knows or sees what he is up to. can’t go into details about what happenned last Saturday, but i found the competition for my attention highly amusing. the one i like spent the whole lunch hour (we were away) in the company of myself and my group of friends and when i left the group the other one was waiting patiently to talk to me. i am very unlikely to date the other guy but he fits into my plans perfectly at the moment by keeping the guy that i like on his toes.

    would this scenario have any effect on an alpha that’s clearly interested but is not following up? and also, i am curious about what could be going on in their minds because they both know they are interested in the same girl.

    NB. thankful that my other suitor that i like is 45kms away. can’t imagine how i would have been able to handle all of this. but i’m finding it all very amusing.

    thanks in advance,

    Your Prettiness Gonemaverick,

    Sounds like you’re having fun holding yourself up to be fought over. It’s the way Nature intends it.

    Alphas view their woman as being ‘owned’, right? Of course he gets jealous. And he takes it much harder than others do. But he works hard to show otherwise. Recognizing a competitor as able to make him jealous weakens his case. He also intuitively knows that the less a woman can be sure of him, the more likely she will fall in his direction. Ergo, alphas usually win what they pursue.


    • cocoa

      Sir Guy, you always address the subject of men being competitive and hunters and I agree with Gonemaverick this is truly amusing to watch, see and learn how competitors compete. Do you think you can draw more light on this matter. Only if you see it’s worth it.
      Also, when a woman is in this situation does that add to her self-gratitute? Or that’s different?

      Your Highness Cocoa,
      Re more light on male competition, nothing comes to mind now.
      Re self-gratitude, no, it’s different. In the situation described by Gonemaverick, she may be grateful that two guys chase her, which makes her grateful for them. Self-gratitude, which is still under refinement as to its importance, is all about how she feels about herself, who and what she is before outside influences impact her.

  3. cocoa

    Thanks sir Guy, I think I am getting the idea of self gratitude now. Your new series is very much appreciated.

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