503. Hunks, Jocks, et al

Hunks, jocks, and dreamy guys tend to be like this:

v Her personal qualities mean little other than her likeability for companionship. He tires of her easily, however, because the next hottie appears more exciting and companionable.

v Unconditional respect for the female gender is low or non-existent. He was never pushed to treat females respectfully, and so it’s not embedded in his psyche.

v What little admiration he has for a particular female tends only to appear when he wants sex—booty call and one-night stand come to mind.

v Manipulation, intimidation, and abuse come easy to him, because he lacks respect for her gender. (It’s not what she does, it’s what all her predecessors handed him without investment of his Self.)

v He’s learned that females easily fall victim to his ‘vague and unavailable’ technique, so he prowls with apparent indifference. (It’s not so much his testosterone or his present mate. It’s more the way females in his past life have conditioned his thinking with easy wins and few losses.)

He handles hardtoget out of habit. However, what he can’t have triggers his weakness. Denied sex, ego permits only two options: (1) Ignore and forget her knowing that the next female will assuage his ego. (2) Schmooze her until she yields.


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3 responses to “503. Hunks, Jocks, et al

  1. Courtney

    You must have been a heartbreaker back in the day. This is all true.

    Your Highness Courtney,
    Thanks. I love hearing such things from pretty women.
    Truth be told, however, I’m glad I wasn’t. Otherwise I would have had the wrong girl-chasing ‘skill set’ to capture my wife of 19,764 days still called blissful.

  2. SouthernBelle

    Sir Guy,

    Your words ring true from experience and observation regarding hunks, junks, etc. It seems to me these men should be avoided when fishing for a MrGoodEnough and a lady’s guard should be high when they pursue. Ironically I find that there are men who place themselves in this category because of their previous experience with some women, however I (and many of my similar minded female friends) do not perceive them this way as “hot” or “dreamy” etc. Rather tend to roll my eyes and feel “yuck” at the thought. Perhaps the experience of having been with and knowing others who have been with “hot” guys the majority of those relationships do not go well in the long run and frankly many end up in abusive situations. I am usually not inclined to “throw the baby out with the bath water” but the longer I live the more I hedge my bets away from these men and advise younger ladies the same.

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