510. Virtual Virginity #22

Uncommitted single women float around in the social atmosphere ill prepared to succeed dealing with men:

¸ Some want a man so badly, they’ll do anything. They use sex as attraction and have no other game plan. They hook up with hope, only to later hear each guy’s “Nope.”

¸ Others want a man, but they’re uncertain, cautious, and either have no values and standards or don’t live by those they do have. Their game plan has holes in it. Men pounce on each weakness. The holes kill holding power and make easier his escape to the next trophy.

¸ Still others elevate their masculine-style sexual freedom above having one man. They have the wrong game plan, if they expect to hold a man for very long.

The same answer helps all three groups. Virtual virginity doesn’t foolproof the game, but it focuses a couple on themselves instead of sex and the future rather than the present. Both prospects interest a man, and that’s holding power.


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2 responses to “510. Virtual Virginity #22

  1. Stacy

    “They hook up with hope, only to later hear each guy’s “Nope.”

    Pretty much, Guy.


    I have a friend who flew across the country earlier this month to, despite the load of BS she tries to sell me about going for a job interview, to spend the weekend with her ex-boyfriend and have sex with him…thinking/hoping that she’d somehow win him back that way. Mind you, this is an ex who had to dump her not once, but twice, before she got the hint AND who she’d continued to contact after he dumped her. Somehow she doesn’t really get that by going out there and spending the weekend with him, she has SO VERY MUCH SO kicked herself out of 1) ever getting back with him and 2) ever being considered wife material. Mind you, she got back her and checked his online dating profile to find that he had checked it the very day that she left.

    She still frantically and desperately KEEPS asking me if there might be any chance that he’ll want to be with her again.

    I’ve told her “no,” I don’t know how many times. Explained to her, yet again, that she only succeeded in making herself look desperate and cheap (which is what I told her BEFORE she left to go there, that if she were to sleep with him she’d be out of the game completely).

    She’s still clinging to the hope that he’ll want to be with her again. Looking for any excuse, besides her own poor behavior and obvious lack of self-respect, to explain why he doesn’t/wouldn’t want her back.

    {big sigh}

    Princess Stacy,

    Thanks. Always enjoy your comments.

    A short new series coming soon is titled: Exes with Benefits? It describes what works to recapture a man.


  2. Stacy

    Thank you, Guy!

    I can’t wait to read the ex series. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that! :>


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