533. Non-judgmental? Ha! Ha!

Women don’t know enough about the male nature, especially how the self-fulfilling prophecy impacts men. However respect is perceived, it breeds more of the same. (Why not? Soft-hearted mothers know intuitively to use SFP rearing their children.) Still, who teaches these three lessons?

1.     More respect shown to another, without their having to earn it, improves their respectful behavior; it also bounces back as enhanced respect for the originator. We quickly learn to like those that show us respect, and we wish not to disappoint them.

2.     Lack of respect both returns and spreads as less respect. Negative expressions are far more powerful, unforgettable, and contagious than positive reinforcements that compliment.

3.     Self-respect does much to govern one’s own behavior. Respect shown by others reinforces that which formed in childhood. The greater one’s self-respect, the more respect one has for and shows to others. So, mothers have a major role in breathing mutual respect into the social fabric. (The hand that rocks the cradle, etc.)

This two-part series opened and now closes with this thought: A man’s love is founded on unconditional respect of all females and conditional respect of individuals. The foremost thing he expects from his woman is respect demonstrated through actions as opposed to words. Her gratitude is next most important.

If Womanhood or individual women can’t or won’t show greater respect for the male gender and individual men, women can expect to be loved by men at some level of loyalty, dedication, and devotion below that which they expect or long for.


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2 responses to “533. Non-judgmental? Ha! Ha!

  1. Jessica

    A huge question for you Guy. I know you talk about it a little in “Do women know Jack about Jack”. But I seriously wonder if men truly feel absolutely nothing for a woman they just conquered? I have trouble believing that our creator would make one sex sooo emotional and dependent on the approval of men…while making the other sex indifferent after his needs have been met.

    Can men simply shower and move on, while women are left with a deeper void than ever? Our anatomy says yes…but my heart says they must feel something!

    Princess Jessica,
    Whatever you’ve read here, love and emotional attachment were not included. I stick to the male and female nature, primal urges, hormonal drives.

    Men have two different sex drives: One to conquer, the other for regular sex. Women confuse themselves. First, because sex bonds them (see Princess Theresa’s comment below), women can’t accept that it doesn’t bond men. Second, they blame everything male on need to spread seed.

    Conquest ends his quest with each woman. Mission accomplished! He’s free, he’s released from ‘hunt and conquer’ mode with her.

    More of his true nature will emerge. Now he can be himself. Not to say he’s not his true self during the quest but that mission outranks full disclosure. This can and does often hide insincerity or trigger dishonesty.

    All this has nothing to do with her except that yielding proves she likes and approves of his style, character, and sexual prowess aka superior skill. No more need for him to change to please her. This doesn’t mean he won’t want to please her because of emotional connections, but that he won’t change any more to do so even if he has deep emotional connections.

    Also, he has conqueror’s right to sex on demand with her (theoretically and expectantly more than demandingly and actually). It’s the old who owns whom condition—see post 446.1 for the simplest explanation.


  2. theresa

    jessica, I know you asked guy and not me, and he’ll give you a more succinct answere, but here are my thoughts, from what guy has said before, if you have unmarried sex, you cease to be “exceptional” and don’t for get about oxytocin, which females release in much larger quantities in their bodies after sex, this is why we become as you say sooo emotional , they release it to but in much smaller doses, so sex does,nt make them “as” emotional as us.

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