553. Femmy Secrets for Harmony — # 2

Certain behaviors produce female advantage and prevent relationship reflux.

  • Nurturing works well and best with kids under about age six. For others and especially husband, the relationship kingpin harmonizes family by using other skills.
  • She insists on generating higher levels of morality, because it primarily serves women and children.
  • She intuitively senses that gratitude for him—at no expense to her self-respect—must come first to elicit his full appreciation of her.
  • In courtship and the early marriage years especially, the absence of husband’s compliments about her appearance may mean she appears common or worse. He married neither.
  • Not regularly reminding and capturing his attention with her appearance frees up his hunting eyes to focus on targets more appealing. 
  • She fishes for husband’s compliments about her appearance. It keeps her paying attention to how she looks and strengthens his habit of appreciating her.
  • She takes her husband’s name as token of thankfulness for giving up his freedom. Other men respect him for taking the plunge with a traditional female.
  • She respects, charms, and captivates men without generating jealousy in her own man. It’s a delicate balance best learned in her adolescent years. So long as he doesn’t fear it or get jealous, he loves for other men to appreciate his woman, which means they admire him. (His competitive spirit, remember?) 


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2 responses to “553. Femmy Secrets for Harmony — # 2

  1. thetruth01

    If he does get jealous does he see it as disrespecting him?

    Your Highness Thetruth01,
    Yes, but not so much disrespect as denying him the respect that he thinks he deserves. The difference may not be clear, but I hope to explain it in with an upcoming article.

    • Winni

      Hi 🙂 I was made curious by your answer here, but I can’t seem to find this article. Help?

      Your Highness Winni,
      I suspect not. Don’t remember it if I did or know how to find it. Probably forgot it. However, I think I know what you are after, so I will work on it tomorrow (Sunday).

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