566. Femmy Secrets for Harmony — #4

♦       She doesn’t pester her man at his work to reaffirm her feelings or relieve fears.

♦       She intuitively senses that gratitude for her man must precede his full appreciation of her.

♦       She stresses fidelity to her mate over everything else except faithfulness to God.

♦       She teaches and guides daughters to mature first, love next, and leave sex to marriage. It’s how fathers want daughters to grow up.

♦       She dreams about herself and her man as team, and what they should and can do.

♦       She uplifts his manliness and masculinity to get what she wants.

♦       She routinely keeps her own spirits uplifted by prettifying herself for different events of the day.



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3 responses to “566. Femmy Secrets for Harmony — #4

  1. Kelsie

    It is definitely fair to say that we as women uplift masculinity and manliness to get our way, but how could we go about complimenting his manliness/masculinity in a selfless, not desiring anything in return kind of way? Is it even possible to be selfless in this situation?

    Princess Kelsie,

    First question: Do it out of giving aka love and routinely instead of when wanting something.

    Second question: Methinks you ask about manipulating selflessly, which seems impossible.

    When one gives with the heart, it’s selfless. But love is never enough to live on. The wanting and everything else of life energizes self-interest, of which selfless, selfish, and self-centered are but subsets.


  2. theresa

    Yep, I was just going to add, as long as admiration is sincere and specific, it enhances you’re relationship…because of the way it makes him feel about himself and about you. The more he loves you the finer life is, so you’re therefore doing a great service. Never hold back on admiration when you see something worth admiring.

    Your Prettiness Theresa,

    You’re right and cite a seldom expressed phenomenon of life. Men live up to their woman’s expectations, when she conveys them indirectly and fault-free.

    Seed planting makes the self-fulfilling prophecy work. As you point out, it has to be sincere and specific. Some examples for info but not advice: “Wonder who buys that guys ties? They’re beautiful.” Or: “For an old guy, he sure has a spring in his step.” Or: “We dance better than everyone on the floor.” Or: “Honey, you’re such a gentleman” (when he does anything close to it). Or: Take his hand walking and claim to feel more safe or secure. Remember: They are just seeds, so it takes lots of time.


  3. Miss Dawn

    “…But love is never enough to live on…”

    Amen to that!

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