570. The Male Glance — Part I

Here’s some more jack about Jack. Females come in second for attracting his attention. Movement comes first. The following simplifies a common but complex scenario that men undergo and women suffer.

As hunter-conquerors, men automatically glance toward movement. Dangers alert him. Males disinterest him. Females interest and may attract him.

For a female passing nearby, in rapid-fire succession and before conscious thoughts ever stir, a man’s subconscious automatically assesses her as appropriate or inappropriate for him, an up or down check:

♂      Her general appearance and prominent features trigger interest or disinterest for sex. If she’s interesting, value is assigned attractiveness as sex target. She’s either worthy and he could possibly pursue, or both conditions are not met.

♂      If she’s worthy and he can pursue, his conscious mind engages to consider action. The subconscious glance is over. Ogling may follow.

♂      If he’s not interested or she’s not eligible for pursuit, her sexual allure is automatically ignored and targeting forgotten. (If not forgotten, his conscious mind has taken note.)

♂      His habits of thinking through such situations may tell him ‘No, forget it’. Strong convictions about morality, integrity, and respect for the female with him or obligations to another woman can stop the process with his glance. The object’s attractiveness is still appreciated, but the subconscious triggers disinterest, because it has been programmed to do so. (For example, devoted husbands, pastors, and conscientious gentlemen do it well.)

♂      Habit, disinterest, or lack of opportunity causes an instant ‘No’ to register, and the subconscious mind shifts to other matters.

♂      It all happens in a flash and directly from hardwiring of the brain. To this point, the conscious mind has been occupied elsewhere.

If ‘No’ has not registered subconsciously at the glance, the conscious mind shifts to the subject from whatever engaged it.

Ogling is habitual or conscious. If habitual, and thus programmed in subconscious mind, the females in his life never taught him better. If done consciously, he has little respect or weak interest for the gal he’s with.

Scanning another woman offends and lingering looks insult the woman he’s with. It’s nothing new. However, only females teach males not to do it. Mothers teach boys to respect females generally, girls dump boys that do it and word spreads, and women describe their disappointment to guys that scan or ogle.

More than a glance at another woman reveals conscious thought, which is why women are offended or insulted when their man does it. With only a glance caused by movement, however, men retain a natural innocence.


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4 responses to “570. The Male Glance — Part I

  1. dogsandfitness

    There may be one instance where I don’t blame a guy for overly checking out another woman: when the woman he’s with doesn’t take care of her appearance. Outside of that, when individual women make it known that ogling is not cool and women demand respect from their men above all else, then males don’t do it.

    There are women out there that actually point out beautiful women for their man to look at. Some of these women even go to strip clubs with their men. What. The. HELL?!?!

  2. Marie

    I find normal that a man look at another women. He finds her attractive. However it doesn’t mean he is going to cheat on his girlfriend.
    I reckon it is annoying for the girlfriend but I still think that a man is a man.
    It is the role of the girlfriend to know when he is crossing the line.
    Looking at an attractive women is not crossing the line for me.
    I do look at men sometimes because I find them attractive. It doesn’t mean I will be unfaithful to my boyfriend. And I am sure he will talk to me when I am not behaving as he expects me to.

    Your Highness Marie,
    Welcome aboard. Always glad to have pretty women with us.
    Your comments reflect much more maturity than commonly seen. Thanks.

  3. kaikou

    Made a recent comment about glares/stares from men. Not sure you responded, can’t remember where I posted it.

    Lady Kaikou

    Your Highness Lady Kaikou,
    I responded at post 1115.

  4. Queen Honesty

    In reading this, women do it do, I know this because I use to hunt as well. The reality of it is our brain will naturally look at what our hidden wants,needs and desires are. We tend to look for our first teachers in sexuality activity, our first loves and our first teachers in sexual abuse. It is the natural normal human being behavior to want what you lust for, miss and was first taught. All a person has to do is admit it to self, look at what they are seeking for being totally honest to self, then let it go and change the habit. It is naturally instinctual and when we know exactly what it is and why we are doing it…we can change it.

    As women we have to deal with our own insecurity, self comparing, getting pissy for not being or looking that way, totally accept who we are and if there is something we don’t like then it is up to us to change it. If it is jealousy it is because it is something we want, don’t have or cannot get it. It is about just saying calmly, “I was feeling a little jealous, envious, insecure and feel I am not good enough if you are looking at someone else. Do I not interest you anymore, if so, what can I do that you are desiring?” Be open, be honest and don’t allow your own emotional baggage to ruin a potential good day and even relationship.

    Being a woman is daily self care, even when we feel like shit, take care of self, dress up and fake it till you make it. It does not mean you have to look like a slut, just be confident and that will bring them closer to you. Who wants to take care of a cry baby, whiner and child like grown human being when all we have to do is tell it like it is, ask for what you want and be a grown mature adult. If you don’t know how to do it, research it, watch it on you tube, watch people and use their skills and always, always leave room to expand the mind and personal growth.

    I would rather be a confident queen than a whining princess. I am a woman who knows what she wants, in an honorable way where I am totally honest, trustworthy, committed and loyal to me….because when I have it-I can share it with my man and I don’t need to be seeking f*** friends to feel good about myself. If I want to feel good, I have to do it for me.

    As for men who want to seek out other women and know it, don’t leave a woman hanging there believing they have a life time mate. It is devastating to the heart for women because we give our all and slowly take back what we gave every time we get hurt or see something off…it is just self protecting.

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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