581. Choices Program the Heart — Part III: Pop Scene

Our subconscious mind is our ‘heart’. Not the physical one, of course, but our inner Self—our beliefs, values, feelings, and memories that guide our life. Whatever we take in has an effect on our subconscious, and the more emotionally we absorb it, the greater the impact.

These surroundings program the female heart against feminine interests:

♦       MUSIC. Pop music programs the female subconscious with negative, unfriendly, and disparaging thoughts, ideas, and feelings. The more emotion-stirring with loudness, hollering, and screaming, then the more effective the rewriting or reinforcing of values, standards, and beliefs in the subconscious mind of listeners.

Modern pop music seems most emotional when females, intimacy, and platonic relations are demeaned. Consequently, by taking it in subconsciously, girls think less of themselves than their grannies thought of themselves. Men and boys think less of females except for whatever the music uplifts—such as sex objects, sex sans intimacy, and violent acts.

I don’t think it’s too harsh to claim that musicians and business associates purposely demean female-friendly values, standards, and expectations with their music. Obviously it works with groupies, so why not all females?

If not purposeful, then they subconsciously seek to elevate males over females, and it has the same effect.

♦       FILMS. Horror and thriller flicks deaden the female heart about real life. Seeking to be with guys, they learn to enjoy and absorb more of the unreal. One result: Captivated females retain their adolescence instead of adopting restrictive adult judgments about men and relations.    

♦       SHOWS. Media displays of casual sex—chick flicks and desperate wives—demean personal virtue. They program women to absorb masculine values that discredit and displace their feminine nature.

An anomaly: Men appreciate feminine virtue in the woman of their dreams, but they kill the concept of virtue in entertainment media. Killing virtue makes a profit, but individual men have too few virtuous women to choose from, and so marriage becomes unfashionable. Women may now work in entertainment, but they join the club to succeed, and so other females reap no benefits.

Of course women claim they can take or leave such bad influences. But can they? When they want and get more, they’ve been programmed to accept it. The programming reinforces itself in the subconscious, because the conscious mind chose to do it again or she chose not to object and escape. In these ways, choices program the heart against the best interests of females and by inference children.


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10 responses to “581. Choices Program the Heart — Part III: Pop Scene

  1. Good afternoon from Switzerland!
    May I thank you so much for this so interesting comments about music,films and shows in our
    today’s society.
    A friend’s of mine in my Country,has written
    many years ago, 2 very interesting Books about
    The Falsification of the Beauty in the Today’s Music and
    The Falsification of the Beauty in the Today’s Art.
    I am personnaly doing very deep researches in
    the Today’s Music’s Field and their side effects
    on our young generations.
    Would you please excuse me for my English that
    is not so good. Thank you for your understanding!
    A School in Germany called:”Musicosophia” whom
    the Director is George Balan,has written many
    interesting Books about the Music in general but
    especially about Classical Music and the Art of
    Listening it.
    Have a Peaceful Sunday with your Family!
    With my kindest regards.
    Genevieve Elizabeth

    Your Highness Genevieve Elizabeth,
    Delighted that you joined us.

    • Good Morning Guy!
      From the bottom of my heart,may I thank you
      so much for your kind reply.
      May I wish to you and to your dear Family a Blessed Week!
      With my warmest regards.
      Genevieve Elizabeth

    • anon...

      Since this was back in 2009, it’s worse in 2016.
      I even think we are in a 2 front war, similar to WW2. Except it’s transgenderism and Islam

      Your Highness Anon…,

      I agree, two front war. Islamic takeover of America is underway just as they plan and are too hugely successful so far.

      However, transgenderism is a false front designed to keep us from finding out what is really happening, where the warfare actions and battles really are. It is the which is the destruction of America as a world power so that One World Governance can be achieved. That war has been underway for over a century by the financiers/bankers, i.e., those who control the supply of fiat money (i.e., no backing with anything of value such as gold or silver). They have bought off enough of the politicians, governments, and officials with indebtedness that destruction of the U.S. is farther along that Muslim takeover with Sharia law.

      For a full account of both history and what’s still to come, read G. Edward Griffin’s book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” (5th ed., 39th printing). We have been blinded for a century by financiers and government injecting crap into the media machine, such as undeclared wars, social turmoil, and transgendered ‘rights’ to keep the public preoccupied with trivia within the grand scheme of things.

      Sharia law, which appears to be coming to a local government near you, is in direct violation of the constitution Article Six, which says the constitution to be the “supreme law of the land.” Politicians swear to protect and defend the constitution and their vows are meaningless, which means we the people don’t have the character to set them straight. Our future dims as a great nation and maybe as worse than great by the time our wealth is distributed around the world. The primal need of women is for a brighter future, which suggests to me that it will take wives to change things around.

      Transgendered and similar ‘right’s also violate the constitution when written into law, as such laws do not apply to everyone.


  2. Princess Rita

    Want a gorgeous, dignified name you have Genevieve Elizabeth! Your name makes you sound like a royal princess!

    • Good Afternoon Rita!

      How sweet was your Message!
      May I thank you very much for your kindness
      towards me.
      It has deeply touched me.
      Please feel free to contact me if you feel like doing it.
      With my best regards from Heidi’s Land.
      Genevieve Elizabeth

  3. dogsandfitness

    When I was a kid, my parents went through my music. They didn’t find much to disapprove of, but they looked anyway.

    Females, both single and married, have enormous buying power. If only we could agree to vote with our wallets and stop buying this hollywood garbage, entertainment can become female positive.

    • anon...

      Women are strongest when they work indirectly.
      Unfortunately too many don’t know this, so we have wild women and weak men

      Your Highness Anon…,
      Amen, sister. I love it when pretty women read the tea leaves so accurately.

  4. Guy, this is such a hobbey-horse of mine. The media shapes our culture. What we watch, listen to and read shapes our beliefs, consciously and sub-consciously. I’m not saying that film, pop music and TV are bad things, but that they need to be used judiciously.

    Programme makers may say that their output reflects real life. But real life for whom? Real life for those who work in the media, perhaps? Take, for example, Sex and the City, the values this show communicates are ones pertaining to a very samll faction of society; extremely rich, independent women who live in New York. However, it has been called a “revolutionary” portrayal of womens’ lives, from it women have learnt “sexual freedom”, independence and extreme materialism. And, from it, we have had it consolidated that sexual and monetary incontinence are fine things which symbolise female freedoms. Really, it’s just saying it’s okay to behave incredibly badly.

    Popular music has simply objectified women as either angry shrews or adolescent objects of fantasy.

    It simply feeds discontent amongst both genders.

    Oh, and men are just as influenced as women. How many young men do you know whose values are shaped by video games, rap music and violent films?

    As parents we need to help our children choose wisely when it comes to popular media. We also have to model good habits, watch telly programmes as a family, let children know why mum and dad don’t listen a particular pop star, watch a particular programme etc. We need to teach our children to be more medial savvy.

  5. boomer babe

    Is this why the’re NO LOVE SONGS ANYMORE? It seems like all the songs are about s*******g and nothing else. Nothing about marriage, romance, unless it leads to fornication. One of the most desperate songs to date is Beyonce’s “PUT A RING ON IT” and she shakes her butt too. The only bright spot is country music; singers like Brad Paisley have songs about family love and faith,etc

    Your Exceptionalness Boomer Babe,
    Of course. You’re right. If men don’t have to EARN a woman’s love to get sex, they don’t have to wrap their messages in romantic words to please girls and women such as our forefathers did with love ballads.

  6. boomer babe

    It used to be when guys would sing about a woman, she was a prize; he would even use her name–although there are still some stations that play pop songs that are remakes of older songs kjul104.7.com in Las Vegas NV plays old Sinatra and Nat King Cole, etc.It’s also a little hard when many of the names of modern girls are either ‘last names’ of men Taylor ,MacKenzie, etc. (they want to get rid of feminity) oh for West Side stories ,Maria and others ;-Cathys Clown,Laura,Michelle, Honey,Linda, the list goes on

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